Madan no Ou to Seisen no Carnwenhan – Chapter 3 (part 6)

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The families of the soldiers killed in the line of duty followed Guinevere to the fortress, and the crowd held a funeral there. There were three dead, all of them young.

The people of this region believed not in the Knights of the Round Table, but in the native faith. The people prayed to the gods to give peace to the souls of the deceased and to bury them. The next event that was held was – the banquet. The people took out the remaining supplies in the fortress, opened the barrels of wine, and had a great time. As this was Guinevere’s instruction, she decided that it was important to raise the morale of the people at this time, and held a banquet outside the fortress.

Tigre, away from the noise, watched the people reveling, thinking to himself that even in different lands and in different languages, there was not much difference between the people.

Lim came to him.

“Your face is stony. The battle ended in a great victory, and as a commander, you should be happy. ”

“But three people died. They died because of the battle I set up. ”

“As long as there is war, people will die. If necessary, we may also have to set up a battle in which more people in our side die. You’ll inherit the lord’s position, so you should learn how to kill efficiently . . . . . . I haven’t taught you that yet. How does it feel to be commanding a battle for the first time? ”

While Tigre had participated in many skirmishes with Lim before, this was the first time he had participated in a real battle. In the past, he had all just had to look out for himself, but this was different.

It was clearly several days ago, but Tigre still remembered it clearly now. After the battle was over, he spotted the villager he had talked to a few times from among their soldiers who had fallen to the ground. This man was a bit older than Tigre, but he always called Tigre a dragon slayer and admired him quite a bit.

“You don’t need to forget the pain in your chest.”

Tigre didn’t say a word, and Lim said so, patting Tigre’s shoulder.

“If it hurts, just count on me, don’t be shy. You’re not alone, remember that.”

Tigre understood that she was saying this out of the kindness of her heart. So he nodded in response.

If he could, he would like some time to calm down and think.

But the situation was that every second counted, and every day’s time is very valuable.

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