Sekai Saikyou no Maou desuga Daremo Toubatsushinikitekurenainode, Yuusha Ikusei Kikan ni Sennyuusuru koto ni Shimashita – Chapter 40

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After seeing the sudden appearance of Lumiere, the first person to speak out was Shaula.

“Oh? Isn’t this cute Sky Demon unlike the others? I’d rather not kill you, but be prepared to die!”

It was Roka who grabbed the hand of Shaula, who was about to kill the angelic girl.

“Hey, what, Roka? What’s wrong?”

“…… don’t go.”

“Why? Are you jealous? Then I’m happy! Then let’s go together.”

“You’ll die. Even I can’t win.”

Roka pretended to be expressionless, but her face was pale and she was sweating coldly.

Even Shaula was frozen at that unusual look.

You have a good intuition, Roka. You’re a king. Being able to see the difference in strength between your opponent is also proof of the strong.

The figure of the usually elusive but actually fierce person who would not give in to anyone no longer existed.

If Roka hadn’t stopped her, she would have been cut to pieces or blown away without a trace.

Suddenly looking at the front, Julian, who returned to the human form, sat down on the spot, just looking at Lumiere. The timidity in his eyes is extreme, and even if it is seen through, it is not an exaggeration

If you move, you will be killed. Probably think that way and can not do anything about it.

But only Keith was different.

He stood up shakily with fatigue and said to Lumiere.

“You are …… Angel-sama?”

The difference with other sky demons is not only the poor appearance.

From the red pupils of her, who obviously has reason, shows the atmosphere that makes sense.

… That’s not good.

The lance that Lumiere is holding is Grand-Guignol. It is usually a necklace worn on her neck, but its actual form is a powerful weapon that can easily penetrate through the height of the barrier technique.

If you offend her a little, Keith’s head will fly out. By the current me even if I cover him now I will only die with him. Even though I can come back to live after dying once, but that’s not the problem.

Why is Lumiere here in the first place?

I obviously emphasize her to sit on the throne…. no, in the end she cried-out when I made stupid-promise like “I’ll be back soon”. It was my responsibility.

Here I must take responsibility as a husband. I walked forward slowly.

Lumiere smiled and watched me as if she hadn’t heard Keith’s words, but she suddenly turned her eyes back.

She could tell that the holder of the freezing magic power was coming from behind.

“Now, I thought all that was left to do was to destroy the magic circle that was deployed in the sky.”

Lieutenant General Ludio Lambert did not look shaken.

But I know. He felt a strong tension that he had never felt until now coming very clearly.

“The hordes of sky demons there cannot be compared to someone like you, and looks like you’re real angel, but what is your purpose?”

Hearing Principal Ludio’s words, Lumiere answered for the first time.

“You are the one who made those children go crazy?”

“If you’re talking about Sky Demon. No, I don’t. I can’t use that summoning technique in the first place. But I can break it.”

“Really? Then, try it.”


Not only Lumiere, but all the people in the spot turned their eyes to Principal Ludio’s direction. The magic power emanating from his body became explosive.

The long chant seemed to have finished, and the spell was immediately activated, and the magic formation unfolded from the principal’s hand towards the sky. The block of magic power that was condensed like an ice spear was released towards the sky.

The spear flew at high speed to the magic formation far away and pierced through it.

Instantly, the magic formation glowing bright red shattered and scattered.

That was an extremely powerful jutsu destruction. Probably something that exceeds forbidden magic. It must have taken a long time to prepare.

“You are very strong. Are you really a half-elf?”

“I didn’t expect to hear such words from an angel …… Longevity is really possible to see everything.”

“Don’t say “longevity” if you haven’t lived 100 years.”

The angel, who had lost her senses due to being surrounded by long-lived demons, laughed and lightly swung the spear in his hand, turning it into a whip. The ground shattered.

“I think it’s fun to fight with you too.”

“Please don’t joke”

Not good.

The moment Lumiere’s red pupils flashed, I kicked the ground with the Wind Swift Technique and slammed my sword down at Lumiere.

She caught it, of course, and looked at my face, which was approaching, and tried to say something. I said before she could.

“Lumiere, hit me with all your might.”


In less than 0.1 seconds, the bones in my neck broke after her empty left hand “gently” slapped my cheek, and my body was blown several meters away and slammed into the wall of the building.


“Theodore ……!

Despite the special students’ concern, Lumiere returned Grand-Guignol to its necklace form and hugged my body close to me in an instant.

“…. I’ve found an unexpectedly cute kid, so I save our fight next time. Bye bye, half-elf general!!”

Lumiere muttered like that and then picked me up and wrapped around the wind and flew. And with that momentum, she took me to the far west.

“Hey, Dar~ling, are you okay?”


I was on a knee pillow by Lumiere in a hilly area far from Midiana.

I think it was a few minutes after that.

The bones of my neck were completely broken. By the way, the tympanic membrane was also broken, and the skull and brain were also damaged.

Although I said to hit me with all of her might, but this was obviously just gently tapped.

Really, the human body is really fragile.

But even so, the body is made as strong as the human who has acquired the power of God – the so-called Prophet. This is why I won even when I was opposed by the special students who are Prophet.

Even those who are far more than the usual human beings are only a small animalistic to Lumiere. This angel’s power is that strong. No, angels have such power in the firs place….

I couldn’t let her get out of control right there. It was the quickest way to get her to stop fighting, but I didn’t expect to die like this easily.

It took a while for the body to repair. Because the vocal cords are not functioning well so I can’t speak.

If I was hit with all her strength, I might not be surprised if my whole body was crushed.

I’m grateful to Lumiere who was moved by a smart judgement.

“It turned out to be like this. Darling had too much faith in human power, baka.”

When she said that in a frothy voice, someone from the distance was approaching at the speed of sound or faster.

Lumiere looked at me while using only the fingers of one hand to defend herself from the blow of the sword that was released while the person was flying.

“What? Don’t bother me, Former Hero!”

“How disrespectful you are to Lucifer-sama ……!”

There was the silver-haired maid Rena.

Although it looked like a blow that was released with the intention of really killing Lumiere, that angel didn’t show any concern at all.

“If you’re not there for Dar~libg when he needs you most, not to mention a wife, you’re not even deserve as a maid!


“Don’t… say it…. Lumiere… Rena is…. by my order…. act separately…..”

“Lucifer, Lucifer-sama! Please don’t push yourself!”

“Ah, hey! Don’t touch Dar~ling!?”

Rena tried to take away my body by force, but unexpectedly Lumiere took that back.

The moment the click sounded, the 2 favorite wives made an “ah” sound.

The bones of the neck that was finally about to finish repairing broke again.

“No, no, no, no! I’m very sorry, Lucifer-sama!”

“You’re stupid maid really!! It took a long time for Dar~ling to recover!!”

“Isn’t this because Lumiere-sama pulled the neck!!!

“It’s because you wanted to take him away when I was taking care of him!!”

These two …… women are stupid.

I couldn’t help but want to yell at them, but I held back.

As a result, I ended up waiting quietly for my body to heal while Lumiere and Rena looked at each other with anger.

I cleared my throat in a state where Lumiere was doing the knee pillow, and asked with a voice full of the majesty of a demon king.

“…… Then, Rena. Did you protect Liz and Eynlana peacefully?”

“Yes. I took care of all the sky demons that came near them. Not even a single scratch.”

“Good job. That was a big help. …… because the demons were targeting the mother and daughter.”

“What what? What’s going on? Explain it in a way I can understand!”

I let Lumiere also understand the story.

She lowered her red pupils to show a thoughtful look.

“That happened 500 years ago.” (Rena)

“To be precise, it was 521 years in the Imperial calendar. …… It was about 20 years later than when the army led by Rena invaded Tenebrae.” (Lucifer)

“After I lost to Lucifer-sama, something like that happened in the Empire. I can’t believe it.” (Rena)

“It’s not just that. The angels are entangled in the powerful magical barrier. Because of the forcible summoning of that, they were forced to change into that scary form, and the reason was lost and the power was weakened, so they simply died….. It’s unforgivable. If the culprit is now in front of my eyes, I will cut him to death by a thousand cuts.” (Lumiere)

After Rena’s attack, the demons continued to monitor the empire for a while, but immediately judged that there was no threat and retreated.

It was a few years after that when Mira’s blood tide happened.

But such a large-scale operation. Normally, the aftermath will reach those who are far away, but unfortunately, I can’t remember well at that time.

Be intoxicated by marrying a new wife. Because at that time there was only Rena in my head.

But someone who is good at magic perception-speaking of the most outstanding person among the demons, I can name that man.

If he knows anything, it’s not surprising.

“Maybe Beelzebub sensed the magic of the summoning of the demons during Mira’s blood tide.”


Lumiere suddenly shouted.

What is it? My beloved wife. Please don’t shout now. The tympanic membrane that was being regenerated has passed away again …….

“Yes, yes, yes, Beelzebub! I came here because that guy said. “Forbidden magic is used in the Empire.”

“Beelzebub-sama said that?”

“Yes! I thought Darling might be in danger, so I flew here right away! <(`^´)>! Dar-ling, praise me, praise me!”

“…… Ahhh, well done.”

If that old man …… could see it this time, he must have been able to see it 500 years ago. However, at that time, the spell was performed in the eastern part of the Empire.

It will not cause direct damage to Tenebrae, so perhaps it is not necessary to let me know specifically.

However, Beelzebub, although the appearance of the old man looks very mild, but in fact extremely vicious.

In the royal family is also classified as a warlike party. However, because of the whimsical and idle part so more or less better than other people who only have fighting in their minds.

This time, he might have urged Lumiere because he still wanted to fight with the Empire.

“Lucifer-sama. What are you going to do next?”

“Well, I’ll go back to Mildiana for now.”

“Eee-! Why why why why! Go back to Tenebrae and flirt with me!”

“Although I would like to do that, there is something I care about.”

It was Rena who reacted sensitively to these words.

“It’s a goddess, right?” (Rena)


“What’s that? Are you talking about Orphelia-sama?”

Lumiere was a subordinate of the Great Goddess of Creation, Orphelia.

Even so, it seems that I haven’t seen her face even once.

I only briefly explained the necessary parts to her who did not know the situation

“…… means who is manipulating that fool of unknown origin. Is that the goddess?”

“I’m afraid so. The one called Ghislain had already broken down mentally before I intervened. No matter how strong the anti-elfis of Mildiana’s soldiers is, there’s no way she can rely on people like that alone to pull off something so elaborate.”

“Speaking of which, Ghislain had said when she possessed Ensign Lattice “The goddess is not Orphelia.””

In this continent, there is not a single name of goddess that can be named apart from the Great Goddess Creation, Orphelia.

Although the gods that give power to various races other than our demons have their own names, they are far less than Orphelia’s existence.

And I’m very concerned about the woman’s figure that came up for a moment when I peered into Ghislain’s memory.

It is indeed like a Saint, in a sense it looks divine.

However, that one is undoubtedly an ordinary human – it seems.

Because of that I felt a threat.

I felt a threat by the fact that not a god but an ordinary human being could complete the series of sky demons that began with Mira’s blood tide.

Who is that woman? Perhaps it was a memorable figure in Ghislan 500 years ago, but it is quite possible that she is still alive. Because even that Ghislain lived an extra 500 long years.

Moreover, the angels who were sacrificed in this incident have extremely high magic resistance that surpasses even the demons.

Because of this it is impossible to summon by a simple summoning technique. The reason for this is that the material that was prepared was Final Droplet, which uses the elves as the material.

As I thought before, there is no way that a person of Gislain’s caliber can handle, let alone come up with, such an advanced technique. I can be sure that the woman is involved in this.

“Don’t worry, just do what I say and everything will be fine.”

That’s what she said.
Then Ghislain did what he was told to do.

Then the angels also went crazy this time and were forced to change their posture into a strange form and were finally summoned to the ground.

The purpose can be considered to completely destroy the surrounding and kill the queen of the elves.

Then also can be considered in this way. Lt. General Ludio Lambert who was praised as a hero in the war between the Empire and the Kingdom of Zenan that took place a few years ago.

He hid unfathomable and terrifying strength just seen just now. The person who can carry out that kind of high level of magic destruction, not to mention humans, I can assert that even the elves will not able to do it.

So the man behind this incident wants to rule out the existence of that man.

After 500 years, one of the reasons for the recurrence of Mira’s blood tide is that it is highly probable.

In fact, if the incident went on like that, Ludio, who was forced to be immobile from the standpoint of the military, would have sacrificed himself, or even had to give up his position and reputation to forcibly resolve the incident.

In front of that is the chaos of the empire and the conflict with Tsefte Aria. That would have a great impact on the surrounding countries, and it is not hard to imagine that there would be a great victimization that is already hard to even imagine.

–I can feel someone’s strong intention.

Although this time it was humans and elves who were targeted, it is not at all surprising when next time even the demons themselves are exposed to that threat.
That’s why I can’t go back to a peaceful life in Tenebrae here. Even for the sake of the Demon’s rock-solid peace and pride.

“Dar-ling’s face is difficult.”

“…… Sorry, Lumiere. I still have a reason to stay in the Empire no matter what. We’ll flirt each other when it’s over.”

“Dar~ling, I can’t say no if I’m told with that look……”

Lumiere stroked my head, which was resting on a thigs-pillow.

“I really want to take Dar~ling back and flirt with you…”

“Jeez…. I feel the same way, you know.”

“‘I don’t know who made you that way. I can’t help it, I’ll allow you to stay in the empire for a little while longer. By the way, are you physically okay now?”

“Ahhh. Finally, the recovery is over. …… Hey, what are you doing?”

“Your first wife has been neglected for a month and she’s hungry for love! Just let her come to you!”

Rena let out a sigh when she saw the scene.

“Really, this shameless angel.”

Look who’s talking, Rena.

The most traumatic thing that happened to me since I came to this country was that night when you attacked me, you know?

–That’s what I thought as I let myself be flirted by Lumiere for a while.

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