Sekai Saikyou no Maou desuga Daremo Toubatsushinikitekurenainode, Yuusha Ikusei Kikan ni Sennyuusuru koto ni Shimashita – Chapter 38

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Lumiere reached the sky above the Mildiana territory.

There were countless white winged demons there.

“…… It’s an angel, right?”

Although she flew here with great joy, Lumiere was a little overwhelmed.

Why did fellow countrymen from the past fly to Mildiana. And why were they attacking the humans and the elves?

The elves who were late in escaping from below were about to be penetrated by the lance of the sky demon.
After hesitating about what to do, Lumiere attached her finger to the black necklace she wore around her neck.

“It’s been along a time, Grand-Guignol.”

As Lumiere muttered, the necklace changed its form in a flash and turned into a black sword.

With that in one hand, Lumiere landed with the stormy wind.

She bounced back the lance of the sky demon that was about to attack the elves. The lance with the sacred power shattered and scattered due to that impact alone.

“Hey, are you sane?”

Although it barely kept its human form, the one with white wings was an atypical.

The posture was different from that of her former compatriots. She knows that it was crazy, but still she kept ask that to confirm.


After letting out a roar that could not be considered sane, it extended its arm towards Lumiere. The fallen angel immediately swung her sword and killed the atypical angel.

“It was also irrational and weak. But I do feel the divine aura ……. It seems to have something to do with the technique Beelzebub said.”

Lumiere turned back to look behind. For the time being, she wanted to ask the elves, who had almost been attacked, if they knew anything. But the elf had long since fled into the distance.

“Hey ……! I saved you on purpose! Bastard, I’m angry!”

The sky demons surrounded around Lumiere who spat out curse.

There was madness in everyone’s eyes. It was not only abnormal, but also ominous in their posture.

“Nah, you guys. I don’t know the reason, but I’m a demon now. If you plan to attack, first be ready to die-”

The attacks from the sword, lance and tentacles were forced towards Lumiere in unison.

She instantly swept those across. The weapon called Grand-Guignol that Lumiere was holding turned into the form of a huge whip.

The Sky Demons present, along with the nearby buildings, were torn to pieces.

Dozens of Sky Demons were all shattered, and the surrounding buildings were destroyed without a trace.

Amidst the smoke and ash, Lumiere called out.

“Listen me to the end!”

As she thumped the ground with her foot in anger, the demons came together again.

The veins on Lumiere’s forehead burst out.

“Ah, really, are you going to fight with me? You’re going to fight me no matter what? Then, I won’t spare you even if you beg me to spare your lives afterwards.”

Lumiere flew up into the air.

Explosive magic power erupted from her body.
That one immediately created the jutsu and caused a big eruption in the surroundings.

There should have been close to a hundred Sky Demons that disappeared without a trace. Lumiere asserted in a voice as if she couldn’t feel the fatigue after using the upper level forbidden technique.

“If you want to complain, complain to the Great Goddess of Creation after you die, you dumb-ass!”

Her words resounded through the sky in vain. There were no more sky demons around. At this time, the not particularly conscious Lumiere didn’t spend even 1 minute to save the territory that was almost destroyed because of the late dispatch of the military department, but of course she wasn’t that self-conscious.

“Haha …… nasty, where is Dar~ling? It seems to be in this area.”

At that moment, Lumiere’s intuition moved violently.
Faintly, she could feel the aura of her dear Demon King.

“Mmm, it’s over there! Don’t think it’s going to be easy after leaving your First Wife for more than a month. I will definitely catch you and violate you to the point of chaos!”

Shouting something that can not imagine the words of the original angel, Lumiere flew in that direction.

“Lieutenant General Lambert!”

Nia, the female elf who usually served as the secretary of the great library of the Mildiana, ran close to the half-elf’s side.

Ludio Lambert had been standing in front of the main gate of the military headquarters.

When she reached the near side, Nia drew in a breath of cold air after feeling the amazing magic power that wrapped around the frozen atmosphere overflowing from his body.

(This …… is far stronger than the magic power I felt when fighting with Zenan ……!!!)

Nia is a veteran. At that time, her rank was equivalent to Lieutenant Colonel.

She retired from military service after being wounded in the past war with the Zenan Dragon Kingdom, and now lives quietly as a librarian.

However, in fact, she and Ludio are still communicating through small contact exchanges and so on.

Nia abandoned her duties as a secretary early today and commanded the people of the military department as she did then.

They managed to intercept the demon, protect the civilians, and rush to Ludio’s side when they saw an opening.

Ludio was muttering something in a low voice.

It is not at all clear what kind of words. But perhaps it was chanting. He continued that in a whisper-like voice.

The freeze-like magic power in his body increased more and more.

Usually, in the High Magic Court, there are always sealing techniques to prohibit the use of forbidden arts and above, but for some reason it seems to have no effect on him now.

The original Ludio had the power to perform even forbidden techniques without chanting. What exactly is the technique that he needs to spend a long time chanting.

He continued chanting with his eyes closed as if he didn’t notice it, but those eyes slowly opened and turned her way. Knowing that it was a wordless message to inform the situation, Nia immediately reported.

“The attacks from the demons are now concentrated in the central area. Then the south and west are each fighting, but there have been dozens of casualties. Only the eastern region is barely involved in the battle, so the residents …… Aaaaah!?”

At some point, dozens of sky demons flew in like they were going to surround Nia and Ludio. Nia was the right hand of Ludio at that time. Of course, she knew about the folklore of the demons. However, she couldn’t stop shaking when confronted like this. The mere thought of being bitten to death by the white winged monsters with a murderous aura was enough to stop breathing.

“Li, Lieutenant Lambert…..”

She can’t speak fluently anymore.

It takes at least five soldiers who specialize in magic to defeat one of them. And now there were nearly 100 troops surrounding them.

It was already over. Nia was overwhelmed by a sense of despair. She was going to die with the lieutenant general.

The demons flew in at once as if they had planned to do so. Nia’s eyes surfaced tears from too much fear and sat down on the spot.

After imagining the moment of being torn apart by the monsters she crouched with her head in her hands.

–That happened suddenly.

She felt the fierce cold that was like being in the middle of the extreme cold and was ready to die – but nothing happened.

Nia gently opened her eyes while holding her arms and confirmed the situation around her.

The military section was all frozen over. The ice sticking out from the ground turned into a thick spear and ran through the body of the demon, freezing it just like that.

Nearly a hundred demons were killed by the ice piercing through their strong magical power resistance, and their whole bodies were frozen.

In front of the eyes stood Ludio with no expression. Somehow the chanting that had been whispering also stopped.

He said.


“….. Ah… Ah….?”

Ludio was staring at her as if nothing had happened.
It is different from the usual gentle expression. It was like an ice-like expression where no emotion was felt.

Nia stood up in a hurry after she realized the meaning of those words, and began to explain the situation of the military headquarters and the city again.
Ludio listened to that in silence and nodded his head. Then.

Snapped! He clapped his hands.

Instantly, from the ground emerged countless ice and by that through and frozen the sky demons a moment broken scattered.

The ice glistened and fell around Lieutenant General Ludio Lambert.

“Then, it’s a little late but I’m going to take command next. If you still want to fight, come with me.”

The technique he used was a forbidden technique. The level is unknown. But perhaps that it is a technique that is extremely close to something that is higher up in the forbidden techniques.

He used that without any chanting or preparatory movements, and didn’t show any concern.

Then, the chanting just now is ……

Ludio walked up without looking her way.
Looking at that distant back, Nia followed behind despite showing a bewildered look.

(…. This is, the hero. This is Lieutenant General Ludio Lambert. The man who inherited the blood of elves but is good at offensive techniques and climbed to the rank of general)

The strongest magician in the empire who slaughtered many dragons in the great war in the past.

He was said to have changed the terrain with a lot of magic that surpassed the forbidden arts, and was known as a genius alongside the great hero. Nia replayed deeply the greatness of that man who could be said to be abnormal.

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