Sekai Saikyou no Maou desuga Daremo Toubatsushinikitekurenainode, Yuusha Ikusei Kikan ni Sennyuusuru koto ni Shimashita – Chapter 34

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Forced transfer.

Liz, who knows only the name and thought it had happened, recognized that she was transferred from the emergency-room to a basement-like place somewhere in a flash.

Eynlana fell against her body.

She shook the body of her mother who was shorter than herself.

She patted Eynlana’s cheek, whose consciousness was hazy.

At the sound of the snap, the present queen of th elves blinked.

“… Liz.. melia? Where is this?”

“I don’t know. It was Mother who brought me here, right?”

“This queen…? Kuh!!”

Eynlana moaned as if she was attacked by a strong headache with her fingers pressed between her eyebrows.

While supporting her delicate body, Liz observed the appearance of the surroundings.

The elves, who were brought as her mother’s escort, and Ensign Lattice, who happened to be present, were all down in that place.

To begin with, Liz had absolutely no idea why Eynlana was visiting this land of Mildiana.

Although she woke up in the emergency room and heard about what had happened, she panicked because of the sudden events.

And before that was said that she had taken Ensign Lattice as a hostage into the Commander-in-Chief’s room, so she was already confused.

At that moment, from the depths of the underground corridor came the sound of someone approaching.
While being alerted, the person who came was a creepy person.

“Who ……?”

The delicate body was draped in black vestments, and the hood was worn over the eyebrows so the face was not clear.

Liz instantly used the power of『Eye』.
The power that was passed down only in the royal family of the kingdom of Tsefte-Aria. Liz was not yet skilled but to a certain extent she was able to use that power that could see through the reality with ease.

(Female …… huh? And, it’s an elf.)

She only knew that the person was an elf woman.

Then there were several military men of the Elberian Imperial Army behind her. Even people wearing uniforms engraved with the general’s coat of arms were there.

Their faces were familiar. It was the Anti-elfists.

“Now the drops are all here.”

The voice of a man and a woman, a creepy voice, resounded through the ground.

“Ghislain-sama. No we can finally eradicate all elves.”

“Eradicate. Yes, of course. If all the forest sages are turned into Final Droplet.”

“Call the demons and expell the elves. There’s no damage to humans. That’s not wrong, is it?”

Liz said with a look of disbelief at the conversation that was unfolding in front of her.

“Hey, gentlemen. Do you really believe what that suspicious person said?”

“The Elberia Empire belongs to us humans. There can be no room for you elves to enter. I can’t even believe that they have made an alliance with ……”

“I’m the one who can’t believe it. Is it also because of you that the Elves have disappeared so far?”

No one replied to this statement.
But the humans who were present laughed. With eyes that bred madness.

Liz was desperately considering a strategy to get rid of this status quo when Eynlana spoke up.

“Is the corruption within the Imperial Army to this extent? This queen’s error in estimation is not too great. I can’t believe that there’s no room for negotiation anymore.”

“Shut up! It was originally because you monkeys of the forest had made an alliance! And now we have a chance to turn it all around! There’s no way we could have missed this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!!”

A hundred years ago, the emperor and Eynlana were the ones who concluded an alliance between the empire and the kingdom of Tsefte Aria.

At that time, the empire side allowed maximum concessions to the elves.

It allows elves who have worked well to be recognized as aristocrats and officers, prohibits them from being enslaved, and imposes almost no tax on imports from the Kingdom of Tsefte Aria.

The main conditions proposed by the elf side were those. In short, a form of coexistence with human beings was explored to eliminate the discriminatory feelings against the elves that were spreading in the empire.

Since the emperor at that time was also concerned about the poor treatment of the elves in the empire, those conditions became almost fully accepted.

After the conclusion of the alliance, 100 years passed, and the relationship between the humans and the elves slowly changed for the better. Eynlana did feel that way.

However, there were many people who still had discriminatory feelings toward the elves.
The conservative nobles and soldiers had a strong tendency to treat the elves differently behind the improved status of the elves.

Even in such an adverse situation, those who were particularly good among the elves were given noble status, and a few years ago discontent finally broke out when Ludio Lambert, a half-elven, was appointed commander-in-chief of the southern part of the imperial army.

It was during that time that the Anti-elfists began to grow in strength.

“It was ridiculous to treat the elves, who was known as the sage of the forest, like a monkey. So, what is it that you are, if not human beings, that the monkey has taken away the throne of the commander-in-chief? If you’re less than a monkey, you’re a dog.”

“You, you b!tch!”

“Mother, Mother! Why did you provoke them?”

“I didn’t think it could be solved in any way. In that case, it would be fine to burn all the people present. Since you are disrespecting the current Queen of your Alliance!”

An explosive magic power was emitted from Eynlana’s body.

Liz, who was right in front of her, couldn’t move because of the incredible power.

When the Anti-elfists also faltered, only 1 person showed no reaction at all. The one clad in a mantle muttered.

“Queen. Of the sage of the forest. Can reach the forbidden arts. The absolute best power. Suitable for Drops.”

“Ghi, Ghislain-sama! That elf is dangerous! Take immediately action…

“I won’t let you…!!”

When the hot flames spurted out from the hands of Eynlana who immediately stood up, she – fell apart on the spot.

“Mother…. no…!!”

Liz, who immediately tried to save Eynlana, was also smashed in that place.

Instantly the eyes blurred and the body spasmed. Liz moaned as her head felt the unpleasant sensation of being disturbed beyond recognition.

“Oh, oh, oh… This is it. This is the power. If you’re an elf, there’s no way you can’t resist it! As expected of Ghislain-sama!!”

“It’s wonderful! Let’s turn these people into Final Droplet!!”

When the Anti-elfists were overjoyed, there were snickers and giggles.

When everyone in the room looked around, a young man appeared in front of their eyes.

“Hey. You’ve done something very interesting. What kind of technique is that? Teach me too!”

The green-haired boy said in a cheerful voice unsuitable for this place.

His eyes were fixed on the figure called Ghislain, who was wearing a mantle.

“The, Theo …… ”

Even though her face was pressed to the floor, Liz looked towards Theodore.

For a moment, he looked at them with those jade-like eyes, but immediately changed expression as if he lost interest.

“Who are you!”

“I hate it, soldier-san. You should remember the name of the student who passed the entrance exam of the military academy with a very good score.”

“It, it’s someone named Theodore! The one who left the same score as the Hero 500 years ago ……!”

“Is that the kid? People really like to exaggerate things. I don’t know how you got in here, but you will die here-”

The shouting general’s head flew up and disappeared. The fingertips of Theodore’s right hand that was extended at some point shone with lightning.

The high level thunderbolt jutsu that doesn’t even need to be chanted penetrated the general’s head in an instant.

The body without the head fell to the floor with a thud.
After seeing the short death of a colonel-ranked soldier, his men were equally confused and scared.

“Hey, you, what have you done …… what have you done ……”

“Sorry about that. The only thing I’m interested in is the ‘onee-san’ wearing a windbreaker there. I don’t need anything else.”

From the bodies of the Anti-elfists who were trying to escape with a cry of grief perhaps because they felt an instinctive sense of crisis, a flame of fire erupted.

The Karma Flame Jutsu, which is near the height of the forbidden level, does not require any preparatory action.

It was a man they should never be enemies with. While thinking this, their bodies had completely disappeared without any ash left.

Only one Anti-elfist soldier was left, and he fell to his knees with a cry of sorrow.

“Spare me, spare me! I beg you! I …… was just forced by those guys!””

“Is that so?”

“I’ll do anything! So spare my life! Please!!!”

“Are you willing to atone for the crime on attack Her Majesty the Queen?”

“Yes, of course! Anything, I’ll do anything! What should I do? Tell me!!!”

Theodore said gently, seeing the soldier who had his head pressed against the cold stone slab pleading desperately.

“Just die!”

The soldier’s body was blown away by the storm wind and made a sound of hitting the wall far away.

All the powerful soldiers who had survived the brutal war with the Zenan Dragon Kingdom were dead in a matter of seconds.

The green-haired boy said sarcastically as he ended the absolute and too one-sided ravaging.

“Disrespect toward Her Majesty can only be atoned by death.”

Theodore, who had laughed, looked again at the figure in the hood.

“So. I have a lot of things to say, let’s take our time. Let’s start by introducing ourselves. My name is Theodore. Nice to meet you, Ghislain?”


This is the moment when two people from unknown backgrounds met in a dark underground corridor.

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