Madan no Ou to Seisen no Carnwenhan – Prolog

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Tigrevurmud Vorn and Limalisha, met a year ago. He was fifteen at the time, and she was eighteen. As she was an emissary sent from a neighboring country, his father, Urs, held her in high esteem.Therefore, it was natural for Tigre to be extremely nervous when he first faced her, even worrying if his voice was trembling at the greeting.

However, to Tigre’s surprise, Limalisha, who looked expressionless at first glance, seemed to be very happy after hearing his greeting. For some reason, Tigre just could feel her joy. Having understood this, Tigre became brave and plucked up the courage to say something that he normally would never have said.

“May I show you my bow skills?”

This one sentence is exactly the starting point between the two.

It is the first step in a new story.

There is only the future in sight.

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