Madan no Ou to Seisen no Carnwenhan – Chapter 3 (part 7)

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On the following day, Tigre and Lim marched with 450 troops to the northeast to the territory of Count Dongen. The rest of the fortress affairs were left to Guinevere to handle.

There were only about fifty people left to guard Guinevere at the Bracala Fortress, mainly young people who were still too young as well as old people. Since the Bracala Fortress could only accommodate fifty people, any more would get in the way.

Moreover, they currently didn’t have any extra troops to stay behind.

“The number of troops remaining in Count Dongen’s territory should be around 300. However, even 450 men is still a little insufficient to deal with 300 troops who are on the defensive.

Rineet worriedly put forward her thoughts.

“I’ve already asked my family for help. If we wait a month, we’ll definitely send a thousand men. If you give me another six months, I’ll be able to consolidate all the vassals around you.”

That was what she said. Guinevere relieved to have the Duke’s family’s full support, but they can’t wait that long this time.

“Lady Rineet, I ask you to read the documents later, and then you will understand that our logistics will not last that long. The mountain roads leading from the nearby villages to this Bracala fortress are all narrow, making it difficult to transport large amounts of food at once. Even with an extra thousand men, we can’t afford to feed them. Although the army in Count Dongen’s territory is weak, the farmland is fertile and accessible in all directions. If we don’t take this land quickly, our army will soon be sitting empty.”

Lim was absolutely right. Even if the lords really were called by Guinevere’s uprising and sent tens of thousands of troops over, there was nothing they could do. Not only is there not enough food in this place, but there’s not even a stronghold for the army to meet, a road to march on, or land for the army to camp on.

Unless the stronghold was moved from the mountains to the plains, the army could not move at all. That’s how inconvenient the Penaine Mountain Range is.

“If all goes well, we should be able to return good news in five days. ”

After saying that, Tigre and the others set off.

As expected, all of Count Dongen’s troops had retreated to the central city of Dongen.

The city had a population of over 3,000 people and was surrounded by steep cliff walls in the north, a swiftly flowing river in the east, and stone walls in the west and south, making it a strong fortress city.

Up until a few decades ago, it had been in frequent dispute with the lords of the south, and thus such a metropolis was built, which at that time could be considered a symbol of the military power of the Count of Dongen’s lordship.

The enemy’s army had suffered considerable losses in the previous battles, and even if they had recruited ordinary people from the city, they would only have 400 soldiers at most. However, . . . . . .

“I really don’t want to go head-to-head with them.”

Tigre was observing the town from a hill some distance to the west of the town while muttering thus.

“Lim, why don’t we go around to the east side where there are no walls and attack from the river, okay?”

“We don’t have a boat. The river is too deep for us to cross on foot.”

“What if we wait for them to run out of ammunition?”

Limalisha shook her head slowly and said.

“No matter how bad the other side is, if we delay long enough, we can still get out. The imposter Artorius faction may send troops from the capital to support them at any moment. ”

Time is on the opponent’s side. Before the enemy’s reinforcements arrive, they must crush the soldiers who are holding on to the town.

However, they are currently at a disadvantage in terms of numbers and terrain, so unless they have a strategy, they cannot succeed.

“According to the information provided by the nearby settlements, the leader of the army is the third son of Count Dongen, the count’s only remaining fruitful son. However, this man is only eleven years old, so the one actually commanding the battle should be the count’s trusted retainer. ”

The warning to surrender was rebuffed. Since the Count was killed by Tigre, they planned to fight to the end. A hated opponent is especially troublesome.

“How about the power of that bow? ”

Reminded by Lim, Tigre gazed at the black bow in his hand.

The bow was powerful enough to blast down the flying dragon with a single arrow. The arrow fired at the flying archer changed even the terrain. It was also capable of knocking down poisonous dragons with a single arrow. By exerting the power of the black bow, it might be able to cut a hole through a solid stone wall. But . . . . . .

“Can’t do it.”

Tigre shook his head.

“Do you really feel hesitant about using such power to humans? Elaine said the same thing.”

Lim scanned down at the pair of short swords tucked at her waist.

But she had misunderstood Tigre. He pointed it out.

“I don’t know how your artifacts and dragon tools are doing, but the bow is in a very cloudy mood. It hasn’t shown any reaction at all since it defeated the poisonous dragon. I can’t feel any power gushing out at all.”

Since that time, Tigre had tried to draw out that power several times. He also tried staining his own blood on the bow or using Guinevere’s staff to get a closer look.

However, the black bow seemed to be in a deep sleep and remained silent, as if saying “it’s not yet time”.

The bond that Tigre had established with the Black Bow had completely disappeared, almost making him suspect that the bond was just an illusion and that it might not have happened at all.

“I see. In that case. . .”

To find a way out, Lim began to think deeply. Tigre stared directly at her.

Tigre thought that her cheeks seemed to have thinned a bit, and there were deep dark circles under her eyes. Although Rineet had joined and shared the work, Lim was still the key to the organization, an important talent linking the top and bottom of the organization.

Limalisha had single-handedly taken care of the command and affairs of the expeditionary army, and from a certain point of view could be said to be the most important person in the entire army, the heavy workload and pressure could be imagined. Currently, it was because she was the only one who could do all these things, and because of the supply factor, she couldn’t let the army stop action and take a break first.

At that moment, one of the soldiers came to salute Lim and started talking. Lim began to give detailed instructions regarding the soldier’s rest. Tigre decided to keep Lim busy and went down the hill first.

Then went into the nearby woods.

After confirming that there was no one around, he began to speak to the black bow.

“Answer me. What exactly do I have to do for you to listen to me? I don’t know anything but archery. Even though I was vaulted as a dragon slayer, I let our soldiers die because of me in the last battle.”

When he said that, Tigre remembered the smile of the martyred soldier again. He bit his lips tightly.

“Lord Tigrevurmud, so you are here.”

There was a call from behind, and Tigre turned around in a hurry.

Lim was standing behind him, a few paces away from him. If it was usual, Tigre could detect someone approaching through his breath. Now that he was unprotectedly showing his weakness in the enemy’s territory, he realized how disoriented he was.

“Lord Tigrevurmud.”

When she saw Tigre’s expression as he turned his head, he wondered how Lim was reading his emotions. She approached him, her expression as usual devoid of emotion. Then, reaching her hands to the back of Tigre’s head to encircle him, she embraced him in her arms.

The scent of female skin filled his nose as his face plunged into the fullness of her breasts. The elastic warmth of her touch overwhelmed him.

“You must calm down. I’ve seen many men die on the battlefield. Among them, the ones with that look on their face on the battlefield have all died. You can’t have such an expression . . . . . . Lord Tigrevurmud. Absolutely, you cannot.”

Lim’s tone was flat, but it revealed strong emotions that reached deep into Tigre’s heart.

He also perceived another point, the most important thing.

Lim’s arm that held his head was trembling slightly.

“You can’t go to war tomorrow with such feelings. Otherwise, you’ll die. So . . . . . . ”

Lim let go of her arm.

Tigre lifted her face from her chest, though with some reluctance. They faced each other. Lim’s face still looked just as emotionless, but her cheeks seemed a little flushed.

Tigre gazed at her intently. Then Lim pursed her lips accusingly.

“What are you staring at?”

“Uh, no, no. That . . . . . . thank you.”

The unpleasant dull feeling that had been coiled in her chest had disappeared as Tigre said her heartfelt thanks intact.

She was right. If you go into battle with that kind of mood, you’ll only end up dead. Lim first averted her eyes and shook her head as if to shake off the confusion. Then, looking directly into Tigre’s eyes again.

She turned her face slightly sideways.

“Are you, like, done already?”

“Well, thanks to you, Lim. I guess I must not have been ready for this.”

Lim raised one side of her eyebrows.

She looked like she was saying, “What’s that?”

“Of course I know that. That’s why I told you to count on me.”

“That’s right, it’s true. But, I can’t use the power of this bow to my advantage, the next battle can only be. . . . . . ”

Lim exhaled through her nose and said.

“I am Elaine’s adjutant. Elaine rejects the use of the true power of the Dragon’s gear against humans, saying that it should not be used against them. If that’s the case with you, then I’ll use that as a premise for a battle – let’s talk a little.”

Lim returned to the troops with Tigre’s hand.

After instructing her subordinates on the most basic and necessary tasks, she said that she would go out with Tigre to scout out the area, and after handing over the most basic and necessary tasks, she sent someone to prepare two horses.

Tigre and Lim rode out of the campground. The horses ran at a fast trot along the woods.

The two horses advanced side by side.

“This way you don’t have to worry about being overheard by anyone. Tell me in your own words what you’re up to.”

“How can we do such a thing . . . . . . Is this really okay?”

“It’s okay, and it’s a break time anyway. I used to sneak off like this all the time.”

“With Eleonora-sama. . . . . . . . . , right?”

Lim nodded.

She stared ahead and Tigre turned to look at the side of her face. Those pale blue eyes stared straight ahead into the distance.

The hills appeared ahead. The two let their horses pick up their pace.

“I feel like I’m very useless.”

In a flat tone, Tigre poured out the feelings that had been constantly pondering left and right in his mind earlier.

Lim didn’t interrupt and listened quietly as he continued to speak. For Tigre, it was easier to confide in him this way instead.

After the confession, Tigre felt his vision, which had been like a haze of mist, clear up. He stopped his horse. Lim stopped her horse after a few paces as well and turned her head to face him.

“This is true for anyone after their first time in battle. Though rightly so you’re not the first, but the first time you’ve been faced with a situation where someone died because of your own responsibility. At times like this, you must wonder if your current sspirit is worthless. Feeling that you’re ordinary, half-toned, that no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to get anywhere, and that you’ll only be pulling other people’s leg.”

Lim’s tone was filled with genuine emotion.

Only then did Tigre realize that she was talking about the troubles she had experienced. He also understood the exact identity of the person she was referring to.

Eleonora Viltaria. The War Princess of Leitmeritz. To her, Lim has been harboring a self-sighing inferiority complex, but still chooses to continue following. She is pouring out her emotions.

“I always thought that it was enough for me to keep it that way. I don’t have the power to stand before the crowd and shine. All I can do is follow the leader of the multitude and support her in her glory. As such, I don’t think I have any extra time to be lost. ”

Lim narrowed her eyes and smiled.

“It’s all your fault.”

“Me. . . . . . ?

“Tigrevurmud Vorn, a young man I met two years ago on my travels. After that, you really did study hard and kept your promise with me. You’re definitely not someone who has no talent except for archery. Your relentless hard work is immediately evident. ”

“Ah,” Tigre cried out.

That was the girl thought about Tigre – the traveler who had talked to him at the hotel in Alsace several years ago.

In that moment, he’d thought through many things. Including the incredible feeling that had come over him at the sight of her when she had visited a year ago as an emissary from Leitmeritz, causing him to stare at her and eventually be chastised. And the reason he had been advised to study at Leitmeritz. And the reason for accepting him then with surprisingly good treatment.

“I see, so you went to Alsace then for reconnaissance.”

“I reported to Elaine at the time that it was the countryside, but it was a good, simple place. And that the Vorn’s only son, though a bit thoughtless, is a talent to be reckoned with in the future.

“I wish you had talked to me more about it then.”

Tigre said despondently. Lim replied, “Yes,” bluntly.

“It turns out I was wrong in my assessment. You’re definitely not a thoughtful person. No, I may not have been at the time, but you were constantly refining yourself. Now that Tigrevurmud Vorn is able to stand alone, he is certainly qualified to shine as a hero.”

Somehow, Tigre just understood that it wasn’t just empty words meant to restore his confidence. She spoke with power and conviction.

“Hero . . . . . . ? Me?”

“It’s a lot of pressure to carry an army in this situation. A normal person would have been overwhelmed.

“It’s true that I can’t take it anymore.

Tigre said with a bitter smile.

Until just now, he had been that way. But. . . he shook his head no. He understood what Lim was trying to say, and what he needed now.

“I won’t be confused anymore. In the end, you’ll just have to struggle, right?”


“Also . . . . . . Lim, I have something to say to you as well. In my mind, you’re a hero, too. It was the same a while ago. The figure of you fighting alongside Eleonora who was a warrior queen was very dazzling.”

Lim stared.

At the same time, she couldn’t help but grip the reins even harder, her horse thus shifted sensitively. She almost fell off the horse with an “ah” and her weight was unsteady. Tigre rushed over on his horse and hugged Lim’s body.

“Uh, thank you.”


Lim’s face was right in front of his eyes.

In contrast to earlier, this time Tigre’s arm was wrapped around Lim’s waist. Tigre noticed that he was blushing. Lim’s cheeks were also vermillion.

Both of them were on their respective horses and couldn’t stay in this position forever. Tigre found the right moment to lift Lim’s body and let her down to the ground. Tigre then followed suit and dismounted.

“Just now, I faltered. ”

Lim pursed her lips.

“It’s your fault for saying strange things.”

“I don’t think there’s anything strange about what I said.

Tigre expressed his opinion bluntly, only to be met with a narrow-eyed glare from Lim in return.

“You’re really . . . . . . !”

Why are you angry with me? Tigre was so puzzled. Finally, Lim, ashamed of her words and actions, collected her anger and sighed deeply.

She shook her head and turned to Tigre again, meeting him at eye level.

“Anyway, it’s good that you’re pulling your spirit together. Get back to the business at hand.”

“Yeah. We need to find a way to take this town.”

Let’s think positive.

Tigre turned to face the direction where Dongen was. Their current location was some distance away from the campground and was blocked by a hill, so Dongen couldn’t be seen from here. Then he suddenly tilted his head and tapped his palm at the same time.

“Have you thought of a way out?”

“There’s something I’d like to try. ”

Tigre turned back to his trusty lieutenant.

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