Prologue – The fourth son of a noble household, took over the family

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The fourth son of the Baron Kano House, Hermes Kano.

He was trash and stain of nobility.

That’s how I live with that nickname even today. I was in the midst of relaxing and sunbathing in the sunlight in a certain garden.

As the fourth son who does not have the right as successor to the family, I was given a remote house located in the border of the town.

Despite the inconvenience due to its size, this is the only place I can stay.

In the sunlight I flipped through the pages of the porn magazine I just ordered.

“Hoho… That is…”

In pornographic magazine made using the latest projection magic, the sisters (Nee-chan) compete to show their s*xy poses.


“Umu your ass!”

The back of my head was suddenly hit.

I held my head then turned back, only to discover a woman who was wearing dress, was standing there.

She looked like a lady, but her actual age is a little older than me.

Because she’s not 20 years old yet, there is still a girl’s features on her face.

Sora Kano.

As you can see from her name, she is …

“What are you doing, sis?”

“Don’t ask! So you see this stuff again?”

“Okay okay, I won’t do it again. Besides the ero magic projection book is useless. This doesn’t seem to have been updated. Look, touch around this face … “


Just when I opened the porn magazine and showed it to my sister, she hit my wrist and the book fell to the ground.

“That’s not the problem. What I mean is you, Hermes, be more serious. “

“Be more serious?”

“Yes, that is. A boy like you can do it if you try, right? Instead of wasting your life in a place like this. “

“Sorry. But I’m always serious, you know.”


“By the way, sis, look at this.”

I took something out of my pocket and handed it to my sister.

She accepted it and looked at it seriously.

“What is this?”

“It’s an aphrodisiac, used for couples, because it has the effect of half a day per item, so I’ll give you a dozen as a gift for your wedding … “

“I don’t need that!”

With a devily expression on her face, my sister threw away the aphrodisiac that I gave to her. It really did’nt match the dress she wore.

“Oh… It’s threw out.”

“Don’t just make stuffs like this, act like a nobility….”

“Aaa ~, that’s the newest product I ordered from the town.”

“So you even didn’t make it!?”

My sister puffed her cheeks.

“So sis, this is called slapstick right?.”

“Who does that!!”

My sister’s patience has reached its limit

Her anger instantly shrank like a paper bag with many holes.

“Mou, I’m begging you Hermes. I know, you’re a smart kid. So I hope you for the sake of this Kano family … “

My sister tried to say something but …

“So you came to a place like this?”

I heard a man’s voice and immediately saw him.

He was a tall, slim middle-aged man with a thin mustache.

Mimis Collas.

He is the leader of the Vassal Group who support the Kano House.

He was looking at my sister, not me.

“Mimis what’s wrong?”

“The Master is calling you.”

“Brother huh? I see, take me there.”


Go away of here, Shoo-shoo, so no one ever bothered me anymore ….. or so that was I thought.

“I hope you reconsider what I say, Hermes. “

“Okay okay.”

Hearing a half-hearted answer from me, my sister frowned before walking away.

It has become a habit.

How many times my sister kept coming back to my place and making jokes.

But as usual, I can deal with it normally.

While my sister was gone, Mimis, who was supposed to be his escort, remained stationary.

“Why don’t you go after my sister? “

“Sir Hermes.”

Mimis’ voice was sharp, nothing more than a pricking thorn.

Although he still inserted Sir when calling me, the expression he displayed was inversely proportional as if he was looking down on me.

“I want you to refrain a little more from begging for money as you want from the Master.”

“This is a conversation that doesn’t make sense. What’s wrong with a litlle brother asking for an allowance from his older brother? You don’t have the right to judge if what I’m doing is wrong. “

“That is not true. Master is an indispensable person for the Kanon House, and most importantly, our House is currently undergoing an important phase. So I want you not to.”

“Okay then, but you have to give me something. “

“Just say what you want.”

“Oh really? Okay, give me 100 silver coins then. If you’re a man, you should have heard this, right? Rumors about a beautiful prostitute from the town, I want to have fun with her once. “

“..I’ll give it to you later.”

“Oo, huurayy!”

I boldly put on a victory pose.

Mimis’ views are getting lower.


Mimis display is getting lower.

“You spoiled brat.”

He threw away coarse language with a voice I could hear before chasing my sister and leaving.

I was left alone here.

I was the only one left in the house built in the suburbs to accommodate the fourth son.


I laughed mockingly after the two left.

Being part as the 4th son, I know that.

That’s why..

“Become more serious? f*ck it all! Who would want to do that? “

I will be the one supposed to be.

With that in mind, I reflect back on the funds that Mimis will send today and that prostitute, who are famous for her beauty.

The fourth son of a noblehouse decided to continue to live selfish days without responsibility.

And the end of such days had come to an end before he realized it.

“…Please say that one more time, sis. “

“You will be the successor to the Kano Family. That’s how I say it.”

The next day, my sister, who came as usual, suddenly said something like that.

We both face each other in the same garden as we did yesterday.

I was sitting in a lounge chair while basking in the sun like I usually do, while my sister stood in the same fashion as usual.

The shape of the dress is the same, but her appearance is also perfect.

I saw my sisters appearance while sitting.

“Is this some kind of joke?”

“It’s not.”

“Obviously this is a joke, I’m the fourth son. There’s no way I can take over as the successor to the Kano family. ”

「The elder brother Miros, the elder brother Melos, the elder brother Koros!”

First son, second son, and third son.

My sister mentioned the names of three men born before me.

“Their deaths were confirmed last night. “



I fell from my chair and stood up.

“Died? Three of them at once?

“That’s right.”

“How did it happen?”

“There was a party hosted by His Majesty last night. The three of them are there. “

“I didn’t know there is such a party. “

“Then, a meteorite falls.”

“…What kind of joke is this again? “

If there was a mirror here, I might be able to see how stupid this facial expression I had been putting on.

Such a thing is a very absurd story.

“Yeah. This might trigger a war. “

“…The culprit is someone from another country?”

For some reason, my sister smiled back at me.


“See, as I said. I always thought that you could do it.”

“Sorry for disappointing you, sis”

“You are actually smart. Incidentally, it is still too early to give up. “

I took a deep breath.

Luckily, there’s only my sister here.

Even if I react like a fool, it’s been a long time since my sister came to me for something unnecessary, and other people will not believe in the development of this story.

That’s why there were no problems – so I talked seriously with my sister.

“So that means, because the three older sons are gone, you came here to tell me that I should take over the leadership of the family, right? ”

“Yes, that is so.

“Unfortunately, there is still blood from the Kano family that is more appropriate. The daughter of the legitimate wife, it is you, sister.”

“If that is the case, the problem was resolved.”

“….If you become a monk, you can get your hair shaved you know. “

I knew it, my sister really likes her long, and shiny hair.

In a situation where she becomes a monk that makes losing her rights to become the successor, there’s no way my sister would do that.

The right to inherit the family will also be revoked if she becomes a monk, so there’s no way my sister would do that.


My sister took out an envelope while smiling.

What I received was something sealed from the royal family.

Looking at my sister, I was asked to take off the seal and look inside.

As requested, I opened the seal, took the document in it, and read it.

I was surprised.


“I have reported this to the royal family. I will be your adopted daughter, Hermes.”

“You will be adopted by me, you say? “

“Now it automatically you are more entitled to be the heir, Hermes.”

“…Don’t do it, sis. “

Or rather, if it’s done I feel a bit …

Get permission directly, as expected of my sister.

I usually never think of things like that.

However, I think because the contents of his request were, in short “I want a boy to take over the house,” so that the royal family’s permission would be granted easily.

I sighed again.

My sister has an unusual, serious expression.

“I’m serious, Hermes. “


Again, I sighed.

It seems the escape route has been completely closed, if I refuse carelessly, it will be troublesome here.

“Alright, I will take over the House “

I’m not serious about that.

I want to say that, but I decided not to say it now.

1. Vassal group
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