Sekai Saikyou no Maou desuga Daremo Toubatsushinikitekurenainode, Yuusha Ikusei Kikan ni Sennyuusuru koto ni Shimashita – Chapter 27

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Mira Part 2

I turned a page in the dimly lit room of the Great Library.

“An army the size of the Elven Brigade had forcibly broken through the southern territory’s pass and headed directly to the eastern territory. The commander was Major General Ferusian Sagram.

In front of the Eastern Territory, the brigade was divided into 1,500 men each, with one unit marching towards the Eastern Territory, and another unit moving away from the capital as if encircling the Eastern Territory, while gathering information from the residents of neighboring villages and towns.

Major General Sagram was very cautious in character and was in daily contact with the other force. Exchanging information in detail, the Major General finally entered the Balzac territory and dispatched liaison soldier when Mira Balzac’s mansion was in sight.

At this point in time, Major General Saghram thought that Mira Balzac was someone who was very close to the truth.

With the return of the liaison officer, after confirming their safety, Major General Sagram is believed to have surrounded Mira Balzac’s mansion, and it is believed that Major General was the first to break into the house.”

Believed? Why is there a form of opinion here?

“It was not long after that that the communication from Major General Ferusian Sagram was lost. When the liaison soldier sent from the Major General’s army entered the Balzac territory again with the information conveyed by another army, all 1500 elves, including Major General Ferusian Sagram himself, suddenly disappeared.”

“It was said that there was no sign of fighting there, and that the weapons and wagons of the army men, and the things carrying food and money remained intact, but only the elves disappeared.

(Special Note: After the incident, the High Magic Court in the Northern Territory of the Empire reported the possibility that a “forbidden art” equivalent to the 6th ladder or higher was used in the vicinity of Balzac Territory in the early morning of the same day. It is necessary to investigate.)”

Forbidden Art. It is an astonishing technique that has a power that exceeds that of magic.

Magic exists only up to the thirteenth level, and anything beyond that is clearly differentiated as forbidden arts. The name for the level of power and difficulty also changes from “rank” to “ladder”.

I heard from Rena that the High Magic Academy in the empire has magic wand that boast of special perception abilities that can detect immediately when something equivalent to this forbidden art is used.

“Major General Sagram is a strong man known for his bravery. It seems that he is also the user of an extremely aggressive technique that is equivalent to the forbidden arts. The elf’s characteristics make it difficult to use ordinary offensive spell, so his strength is incredibly high.

In response to the fact that the Major General disappeared without any resistance, including his subordinates, the commander of another unit, in a state of confusion, went to the capital and requested the Emperor to send troops.

The news of the breakthrough at the Southern Pass had also reached His Majesty’s ears. However, fearing the possibility of an all-out war between the two countries if he continued to provoke Tsefte Aria, the Emperor urgently conducted a joint investigation under the condition of dispatching Imperial troops. A total of 4,500 men, consisting of 4,500 elves and humans, were dispatched from the Imperial Army to the Balzac region, with a total of 3,000 brigades. The commander of the Imperial Army was Lieutenant General Gustav Ritter, who boasted the alias of the strongest magician of that time.

However, as they were about to invade the territory of Balzac, missing persons appeared one after another from the army of the elves. As the elves disappeared one by one, people who came here finally witnessed the disappearance of elves by their own eyes.

If we sum up the words of the multiple witnesses of the Imperial Army, we can say that they were exchanging information during the break, and the elves disappeared in the blink of an eye. In addition, it is unbelievable that the elves, who were said to have been walking in front of them, disappeared from view without any warning.

What is unbelievable is that all of these phenomena are said to have occurred in various places on the same day and at the same time.

(Special note: After the incident was over, there were reports from the aforementioned High Magic Court that there were signs of forbidden magic being activated in the vicinity of Balzac’s territory on the same day and at the same time. (Need to investigate))

The person next to their disappeared instantly? It might due to the forced transfer technique.

I don’t know the size of Balzac’s territory, but there is a possibility that the forced transfer was performed over a wide area.

The transfer technique is very difficult. If you use it on yourself alone, you will release magic power equivalent to the level of a forbidden art, so there is a risk that someone sensitive to magic power will notice it even from a distance.

Rena is also a user of the transfer technique, but it is forbidden to use it in the empire except in emergencies. By the way, I am afraid that I can’t even transfer my own self.

It’s a technique for a wide area. And it don’t involve humans in it, but only elves can transferred it. Although it is probably unbelievable, it is possible that the guest from the Magic Kingdom had something to do with it.

It is a technique that would be very difficult to use even for the Demon King like me, so there is a high possibility that it is a monster-like magic power holder who is out of common sense.

“As a result, it is said that there is no one left of the elves. Only a brigade of 3,000 human, made up of the Imperial Army, had infiltrated Mira Balzac’s territory. Lieutenant General Ritter decided that it was necessary to solve the problem as soon as possible, he went to Balzac’s mansion, despite knowing the danger. It is said that there were only a few servants and young, a lovely-looking girl of about 7 or 8 years old in the mansion. However, when confronted by Lieutenant General Ritter, the young girl, she said in a very sophisticated voice.”

“I am Mira Balzac. What’s wrong with elves? There aren’t enough of them. Let’s prepare some more.”

Although it was an unbelievable sight, Lieutenant General Ritter, who had more or less interacted with the young Mira Balzac, concluded from her appearance, the content of her speech, and the fact that at first glance she looked rational and yet insane, that she was Mira Balzac herself. She and the entire staff of servants were immediately restrained. After the restraint, Mira also showed the same obsession with the elves, and kept shouting, “What’s happened with Final Droplet!!?” and “Isn’t it delivered yet?”

If we consider the imperial calendar, Mira’s age would have been 50 years. But she is still a young girl. If we consider the condition of the first time she drank Final Droplet, even if it was a rejuvenation, it would be around 20 years old at best. Could it be that she drank so many times that she finally became very young?

But I felt a strong sense of discontentment with the situation and the content of the speech. It is a very important thing to have a good understanding of the contents of this book.

“It was extremely difficult to hear the situation from Mira Balzac herself, who was only talking about words that did not make sense even after many questions and interrogations. However, as mentioned above, the servants understood their situation and calmly brought the information they had to the military.

The disappearance of the eves seemed to be the work of bandits and mercenaries hired by Mira. The successive disappearances of the elven army were all due to some kind of strange magic. Where were the missing elves?

After receiving much much desired information, the Imperial Army immediately began an investigation.
However, Lt. General Gustav Ritter was later bound by a deep sense of remorse for having done something very wrong at this point in time.

It was only because the actions of the Imperial Army were the main reason for the worst catastrophe for the Empire and the Kingdom of Tsefte Aria, which is written later as “The Great Monster Occurrence.”

The record of the light investigation was in good condition.

While the Imperial Army thoroughly investigated the Balzac territory, a summons was sent to the Kingdom of Tsefte Aria.

Then the troops led by Lieutenant General Ritter arrived at the ancient city at the eastern end of Balzac Territory. The ancient city was built during the founding of the Elberia Empire, but now it was in ruins.

It seems that the missing elves are on this land. It was said that although it was indeed a vast land, it was not a place where 3,000 elves could be imprisoned.

After a half-hearted and thorough investigation of the old, deserted city, he found a hidden staircase that led underground.

In front of the long staircase was a hall. A chandelier was said to hang from the ceiling, and on the innermost wall were large paintings of women generally believed to be angels.

The hall was filled with a pungent, fierce stench. It is said that everywhere on the floor there were complex magic arrays depicted, as if some kind of magic spell was being performed, but even Lieutenant General Ritter, who was regarded as a rare and great magician, could not figure out what the magic arrays were depicted for.

It was said that there were “green lumps of flesh” of unknown origin scattered around the magic circle. “It was an unpleasant thing to look at, as if a large amount of bile had been piled up,” said Lieutenant General Ritter.

From the lumps of flesh, something like huge teeth and something like broken bones protruded, but the details were unknown.

Then to the left and right of the hall there were multiple cells, from which a number of decomposed or ossified remains were found. According to the report, it was highly probable that it was a elves from the physical characteristics.

However, in spite of searching all the cells, there were still less than 3,000 elves. What had happened in this place at that point in time is impossible to speculate.]

A magic circle of unknown use. A creepy pile of flesh on a magic array. Elves in a prison cell. Considering the information that I have gathered so far, it is highly probable that the Final Droplet was created here.

It has been proven that nothing will happen just by killing a large number of elves, so I am afraid that it was a ritual.

The information was sent to the kingdom of Tsefte Aria by an imperial decree. Then, as it turned out, the Kingdom of Tsefte Aria demanded the immediate transportation of Mira Balzac herself to Tsefte Aria.

If this demand was not met, the use of force was inevitable. It seemed that the Tsehte-Aria kingdom had already made preparations for war.

However, it was quite some time before this information reached the Emperor’s ears.

If you want to say why, it is because at the same time a series of events began with the brutal murder of Mira Balzac, who was imprisoned somewhere in the empire. ■■■■-

The pages of the book ….. were forcibly torn.

The book wasn’t that thick because it was a simple record, but the rest of the pages were torn, and it was in a state where it was impossible to even read them.

From this point onward, was there a description that could no longer be revealed to military officers?

After that, I checked if there were any hidden codes, but I couldn’t find any unnatural points.

There should be a degree of reservation.

What was the remorse of Lieutenant General Gustave Ritter? The ritualistic act that was performed in the ancient city that was reduced to rubble was. And then the Monster was-.

I had no choice but to put the book back on the shelf, and after leaving the library in a hurry, I decided to return to Principal Ludio.

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