Sekai Saikyou no Maou desuga Daremo Toubatsushinikitekurenainode, Yuusha Ikusei Kikan ni Sennyuusuru koto ni Shimashita – Chapter 31

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Queen of Elves

Early in the morning, the entire contingent of special students, except for Liz, were gathered in the Supreme Commander’s room.

We were finally informed by the Principal of the official schedule for the visit of the Elf Queen.
Instead of the whole group gathering in one place, we were divided into 2 groups.

I was with Roka and Shaula. Keith and Julian were on the other side.

We decided to go immediately to the place we were told to go. If I may say why, because we have no more time. The Queen’s visit was scheduled for late afternoon.

“Lieutenant General Lambert was in a real hurry. If I had known I would be summoned this early, I wouldn’t have stayed up all night.”

“I can’t help it. It’s a top secret matter. Anyway, you always stay up late to begin with.”

“Yes, because Roka’s sleeping face is so cute that I get excited just looking at it, so I masturbate ……”

Roka’s tail smacked Shaula in the side of her stomach.

“Really? You crap!”

“Oh… Roka’s hit, I love it…”

I don’t know if the pain was worse than usual, but Shaula groaned as she pressed her side abdomen. Though the face seemed happy.

“Speaking of which, Roka and Shaula both live in the dormitory, right? Are you two using the same room?”

“Nothing to do with you.”

“Oh, yeah~. Because she’s also my escort. I put her in my side in case something happens, so I can use her as a decoy to escape.”

“The way you say it is like I’m a disposable item ~ !! But hey, maybe it’s not bad even if I sacrifice my life for Roka!! Roka’s life depends on me, I will happily do so~~.”

“Ummmmmm, of course. I won’t let your death be in vain, probably.”

While looking at the same conversation as always, we arrived at the destination.

There were a lot of people and elves in the area a little before the barrier.

This country have strong diplomatic relations with Tsefte Aria. Although the number of elves themselves seemed to be very small due to the disappearance of the elves, there were as many human visitors as if they didn’t care about such things.

At that moment, the wagon with two white horses was slowly coming this way.

A hunch. It was the Queen of the Elves. There was no mistaking the terrifyingly high quality of this high-purity magic.

I gulped. Even without seeing the figure, I knew. How much pleasure could I get from inhaling a little of this magic.

“Are you a student at the military academy?”

Asked one of the three elves standing by the delivery wagon.

The command of this place was given to Roka, who was the most senior. She responded immediately.

“Well, um… Is ‘inside’ all right?”

“Of course.”

“Alright. Come with me, then.”

Roka greeted the carriage with an air of skill and headed for somewhere.

It was a hotel has been chartered a few days ago. On the surface it was full of ordinary travellers, but in reality it seemed to have been prepared as a resting place for the Queen.

Even when people looked at the carriage, they moved on as if they had lost interest.

Opening the door of the hotel, we stood as if we were unobtrusively shielding the carriage from the surrounding view.

Nevertheless, after cautiously checking the vicinity, the female of the Elf’s escort extended her hand towards the carriage.

“…… Your Majesty. Please take my hand.”

We were amazed to see the figure of the Elf who slowly descended from the wagon holding the hand.

“Has it been 100 years since we visited Mildiana? Still the same, this street.”

With her shoulder-length dark green hair, the Queen could only be described as a young girl.

She must be at most 14 or 5 years old on the outside. Short too, she looked younger than even the Liz I knew.

Her skin was as white as snow. Although the dress that covered her luxurious body was a normal dress that a commoner woman would wear, she could not hide the noble atmosphere that emanated from her body.

Contrary to her lovely appearance, her face, which seems to have a sad side, is very impressive.

The elf known as the Queen looked at Roka and Shaula in that order, and finally looked at me. Her golden pupils, as beautiful as gold, stared at me motionlessly.

“Fufu, what an unusual student.”

The queen puffed out a smile and then immediately entered the hotel.

“Huh? What did she means by strange (unusual) is Shaula?” (Roka)

“She immediately averted her eyes when she looked at me. Even though I keep staring at her. That’s nice, the Elf Queen.” (Shaula)

Roka, with expressions that seemed to be incomprehensible, and Shaula, who was overjoyed at the sight of the lovely Elf Queen, entered the hotel.

I stood still for a moment in that place. However, after being urged by the sudden appearance of Roka, I hurried after her.

“The name of my Majesty is Eynlana Kirfiniska. I’m the current Queen of the Kingdom of Tsefte Aria. You may also introduce yourselves.”

There were five people, including me, crammed into one room at the hotel. It seemed to be the largest room, but with this number of people it was barely enough.

Two of the guards had been sent outside to keep watch, and there was only one male elf standing next to the Queen.

“Pleased to make your acquaintance, Your Majesty, I’m Roka Colette. The beastkin fox and the last remaining of Royal of Lugal Kingdom.”

“Ho-. You are already the King of Beast at this young age… So is true that…. The Lion’s “Beast God King” has passed away?”

“…… um. That was the beginning of the war between Chiaro and Lugal.”

“Yes. Oh, I’m sorry. I’ve heard the news for a long time, but I can’t believe it. …… The Lion King, who could not be killed, was. He is a virtuous king. I would like to pray to remove the anger of the spirits, but I’m afraid that’s not possible, is it?”

“No need. Because the souls of our Beastkin are not polite enough to be calmed by prayer. All that is needed to calm the spirit of the King is the flesh and blood of the barbarians.”

Roka’s atmosphere, though seemingly calm, was pregnant with quiet rage.

Seeing her undistinguished atmosphere, Her Majesty Eynlana closed her eyes.

“In that case, I will just stay and pray for an early end to the war between your kingdom of Lugal and the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna.”

“Thank you. Whatever the outcome of the war, it would be good to have it end sooner rather than later.”

Even so, Roka is amazing. If it was someone else who met the Elf Queen for the first time, a normal person would have been driven by a fierce sense of nervousness.

Perhaps her qualification as a king also lies in the strength of her guts.

“So, the remaining one. This white one is called Shaula. She is both my escort and sl*ve, a beastkin of the wolf. She’s white by natural. Well, that’s it.”

“Hey, Roka! It’s too casual! I’m a former noble too!”

“I know. Shaula or something. You’re a Blancneiges, aren’t you?”

Shaula, who moved the wolf’s ears, stares at the elf queen with a dreadful eye.

The queen continued with her cup of black tea in one hand.

“Born with a white body. The only people who are known as the ‘White Wolf People’ are those of the House of Blancneiges. I remember talking to the people of that house too. It was hundreds of years ago. It was a proud “royal family”.”

“Ah, ano ……”

“As I said earlier, I heard about the death of the royal family of the beastkin one after another. I’ve heard about the death of the royal family of the beastkin, and I’ve heard that the name of the king in that case would have been Blancneiges of the White Wolves. The fox was the lowest in the line of succession to the throne. It is impossible to become king over the wolf.”

“That, that, Your Majesty. There are all sorts of reasons for this …… one.”

“No matter. I will not force you to tell me if you do not wish to. It would be a long story to ask in detail.”

“Yes, yes. …… I’m very sorry,” said Shaula, who did not even change her arrogant attitude before the Principal, now using honorifics, I could see that her body was also filled with tension.

It was an interesting thing to see. I thought she was the same as Roka, unmoved by anything she saw, but it didn’t seem that way.

The respectful Shaula who was nervous was also quite good.

“So, the rest ……”

Her Majesty’s eyes were staring at me without moving.

Well~, that does make you nervous. It was as if she was being watched not only on the outside but also on the inside.

“Ah, my name is Theodore.”

There was silent.

Why is that?

Should I say something else? But unlike Roka and Shaula, I can’t talk about family history or anything like that.

“Hey you!”

Shaula jabbed me hard in the side with her elbow. It hurt.

“Say something more. ……! This is the Queen’s royal presence!”

“Even if you say so-”

“Theo, he’s good. He won the entrance exam for the military academy in all categories of swordplay, physical arts and magic! It’s said that he’s ……, and he’s just as good as a certain someone from hundreds of years ago.”

“It’s Hero-sama, Hero-sama! Rena-sama the Hero!”

“Ah, yes! It is said to be a feat since the Hero! As expected of you. You are someone who has the strength to be a friend of mine!” (Roka)

It was awkward.

What was uncomfortable was the fact that Her Majesty was staring at me, even though she looked like she was silently listening.

Not good. Tension was rising. Calm down, me. I’m a demon king, demon king. It’s all right to behave properly, isn’t it.


“Ah, yes.”

“Aren’t you a nobleman?”

“No. You could say I’m just a commoner or plebeian …… Like a lot of people in this part of the world.”

“Fufufu! If there are so many like you, the Empire must be an interesting place.”

Her Majesty, whose expression had been austere up until now, smiled.

I wonder if it’s the way she laughed as it looks.

“Are you also a special student?”

“I am, for the moment.”

“I see. Then, come a little closer.”

“Your Majesty! what are you saying all of a sudden?”

“Shut up!”

Her Majesty, who was completely unconcerned by the scolding of the guardian Elf, invited me.

I obeyed honestly and stepped forward. I knelt down to a position where I was looking slightly up at Her Majesty in order to keep my eyes at the same level.

She gently put her hand on my cheek and slowly stroked it.

A murderous aura was felt from beside and behind me. Next to me is the guard. Behind me was from Shaula, I think. Especially from behind her came an atmosphere mixed with a terrible jealousy.

“Green hair is rare, isn’t it?”

“…… Is that so? I don’t know.”

“Although people with green hair are rare among the Elf, I have never seen anyone with such a vibrant and beautiful hue.”

Her Majesty gently brushed my hair.

How embarrassing, this. It was more like the way I often stroke the hair of my wives.

But I’ve been told before that green hair is rare. It was just a random decision after being played with by Lumiere and Rena.

“And it’s very slender. I don’t see how he’s any better at physical skills than the beastkin.”

“That guy and Roka only fought 1 time! I’ll definitely cut through the arteries in his neck if I’d fought him!”

“Don’t hold a grudge forever, Shaula. Theo is strong. You’ll be the one who gets killed if he gets serious.”

Ignoring the muttering Shaula and the admonishing Roka, Her Majesty continued to touch my body.

“Fufu, you’re really good looking.”


“Ah, no, nothing. …… So, that was a bit of a long introduction, so it’s almost time to get down to business. Are these the only three people who serve as my bodyguard?”

“No, there are two others on standby elsewhere. And one is a dragon.”

“Then I am relieved. Then, I’ll have to trouble you this time. Again, please take care.”

With that, Her Majesty gently removed her hand from my body.

“So, we will have a meeting with Principal Ludio in in the Supreme Commander’s Room of the Mildiana Military Academy.”

“I see.”

Roka, who had the command but threw a troublesome explanation at me early, leaned her back against the wall and yawned widely.

Her Majesty Queen Eynlana had to go to the scene as soon as this talk was over.

Because the city of Mildiana are so vast, it took two hours just to get to the military headquarters from the hotel near this barrier. It would have taken even longer if we took into account the crowds of people.

But nothing was said about what to do after the meeting. Or rather, I wasn’t told even if I asked.
I don’t think I could rely on it, but I think the principal had something in mind.
So we took the Queen with us and went to the principal’s side.

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