Sekai Saikyou no Maou desuga Daremo Toubatsushinikitekurenainode, Yuusha Ikusei Kikan ni Sennyuusuru koto ni Shimashita – Chapter 30

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Warmth after a long absence  

In the completely darkened dormitory room, I lay across the bed with my eyes closed.

At that moment there was a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

But instead of opening the door, the person who knocked slipped through and entered the room.

With that momentum, she dived into the bed.


“Lucifer-sama! Ah ~ …. the smell of demon king, this one never fails to fascinate me ~

“Re, Rena, calm down.”

“Long time no see, Lucifer-sama. I’m back. Are you going to have dinner? Or do you want to take a bath? Or, you want me? I’m here to calm down the excited Lucifer-sama!”

“Wait, you’re the one who’s excited…”

I immediately installed the Light Barrier into the room. This way, the sound prevention is no longer a problem.

Rena showed her posture as if she was relieved. The beautiful girl in the perfect maid dress looked down at me with red cheeks.

I hugged her for now.

“Welcome back. You’ve had a hard time. Was there any danger?”

“No. As the wife of a demon king, of course, I’ll do everything magnificently, no matter what the task is.”

“Well, that’s good. So, what happened? Did you find any clues?”

“…… That’s a bit of a long story.”

Rena was lying across the narrow bed next to me. She snuggled up happily after using her arm as a pillow.

Then I listened to the report she had brought.

“…… I see. There is such a thing at the High Magic Court.”

“Yes. In accordance with Lucifer-sama’s instructions, I just watched over …… but in my humble opinion, wouldn’t it be possible to destroy it all?”

“No, that won’t do. It would be a repeat of what happened 500 years ago. This time we have to unravel everything. A lot has happened to me too. Stay with me for a while.”

“Yes, of course! Please nibble my ears gently and indulgently.”

“Don’t use words that would make one feel strange at a time like this. Listen, I’m going to say it.”

I told her everything that had happened during Rena’s external investigation.

“That’s it.”

“…… Lucifer-sama. It’s hard to say, but it’s too dangerous. Please don’t do that.”

“I can’t do that. I’ve already made a deal with Ludio Lambert and the special students. I can’t leave them alone.”

“What will happen if you keep such a promise? If anything happens to you, I’ll…”

“Rena. Are you underestimating me?”

“I’m sorry, but Lucifer-sama is so weak right now. Really even with my strength I could beat you. Let’s stop being involved in such an incident and go back to Tenebrae, shall we?”

“That’s because you’re just too strong to be a normal human. I can’t lose in this body even with the whole team of special students.”

“But please allow me to make a really rude statement…. If you intend to continue to speak selfishly, I will r*pe Lucifer-sama right here, right now.”

“Wait a minute. What did you say all of a sudden?”

Rena suddenly leaked out a smug grin of triumph.

“I will attack you in this room continuously. The I will carry Lucifer-sama, who had succumbed and dried up, back to Tenebrae.”

“I am not so weak that you will force me into submission.”

“Was that really the case? I simply pictured in my mind how Lucifer would look as time went on, even if he was initially brave, he will become powerless and shed tears over time. Let’s just try it.”

“Are you going to say it’s revenge from 500 years ago?”

“Even though I am a maid, and even though this is extremely rude, I feel that this will be very pleasant. The current Lucifer-sama has less power, strength or energy …… and less s*xual desire than me.”

Kuh …… this woman. She thinks I’m weak now and is proud of herself.

It’s worse that the abduction of elves. I feel that the eyes are already full of that intention. The white light of her dark purple pupils flashed, and she was staring at me with eyes fluttering with desire.

At this rate, I will also abducted like the disappearance incidents of elves that occur one after another.

“…. It’s okay, Rena. I won’t push myself.”

“Is that really true?”

“Of course. Also, aren’t you curious about the whole story is?”

“I don’t care personally. I’m more curious about the look on Lucifer-sama’s face when he gives in than that. I’ve never seen such an expression before.”

“Don’t get too cocky, Rena. I will punish you accordingly if we return to Tenebrae.”

“Punishment? Okay, I’ll accept whatever the punishment is! Then, let’s go home, Lucifer-sama.”

Looks like she doesn’t want to give up.

“I won’t do that. Are you that insecure about yourself, Rena?”

“What do you mean?”

“You can’t even protect your husband from danger by accompanying him who has become weak. As a 500-year-old legendary Hero.”


“What a pity. I have no memory of marrying such a weak wife, do I?”

“That’s not the case! If danger approaches Lucifer-sama, I will protect you with all my might! May I, Lucifer-sama? I am the third wife of the strongest demon king! The third wife of the strongest demon king! I will cut it down and throw it away no matter what the danger is!”

“In that case, stay with me. Protect me well!”

“As you wish!”

Well, I was saved by her simple character. So, the plan for now on …….

“But what about the r*pe I’m going to do?”


“Fufu, relax. I’m just doing the same thing you did to me 500 years ago.”

“Wait, Rena.”

“How about a nice name, please? Darling~”

Rena was on top of me.

–On this day, I lost all kinds of dignity.

“…… What’s wrong, Theo. Are you okay?”

“What’s with that look? You look like a girl who was r*ped by thug.”

“No… there’s a reason for that.”

The next morning, I visited a large-scale physical arts practice interspersed with other classes.

The beastkin girls who were intent on killing me showed a blatant expression of regret.

Even if I wanted to win or lose, I couldn’t get my back and legs to straighten up seriously. …… It may take a little longer to recover.

“It’s a shame because I was hoping to have a fight with you. You need to get well, don’t you?”

“There’s no point beating up a man who seems half dead. Get some rest, you piece of shit.”

“Sorry ……”

“Mmm, I have indigestion! Hey, anyone, come and be my opponent! I want to beat someone!”

Roka shouted as she ran off, and the entire group gathered for the exercise scattered away with a wail.
Even the instructor, who was the referee, fled after adding Shaula there as well. How many people have been victims of them in the short period since enrollment?

But I can’t laugh at their lack of talent. The most pathetic one right now is undoubtedly myself.

Damnit, that b*stard Rena… she didn’t show the slightest mercy ……. I thought I was going to die, really.

That said, the information she brought was meaningful.

‘There is a possibility that Ensign Laticce Meldia is the mastermind.’

Even if I heard her name, I didn’t have a clue, but I remembered that she was the elf who had treated me with arrogance at the reception for the entrance exam.

However, I didn’t feel any strong magical power from her. It’s not impossible that she was disguising herself as I was, but a woman who had fainted twice and couldn’t move because of me could do something like that.

She moved underground through a special magic formation engraved in the High Magic Court. There are many elves imprisoned underground, and in the hall inside…

Now I know how the Final Droplet is made.
The content can only say that it is surprising to study such lawless things.

The strange green monster. The one that was said to have eaten the elves and shed red tears.

I’m afraid the monster that was enshrined on the magic formation was a 『magic creature』. It was called by that name because it was a creature that had been repeatedly researched and generated by the synthesis of plural creatures by the magical kingdom of Chiaro Diruna from a long time ago.

Although there was no direct war with that country, but I remember that the empire had put the magical creatures into battle against us demons. It was already a few centuries ago then. If I’m not mistaken more than 500 years ago?

This is indeed information that cannot be made public.

It’s not just because the elves were mass-murdered.
If it was known that “elves themselves” would be the material for an extremely powerful magical amplification, you can guess what bad things will happen. Then can be said that the judgment of the Imperial Army Vice Admiral at that time, who was said to have erased all the traces, was correct.

‘The Ensign seemed to have a plural collaborator. She covered her body with a hood and robes, and spoke in a voice that sounded like a mixture of a man and a woman. Then she was called by the name ‘Ghislain’ by the people around her.’

The voice is a mixture of a man and a woman. This is also consistent with the information I saw in the library.

Although it is the first time I heard the name Ghislain, it is very interesting.

Based on the events and circumstances, it was possible that the person behind the incident 500 years ago and the person named Ghislain were the same person this time.

… But, how could be he that weak elf? It was unbelievable.

‘Then I saw her entered military headquarters at right moment. I had no choice but to put her in a coma because she wanted to attack Liz-sama. I took a capricious action to help Lucifer-sama’s schoolmates, so please forgive me.’

It seems that Liz was doing research in the Ministry of Army’s archive room.

It is said that that sort of thing happened when she was asking Lattice about the missing elf called Ensign Miriam.

I’m very curious about Miriam’s strange words and deeds that Lattice said. Is that really Miriam’s statement? Or was it just the random thoughts of Lattice who was behind the incident.

Either way Lattice is an important reference person. Liz seemed to be summoned by a person from military to explain various things, so the matter was also conveyed to Principal Ludio.

If Lattice is mastermind, the disappearance of the elves will not continue to happen, and the High Magic Court will be officially investigated afterwards.

…… But it feels like things are going too well.

‘Just as far as I witnessed, Ensign Lattice’s spirit seemed like it had completely broken down. Her words and actions were unnatural and she was repeatedly self-harming … It was strange from the way she looked when she was underground.’

What if Lattice wasn’t a mastermind?

Her behavior is unnatural even if she was manipulated by someone.

Even a low level magician would have the possibility of having her mind destroyed if he used an unfamiliar brainwashing technique.

Although it would have been better to go and take a look in person, but I’m reluctant to take any more noticeable action. No matter who the opponent was, the existence of Rena, the source of the information, must not be known.

And at this point, the ensign possibly was under house arrest. I might not even be able to talk to her. If there was anything important to say, Principal should have called me, so there’s nothing I can do at the moment.

By the way it is possible to break into the High Court and destroy the entire facility.

If it was Rena, it would be easy to do so, even if I alone can do it with a little effort.

If there was someone other than Ghislain who had something to do with the incident, the need to do that would come up, too.

But I can’t do it now. In the worst case, the person behind the incident must be killed if we can’t caught him. We must not let them get away with it.

Principal Ludio had said that the mastermind would definitely act in order to get the queen of elves. I’m sure he was right.

In any case, the approximate operations for the worst-case scenario have been prepared. All that was left to do was to wait for the Queen’s visit.

Suddenly I looked up at the sky.

The sky was cloudless and beautiful.
Are the White Wings really going to fly over this land this time?

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