Sekai Saikyou no Maou desuga Daremo Toubatsushinikitekurenainode, Yuusha Ikusei Kikan ni Sennyuusuru koto ni Shimashita – Chapter 39

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The red-haired youth’s holy sword wrapped in fire flames cut the body of the sky demon in half and burned it.

However, fatigue was clearly seeping from his expression. He couldn’t last much longer.

“Damn, so annoying ……!!!”

The high level jutsu of the dragon boy burned, froze and blew the body of the sky demon to pieces.
There was no room for expression here either. It looks like the endless magic power will be empty if he put 1 or 2 more high level magic spells after that.

I thought about that while killing the bodies of the approaching demons.

Thinking calmly, my body seems to get little tired too. It turns the human body is really fragile.

That’s true, though…

But the number of sky demons has decreased significantly.

Those we defeated, as well as those who flew to other places should also be difficult to get out safely.

Liz and Her Majesty would be fine. I’m sure Rena is about to get into her stride.

And just now, a forbidden spell was released from the direction of the Imperial Army Headquarters.

The freezing cold air was from Principal Ludio. It looks like the battle over there is going well.

After Liz was sent away from the Commander-in-Chief, I was asked by Headmaster Ludio to do so.

“Please destroy the big crystal in the High Magic Court”.

Then he also told me about the true nature of the person behind it.

He said, “I’m afraid she’s a person who has no physical body and lives on something.

Finally, he added this.

“If it weren’t for you, I would have invaded the High Magic Court alone and destroyed the facility. It must have been hard to destroy the big crystal.”

I replied.

“The High Magic Court is like a sanctuary. If you do something like that, you’ll be court-martialed.”

“It’s okay. If my sacrifice is all it takes to put this matter to rest. But, it’s different now. I have something to think about. Can you help me?”

Although it was a bold move, I nodded my head after hearing about his style of battle. The battle that was predicated on the appearance of the sky demon was really interesting. I think we’ll see it soon. His true strength.

Then. The number of sky demons flying out from the magic formation that was still being unfolded overhead was decreasing.

At first glance it looks like it’s going well. But I could clearly feel it. From the depths of that magic formation, what was wrapped around the huge divine energy was going to crawl out.

My premonition was immediately hit. From the magic formation suddenly appeared very large hands, and the giant with white wings slowly climbed out and then fell down with a breath. The one that appeared along with the boom and stomped on the sky demon that was directly below, let out a roar.

“What’s that ……!?”

“What …… that, that is also a sky demon ……!?”

Julian and Keith said in a dumbfounded tone. It’s no wonder. That huge sky demon was over 20 meters.

The entire body shines with golden light, emitting a powerful divine aura that would evaporate if it were a low-level demon.

However, the head is no longer in its original form. There are plural eyes on the face, and there are things like tentacles growing from the top. The body, arms and legs are roughly human-shaped. It was similar to the giant race that lived in the far east.

“That guy must be the leader. In that case, I’ll make him eat my special magic!”

“O Holy Flame. Witness my battle!”

Julian muttered a chant, and Keith took the lead. The blow from Keith’s holy sword, which was approaching with amazing speed, slashed the foot of the huge demon.


“Ugh! What, what hardness ……!!!”

“Keith, get out of the way!”

Keith, who was bounced away from the holy sword, immediately jumped to the side and a magic that reached the 10th rank released from Julian’s hand. The magic that was wrapped around the lightning strike didn’t penetrate the giant body at all.

“Shit! It’s ridiculous resistance … !!”

I confirmed that there were no ordinary citizens around. There were only a few soldiers around, but they all looked tired and drained.

–I’m sure the whole team will be defeated at this rate. I couldn’t keep up with the arrival of Principal Ludio.

I touched the blackened sword refined by magic and rewrote the jutsu.

Up until now, I had been using a sword with an Dark Magic that had been specially adapted to attack the body of sky demon in order to easily penetrate it.

But this time, let’s get their help. It takes too much time to make a sword that can slash the ridiculous large body alone.

“Keith! Julian! Can you listen to me?”

Both of them looked at me at the same time.
At that moment, the huge demon was approaching me with a speed that was unimaginable from the outside.

The two of them were stunned, but I managed to evade it. In an instant, the sky demon’s fist dug into the place where I had been standing until just now, and the earth rumbled together to make a crater.

It looks like it knows who is better to attack first.
The demons who were floating in the air waiting for an opportunity to attack looked at a certain place in unison.

So that was it. This is the reason why the demons suddenly stopped the riot and attacked the country of the elves together.

The target was really Her Majesty. The rest of the demons flew over there together.

I’ll leave it to her. I have to take care of the aftermath of this.

“You two! When I give the signal, release the biggest magic you can use ‘towards me’!”

“Huh! What are you talking about!”

“What do you mean, Theodore?”

“I want to get rid of it quickly, so I’ll explain it later! Come on, do it! We don’t have time!”

During the urging, the giant demon was also aiming at me obstinately.

I’m afraid it’s planning to kill the Queen after finishing me.

I called out to the two of them who were still hesitating.

“I will definitely open the deadlock. Trust me!”

“Geez …… I know. Don’t regret it!”

“…… I understand!”

Julian instantly transformed into the form of a dragon. A huge amount of magic power spilled out of his mouth.

Keith also set up his holy sword and poured an amazing amount of magic power into it.
To buy time before the 2 people’s chanting ended, I chopped on each part of the giant sky demon.

Feet. Joints. Fingers. Arms. Neck. Throat. Eyes.
Although the high-speed movement chopped up all the places, the touch was like stabbing a stone slab with a knife.

This is still maintaining the power of darkness that nullifies the divine energy to some extent. The hardness is terrible.

After chopping on each part without giving up, there was one part that was slightly different from the others. It was the forehead.

The shape of the head that has been transformed into an alien is almost like a mollusk. Especially only the forehead has more or less soft. Here, perhaps.
When judging like that, I felt the two of them raise their magic power to the maximum.

“Okay! Release all the magic at me!”

“Don’t whine after you die, stupid!”

“I’ll give you the biggest flame you asked!”

From behind me, two types of fire were approaching.
Keith’s Flame technique and Julian’s blue fire. After seeing through the tracks of those close to the forbidden technique, I swung the pitch-black sword.
The fire was absorbed by the sword in an instant.

The technique released by the two is the 11th level of magic.

Although I had no idea if it was 1 person, but if it was 2 people together, that one could reach even the domain of forbidden magic.

The black sword that absorbed their magic began to vibrate.

This is the application technique of Julian’s jutsu that I assigned in the entrance exam. Absorbing the opponent’s magic, transforming that into a higher power and releasing it. I used a sword made up with magic power to perform that.

But the sword I made was an item made without chanting, and the magic level absorbed was extremely high. If I leave it alone, the sword will be overwhelmed and explode soon.

I instantly stomped the ground and jumped to the head of the huge sky demon.

I smiled as I looked down at the huge demon who was looking up at me with slow movements. Then.
I stuck my sword into its forehead, screwed the tip of the sword into its body and liberated all the magic power I had absorbed in one breath.

After confirming that the huge demon’s body had rumbled, I immediately jumped away.

Instantly, the body of the sky demon exploded and shattered and scattered.

The aftermath of the 2 types of Fire jutsu became hot wind and spread to the surrounding area.
Because of the impact of the eruption even the ground was on fire and filled with smoke.

When the smoke dissipated, the figures of the giant sky demon was nowhere to be seen. Their sturdy magical power resistance did not seem to expand inside their bodies either.

The two who used the maximum level magic sat down on the spot and breathed heavily, but they seemed to be safe at least.

Then, after that…

“Oh! Theo, did you defeat it already?”

Looking back, Roka and Shaura came running up to him.

“Well. Not only me, that also thanks to Keith and Julian.”

“You could beat that stupid monster well … are you really human?”

“I’m human.”

At least for now, I’m.

The sense of fatigue has become stronger in the end.
All the rest of the problem depends on “him”. But I think he will be able to solve it without any problem.

When I thought that, the flesh of the crushed demon expanded rapidly and started to crawl and began to get denser.

A strong ability to regenerate itself. It’s impossible to defeat it even after being destroyed so thoroughly.
It’s scary how strong it is. This might be a little bit of a hard battle.

The moment I laughed in the face of a strong enemy, I felt the aura of something approaching with terrifying momentum and turned that way.

The maiden in black dress with pure white wings ran her black lance through the body of the giant sky demon that was regenerating, and destroyed it without a trace.

The girl with long blonde hair who emitted an amazing aura from her whole body looked at this side and glowed.

Why didn’t I notice her aura because I was in a human form and focused on other things?

I couldn’t help but want to hold my head while leaving a cold sweat. Then I looked at the figure of my favorite wife and muttered.

“Why are you here?”

Lumiere, the blonde fallen angel and the first wife of the demon king, stood there with an inappropriate smile on her face.

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