Sekai Saikyou no Maou desuga Daremo Toubatsushinikitekurenainode, Yuusha Ikusei Kikan ni Sennyuusuru koto ni Shimashita – Chapter 37

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As soon as the wind wrapped around me and flew out of the crumbling High Magic Court, a different light came into view.

Things with long white wings were flying in various places over the city.

A humanoid, if it weren’t for the animal-shaped head, they are no doubt the same as those angels.

However, among the things that were flying through the air and attacking people and elves on the ground one after another, there were those with only a huge face, and even those who looked like they had pure white tentacles growing out of their animal bodies.

They only had white wings and were no longer what you would call angels.

The difference with the posture of the angels I know is too great. It can already be described as a monster.

I see, the term “sky demon” is probably the right word. However, what overflowed from its body was only divine energy. I couldn’t feel the dark power that the demon race possessed.

Those things formed a swarm of hundreds or more and rampaging like a crazy.

Some were swinging their arms and legs, while others were hunting with weapon woven with magic.

At that time, an amazing flame covered the sky demons. It was about the 10th rank when converted into magic.

Looking in that direction, the red-haired boy who was swinging his sword and killing the demons was spewing fire from the tip of his sword.

It’s Keith. And he’s holding a holy sword in his hand. And it’s quite a big one. Perhaps it’s helping Keith to increase his magic power.

Just next to it, falling lightning occurred and scorched the surrounding sky demons.

If you look over there, the black-haired boy is releasing magic one by one while bursting magic power from his whole body.

Lightning, burst, and ice – Julian and Keith were standing back-to-back as he continued to perform magic of the 8th rank level.

“These guys’ magic power resistance is not normal. They can’t be hurt by the 7th level magic at all.” (Julian)

“The skin is as hard as a rock plate! If this goes on, we’ll be overwhelmed by their numbers.” (Keith)

“The Ministry of Military Affairs should have taken action. I don’t know how useful the soldiers will be, but we have to hold on until then.” (Julian)

It’s quite reliable.

While I was thinking that, one of the demons tried to attack the residents who had fled too late.

I rushed in like that with the force of a storm, and immediately put magic power into my palm and made up a black sword to stab the head of the demon who didn’t notice it.

After landing on the ground, I said to the woman who was sitting up and trembling.

“You’re not hurt, right?”

“Yes, yes ……!”

“Don’t leave my side if you don’t want to die.

I pointed at the flying demon and activated the magic formation. Instantly, the demon’s body exploded and scattered.

The fact that the 8th rank magic worked meant that it was below the lower angel level.
Although to me it was a level that could not even kill time, it was a level that could not be defeated by an ordinary soldier.

If I look up at the sky, the sky demons are constantly being summoned from the unfolding magic array.

The “magic” is beyond the forbidden arts. I don’t have the power to destroy that magic now.
I can protect the people around me, but other than that, it’s a serious problem. I could actually see the place where the fleeing residents were stabbed by the lance wielded by the sky demon.

One by one, I cut down the flying demons. White feathers fell from the white wings and piled up around them.

A body of this magnitude could be defeated with a sword made with my magic power.

The sacred art would be overwhelmingly powerful against the demons. In turn, the unhallowed one that manipulates darkness can also fatally wound the sacred – people like angels or sky demons.

These 2 arts are like natural enemies of each other. I didn’t think that the experience from the attack of Lumiere and the others 1000 years ago would be useful in this kind of place.


At first glance, it was Keith running over.
Even though he was killing the attacking demons one by one, his face was already looking tired.

“Keith. Are you okay?”

“I’m okay. But at this rate!!”

“I’m counting on you. For now, I need to find a way to evacuate the person behind me, can you help?”


At that moment, people in black uniforms appeared one after another.

Help was finally coming. A little help would have been nice, but what would have happened next?


After the fox-eared girl fluttered her long gold-colored hair and released a violent kick, the face of the sky demon shattered and fell apart.


The blow from the white wolf girl’s claws cut the neck of the demon and blood spurted out from there.

“It’s never ending, this way.”

“Futsu. It’s too hard. My claws are going to break.”

Shaula’s claws were sharpened pointed in a different way than usual.

When the beastman race gets serious, some parts of their body are made to become enlarged and hardened as if they were specialize in hunting prey.

“Are these the so-called Sky Demon? A calamity that struck the empire 500 years ago… surely the damage would be enermous if so many of them attacked.”

“My angel’s image has collapsed. I thought it was a beautiful girl with white wings…”

Shaula said that as she jumped up to the back and sliced the neck of the demon that was aiming at her.
The white winged monster with the head of a goat and the lower half of its body like a tiger fell down.

“This monstrosity is a scam, nothing more.”

“The soldiers of the imperial army had already suffered a few victims. Although I hardly know magic, but it seems that the low level has no effect at all.”

“It seems to be. What should we do, Roka? Should we run away quickly? Lieutenant General Lambert said we can run if we want to save our lives.”

“What, Shaula. Are you afraid? Then it’s okay to run away. I’ll keep fighting until there is nothing left. My blood is boiling for the first time in a long time.”

At the sight of her master’s fierce smile, Shaula shrugged.

“I’m Roka’s slave and escort. I can’t run away without you, can I?”

“You are worthy of my servant. I’ll praise you a little later.”

“Really? Well, I can’t kill all these monsters unless I’m in high spirits.”

“I’m bored with the weakness of my opponents lately. Let’s have the luxury of a long-awaited death match!”

Fearlessly smiling at each other, the beastkin girls confronted the incoming demons from the front.
They already had strong beastkin bodies, and were given the protection of the gods.

A blow from their fists or feet easily penetrated the tenacious bodies of the demons.

“Soldier over there! Your attack will not work. It’s better to engage in the evacuation of the people!”

“But.. but….”

The sky demon flew in front of the man wearing the armor of the Elberiam Imperial Army who wanted to say something.

The mouth of the too large head that grew from a body the size of a human adult opened up.

Roka instantly jumped up from that place and hit the face of the sky demon painfully. The impact crushes the face and scatters the cerebrospinal fluid.

“Hi, hiiii…”

“Run away quickly. If not, it will be your turn to be transformed by those monsters next.”

While looking out at the fleeing soldier, Roka broke the neck of the sky demon sneaking up behind her with a blow from her keen tail.

“Although I don’t know if it’s a messenger from the sky or an ordinary monster, I’m also quite fond of this city. I won’t let you do what you want anymore.”

After muttering like that, Roka jumped up in one breath towards the monsters with white wings that came into view.

“Lizemelia. Wake up, please….”

“Huh? Ah, what….”

Liz was being held by her mother when she noticed.
After looking around, she realized that she was in a private house in the city of Mildiana. The roof had fallen off and the building was half destroyed.

Liz’s body jumped when she saw the figures of the white-winged monsters running overhead at high speed.


“It’s okay, Lizmelia. I’m here. I won’t let them do anything to you”

Despite saying that, cold sweat seeped from Eynlana’s forehead.

One of the few things she had been taught from her mother, who hardly talked about the past, was white wing phobia.

But why did Eynlana have that symptom. Why did she also inherit that symptom?

“Ah…. Mo…. Mother…..!!”

“Your symptoms are stronger than this Queen. I don’t want to use it if possible, but there’s no other way.”

From Eynlana’s hand spurted out dark magic power.
As soon as that hand slowly stroked her head, she felt her fears unbelievably eased.

“Mother, is this the Dark Magic ……?”

“Yes. If you use a jutsu with dark power on a living creature, it will affect that person’s body. There are both good and bad effects. This jutsu will make the memories in the other person’s mind ambiguous. Not completely, but the fear is faded, right?”

“Uh… yeah… I’m still scared, though…”

“It’s just for a moment, but you shouldn’t be so scared that you go crazy.”

Liz looked up at the sky.

The demons that flew with white wings were a look that could not be called angels.

“I had a phobia of white wings because I was attacked by those who were called sky demons and almost died.”

“It was 500 years ago?”

“Well, um… At that time, the Sky Demons attacked Tsefte Aria after they had made a fuss in the Empire. Fortunately, we were in a state of conflict with the Empire at the time, so we were able to respond quickly, but there were still a great many casualties.”

“Yeah, that’s right… …… Why did the demons attack the elves…”

At this point, the demons who didn’t care until just now looked at the mother and daughter of the elf with anger.

They shuddered at unified action, it was like they being manipulated by something.

Eynlana hurriedly launched her jutsu. Even though she was an elf who was not good at offensive techniques, she possessed great magical power and could easily use even forbidden techniques.

However, the fierce blades of more than 20 sky demons approached in the little time before they were activated.

Liz, who had been held by her mother until now, tried to protect Eynlana and blocked her.

When the lances were pushed out towards Liz’s body, the bodies of the demons were suddenly shredded into pieces.

Dumbfounded by what happened in a split second, the “space” bathed in the blood of the demons shook and formed a female form.

A girl with impressive silver hair in a maid’s uniform. She was about the same age as Liz herself.

With the sword used by the soldiers of the Imperial Army in both hands, she cut off the bodies of 20 demons with a speed that could not be caught by the eyes.

When she was shocked at that fact, the maid’s girl looked back at Liz and Eynlana.

“Uh…ah, yes!!”

“What the hell are you ……?”

“Just a passing maid”

White wings were flying in the air. When she noticed it, there were dozens more demons looking at their side in anger.

When the attacks of those with swords or lances and those who used the strange body as a weapon approached together, an amazing outburst occurred.

The magic power was used. And that was far higher than the spells of Theodore and Julian that she had peeked at in the past at the entrance exam.

From the silver-haired maid’s body overflowed magic power that was beyond the norm.

Liz was stunned to learn that she had used a terrifyingly powerful jutsu without any preparatory action.

Even though there were several demons that were still barely alive from the explosion, hundreds of slashes were released one after another in the blink of an eye, and the demons were shattered.

From her sword spilled black magic power. Perhaps she was using some Dark Magic techniques or something. Even though she killed so many demons, she didn’t roll her blade at all. It was clearly just a normal soldier’s sword.

The maid breathed without disturbance and turned her dark purple pupils.

“I will protect you. Do not leave this place.”

“But, but, there is something I can do.”

“There is nothing you can do. By the way, if you wish to go outside and be tortured to death by the demons, I don’t want to stop you…… but I am ordered by my master to put your safety first.”

“Mother, Mother. It’s better to leave it to this person ……!”

“Kuh… ! At least, if you know what Ludio is doing ……!” (Eynlana)

“Don’t worry about that.”

The maid, with her hands on her sword, turned her face in the direction of the military.

“He should be ready for battle. At the same time, my master said that there is a way to bring this incident to an end.” (Rena)

“What the hell is this bastard …… planning to do?” (Eynlana)

Liz felt that the silver-haired girl in front of her looked familiar.

It was the day of the magic entrance exam. On the day of the magic entrance exam, when she first spoke with Theodore, she saw him coming from the entrance of an old inn.

At that moment, the maid looked at the West in surprise.

Unable to think that she, who had hardly surfaced her expression so far, would show that kind of expression, Liz and Eynlana both froze.
Then the maid girl muttered.

“…… Why did she come to this place, that scrap angel”

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