Sekai Saikyou no Maou desuga Daremo Toubatsushinikitekurenainode, Yuusha Ikusei Kikan ni Sennyuusuru koto ni Shimashita – Chapter 35

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In the long underground corridor, I looked at the thing that wore its hood up to its eyebrows.

The full body covered by the mantle robe was delicate, and the posture and gender were ambiguous. But that is generally speaking, since it was from me, who lived with the power of the demon god, I knew it was a woman at a glance.

And not human. The feeling was that of an elf.

“That hood is a nuisance.”

I applied a slight wind speed jutsu to the hood she was wearing and rolled it up hard.

In the hood was the face of a beautiful female elf with long ears.

She was staring at me with an atmosphere that was not so much expressionless as vacant. It was almost as if she was absent-minded.

“……Mi, Ensign Miriam?”

The one who muttered like that was Liz.

Miriam. I remember that she was a female elf who disappeared after attacking Ensign Lattice.

“No way. Why are you…..?”

“Liz. She was Miriam, but she’s not Miriam.”

“Huh? What do you mean ……?”

“There’s something ‘inside’… or rather, it feels like something else is attached to Miriam.”

Then, the elf called Miriam spoke for the first time.

“I am …… Ensign Miriam Stacy. From Southern Territories of the Imperial Army.”

The voice that sounded like a mixture of man and woman was terribly harsh.

“I know that. What I want to know is not about Miriam. It’s about you, Ghislain.”

“… You are. What are you. How much. You Know. How you. Know about me.”

“It looks like you’re having a mental disorder. No wonder, because you’re also the culprit in Mira’s bloodbath, which was allegedly happened 500 years ago.”

At that moment, the elf wearing glasses, who was lying next to Lizzy, woke up.

She looked around with a dumbfounded expression and was shocked to see the figure of an elf in a vestment.

“Mi, Miriam! Are you, safe and sound?’

But Ensign Miriam didn’t answer. She continued to stare at me without looking at her best friend.

“Ghislain. You are just an ordinary human being. You are probably from the Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna, which is known as Magic County. You should be a magician who is quite famous in that country as well. The spell you used is a forbidden spell that exceeds the realm of magic. Because almost no human can use that easily


“Ghi, Ghislain? Hey! She’s Miriam, how can you….”

“Ensign Latice. Listen to Theo-kun.”

Even though I don’t want to be interrupted by others, but I guess it can’t be helped.

“Then you gave up your own body for some reason and succeeded in activating the technique of letting the soul attach itself to another body. And then, although I don’t know how long it took, you dived into another person’s body. But another person’s body is ultimately another person’s. You couldn’t bear that load, and your spirit slowly wore out”

I continued.

“At that time, ‘someone’ found you with your rare talent. Someone noticed your talent. Although I don’t know if that ‘someone’ refers the ‘goddess’ you mentioned.

Ghislain was really still motionless.

It’s not that she’s completely unaware of herself. Perhaps she’s just cautiously watching this side.

“I guess that person told you ‘Use the elves to create Final Droplet’.”

“The goddess is everything to me”

That’s all she said in a creepy voice.

“Well. That’s why you came to the Empire. Perhaps you heard the story of Mira Balzac, who had many elf slaves in search of beauty. That was the beginning of Mira’s blood tide.”

“The Goddess is everything to me.”

“Yes, everything is for the Goddess. If a magical creature with magic power enhancement function researched in the Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna eats an elf, a red tear will fall from its eye. That is called “Final Droplet”.

“The goddess is everything to me”

“Then use the Final Droplet to launch a large-scale forbidden spell …… No, it has all exceeded that field. This magic, I’m afraid that the magical power increase effect of Final Droplet can be applied to a variety of situations. You used that on the summoning spell and forcibly summoned the angel from the sky cover. That is the true face of the sky demon that is believed to have attacked humans and elves”

I said that while looking at the jutsu that covered the underground corridor.

The one that seems to be the genealogy of the Dark Underworld technique is probably a very powerful technique that only works on the elves.

With a single thought from Ghislain, the elves in this place would be rendered powerless in an instant, no matter how strong they were. Although if it’s the level of the principal of Ludio maybe another story.

The reason why 3000 elves turned into Final Droplet and could not do anything 500 years ago probably it is also this.

However, there are still some questions.

“The goddess is everything to me”

The power of “this” is very strong. In fact, I also know very well that the technique is exerting amazing power after it is launched.

But nothing more.

Although it is true that humans possess amazing talents, they are not as good as demons like us.

Even when compared to the queen of the elves, who was held by her daughter, the difference was not that great.

“This level of existence” is generally impossible to break through the magic resistance of the elves and forcibly subdue them down.

Then, it is even more so if it is a jutsu that can forcibly summon the angels that are believed to live in the sky cover. It is impossible to make up a jutsu of that height.

The angels have extremely powerful magical resistance. That is the overwhelming resistance that overrides the elves and dragons. At least I don’t know of any technique that can summon all of them together and then make them attack only humans and elves.

There are people in Tenebrae who have about the same quality as me in terms of magic power only.

Even those people wouldn’t know the jutsu to manipulate angel at will.

In that case, I’d like to find out the true meaning of that jutsu no matter what.

“Nah, Ghislain. What is the source of your power to freely manipulate the elves?”

“The goddess is everything to me.”

“The conversation will not progress if it continues like this. Should I make you gain your sanity a little?”

I ran up from that place and got close to Ghislain without even blinking.

If she’s mentally broken, then she’ll be slow to reach. Afterall, there’s ordinary human inside.

While thinking like that, I grabbed her head violently.

“Please …… wait, wait …… don’t kill Miriam ……”

Lattice, who was lying on the ground, made a pleading sound.

Ignoring that, I unleashed the jutsu.

The dark magic power overflowed from the hand grasping her head and entered Miriam’s body flowing towards Ghislain’s soul.

This is a jutsu that forces a clouded spirit or memory to return to its original state. It can also be used to brainwash an opponent, or to undo it.

Ghislain groaned as a violent magic power was released from the same level as the forbidden spell technique.

Instantly, a small part of the memory in Ghislain’s brain flowed into my brain.

–an old woman who laughed fearlessly at a nobleman.

— Creepy monster with a green body and one eye.

–the man who stared at this side with hostile eyes. The body was penetrated by the sword he held in his hand.

–A red glow. An unbelievable amount of magic power spilled out of the body that was pierced by the sword, and an ominous magic formation appeared in the sky, from which people with white wings…

So that was it. Is this a memory of a fragment of Mira’s blood tide incident?

The first old woman was probably Mira Balzac. Then the monster that appeared was a magical creature related to Final Droplet.

The next memory is of Ghislain’s dependence on Mira.

Then when her body died, the jutsu was activated. Perhaps this is related to the activation condition of the summoning technique.

When I understood that, another unbelievable vision was engraved in my mind.

–There was a young woman. Although her face was not clearly visible in the backlight, she said in a soft voice.

“Purify. Cleanse the world of everything. The world full of light is ours alone.”

A very gentle, saint-like voice. Ghislain knelt down on the spot and hung her head. From the head once again sounded a gentle voice.

“It’s okay, if you do as I say, everything will be fine.”

“Oh… Goddess….. Oh…. Goddess… Everything belongs to you. This body was created for you.

“Purify it. Ne, Ghislain?”

My hand was thrown away while hearing the last of those words.

The person in front of me with the body of a female elf said in a clear voice that was not comparable to the one I had just heard.

“What have you done to me, you ……”

“I repaired the spirit of your frenzy. At that time, the memories from 500 years ago flowed in. I know the truth of the blood tide incident of Mira, the method of making the Final Droplet, and the method of summoning the Sky Demon. However, I saw something that I could not understand.”

I continued while looking at Ghislain, who was unabashedly hostile.

“The last thing I saw was the figure of a woman with a very unbelievable atmosphere. Who is that?”

“You…. you!!! How dare you peepbat the Master….!!”
“A mysterious feeling. That’s a person whose atmosphere is like facing the holy maiden of the Holy Kingdom.”

“Shut up, shut up, shut up! You are not allowed to talk about her!”

“She’s the goddess you’re talking about, right? Interesting, can you tell me more about it?”

Magic power came out from Ghislain’s body. Immediately, it was released towards me.

Flame and thunder and darkness. The arrows of the intricately shaped magic were about to penetrate me and disappeared on the spot.

“Why, why, why didn’t it work ……!”

“If you’re serious about killing me, you’ll have to use a combination of forbidden techniques or more. Well, it can’t be done, can it? That body can’t take any other jutsu on top of this one, right?”

“Ku ……!!!”

The jutsu that Ghislain was unleashing to subdue the elves should have put a strong load on Miriam’s body.

That alone should be hard, and it’s impossible to use a jutsu that can kill me.

Ghislain looked towards Her Majesty Queen Eynlana. Is she planning to attach on her body? But I won’t let you get away with it.

I threw the small knife that I made up with magic power in a flash at Ghislain’s chest. That one dissipated the moment it was deeply embedded in her body and formed a wound. A large amount of blood spilled out.

“Mi, Miriam ……!!!”

“So, since I don’t want you to see what happens next, can you all get a little sleep?”

I snapped my fingers on the spot.

From my rear overflowed a surprising wave of magic power, instantly enveloping Liz and Her Majesty and Lattice.

The girls who were already weakened by Ghislain’s magic were unconscious and motionless in an instant.

“Thank you, Rena.”

“It’s a small thing. You’re too kind.”

“Can you watch over them so they don’t get hurt?”


Rena, who was wearing a maid’s uniform, bowed gracefully.

It was a good decision to have her accompany me, as she had disappeared beforehand.

Aside forn Liz and Lattice, I don’t think I can get Queen Eynlana to fall asleep with my current magic power.

“You, you both…. what are you….!”

“Well, all right. It’s okay to tell you”

I laughed when I realized through magic that no one was peeking at this place from far away.

“I – no, my name is Lucifer. I am one of the 7 pillars of the Demon God who supports the Demon Nation of Tenebrae. Is it easier to understand by saying that it is the Demon King?”

“Tenebrae…. Demon, Demon Nation…. Impossible!!”

“I’m dressed up like this for some reason. Have been pretending to be human quite pleasant, ne, Ghislain or something. You, who have migrated in bodies of many human and elves, you can understand this feeling. Isn’t it? ”

“Tsk…. Don’t be silly!!”

A few more offensive spells were released.

All of them bounced away in front of my eyes.

“No need to force yourself, Ghislain. I said your body can’t take it if it goes on like that.”

“How could someone like the demon god peeped at the face of my supreme goddess…!!!

“I can’t help it if I see it. It doesn’t matter now. Answer my question.”

“…. Grrrr!!! Grrrr!!”

Ghislain gritted her teeth and looked up to the sky. But nothing happened.

“A floating life form without a body. That’s who you are now, right? I put up a simple jutsu so that you could not escape to other bodies. You can’t escape from here anymore.”

The body of an elf looked at me with hatred and anger.

It is still very young. A body that is slightly older than Liz, she is a soldier but has a delicate body that can be called a child as an elf.

However, if my speculation is correct that body has-.

“From a few years ago, you started abducting elves within the empire and slowly expanded. Then 3 years ago you came to this land of Mildiana. With the body of that Miriam Stacy.”


“And then little by little, you turned those elves into a Final Droplet. I also want to see the magical creature that became the culprit or something. It’s inside, right?”

I went around behind Ghislain who was on guard. It would have been difficult for an opponent with the reflexes of a normal human being to understand.

I whispered in her ear.

“Come on, lead the way.”

Ghislain gritted her teeth and was pressed by me to go to the deep hall.

There was a huge, ugly monster.

The body was like a green horworm fattened up, with a big eye at the top and a huge mouth that could easily swallow one or two people in the abdomen below.

Such unimaginable creature occurring in the natural world sat on the magic formation.

It just let out a creepy moaning sound, did not want to move from that place. No, properly speaking, it can’t move.

Can not move from the magic formation, simply begging for the presence of the flesh and blood of the elves. Is this the true face of the monster that appeared in Roka’s fairy tale.

This is undoubtedly artificially created magical creatures.

The main purpose is to circulate the magic power of the prey object in the body at high speed and explosively increase the accumulated magic power. Soon after the condensed magic power of the block will turn into a red tear. That is the true nature of the Final Droplet.

If the elf body, which originally possesses high-purity magic power, creates a few Final Droplet, it will be able to gain tremendous magic power.

There are 2 bodies in the hall alone.

There are several cells before coming to this hall from the underground corridor, but they are all empty.

I’m afraid there are no more elves left alive.

“…… Kukuku. Kuku Kuku Kuku.”

“What’s so funny?”

Ghislain, who suddenly laughed, said in a creepy voice.

“No matter what you guy is, the summoning of the White Wings can no longer be stopped. This is fate.”

“Yes. I have already anticipated the conditions for the activation of the spell to summon a sky demon.

I left my hand from Ghislain and faced her from the front.

“The body of that Miriam or whatever elf …… is not going to live much longer, right?”

“Why you, know this.”

“Mira, that woman lord rejuvenated with Final Droplet. That’s because she’s human. But it’s different for the elves. The body that drank the blood of hundreds of compatriots would corroded by powerful magic power and is already a candle in the wind, right?”

Final Droplet makes human beings to rejuvenate.

The body of the elf is very similar to that of a human and yet completely different. Even if it works on humans, it may not be the case for elves.

The actual Final Droplet is a potent drug that will make you die as a baby one day if you keep taking it.

“The start of the elf abduction was when Miriam was not even in military academy. This means that you have been attaching on that body since she was a child and have taken several Final Droplet into your body. The reason for Miriam’s weak body is that her body has a rejection reaction to the repeated intake of magic blocks, right?”

Although the side effects about the elves when they drink it is merely speculation, but it is understandable if you consider the actions of this person called Ghislain.

Ghislain was obviously anxious.

“The condition for the activation of the “Sky Demon Summoning Technique” is the death of the person who drank the Final Droplet. So you made a bold move. From Miriam to Lattice. From Lattice to Lizemelia. From Lizemelia to Eynlana. If you launch a possession in this way, someone will surely reach your presence. By letting that person kill your own body that drank the Final Droplet, you will be able to summon the Sky Demon. That’s the route you’ve outlined.”

I noticed this before and after Liz was possessed.

She involved her and her mother as material for the Final Droplet. And then arranged Ludio Lambert, who took the situation very seriously, for him to come in here.

Did she think that she might be able to use the man as material if she wanted to, or did she want to use the sky demon to kill him?

Regardless of the actions of the half-elf, Miriam’s body has reached its limit.

It would be good to be killed on the spot. Even if the man realizes the truth and tries to peel off Miriam’s body, Miriam’s body will die immediately and the jutsu will be activated.

“That’s right. White Wing’s purification cannot be stopped. It is even more so if it is a demon god. A blow from the white wings that will soon fly will easily penetrate the demon’s body. You’ll die too, poor demon god.”

“That’s good.”

“What did you say?”

“I came to this country to kill time. The disappearance of the elves 500 years ago and the coming of the sky demons are nothing but amusement to me. Just try to make me happy.”

I ran my right hand through Miriam-Ghislain’s chest and cut out her heart.

The moment Ghislain, who was dumbfounded by the momentary events, frowned, I held the heart in my hand.


“You can’t even move your soul to another body anymore. Stupid magician!”

I shattered the heart in my hand.

In that instant, something like a light mist detached from her body.

I wrapped that around my hand.

“Is this mist your true identity? The long journey of 500 years is now crushed here.”

After roasting the smoke and mist with the Flame technique, the spirit of Ghislain let out the cry and mournful scream. The existence close to the ghost body dissolved on the spot like a bubble and disappeared. Then Miriam also died.

Indeed as if that was the signal, the huge magic power overflowed on the spot and rose through the ceiling to the distant sky.

Explosive magic power. This one has surpassed even the forbidden spells.

As a result of that violent impact, the collapse of the High Magic Court began. That seemed to have rippled through the entire building.

The crystal that sealed the power of that man was also broken and scattered. No matter how strong the sealing jutsu was, it could not withstand the overwhelming flow of magic power.

I immediately casted a simple barrier jutsu to bounce off the falling stone.

Although even if I do not do this kind of thing I am fine, but it is necessary to keep that monster in front of the eyes alive. To solve everything. For others to know the reality of 500 years ago and now.

“Rena. Move all the elves outside.”


“Throw the other elf out as you please, but never leave next to Liz and Eynlana. Whoever hurts them should be excluded.”

“Leave it to me.”

After confirming that Rena had used the Forced Transfer Technique on the elves, I also wrapped my body in the Wind Swift Technique and flew outside the building in one breath.

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