Madan no Ou to Seisen no Carnwenhan – Chapter 3 (part 4)

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Percival came down to the beach.

He saw a woman, staring with interest at the ash remnants left over from the burning of Tolbaran’s body. He stepped out slowly and approached her, raising his hand gently to her. The woman raised her hand to him in an easy greeting as well.

“You are Sasha, aren’t you,” Percival said.

The woman nodded.

Her dark hair, so shiny that it was still visible in the darkness, was flowing in the wind. The woman put both short swords into their sheaths and sighed. Tolbaran’s body was fading, crumbling and dissipating into clods of dirt.

“Demons aren’t so good.”

“That’s too much to say. I was the one who managed to push it to the brink, so you could get it easily.”

“I apologize. I was careless in what I said, and I’m sorry that you were insulted. ”

“It’s okay. As long as you don’t underestimate the demon and underestimate it in the next battle.”

Percival shrugged his shoulders.

“But if it’s you, I don’t think I need to worry about it.”

“I’ve never fought a demon before.”

The woman who was called Sasha raised her head and looked up at the starry sky. It was as if she was gazing at something on the other side of the starry sky.

“I’ve heard about a demon. It was told to me by the same person who is a war princess.”

Percival was about to say something, but then changed his mind and decided to change the subject.

“By the way, Sasha, why are you here?

“Ah, yes.”

Sasha clapped her hands together.

“The King asked me to deliver a message. Actually, I didn’t have to come this far, but my body gets slow if I’m inactive all the time. But I also know that everyone is concerned about me.”

As soon as he heard “King”, Percival straightened up.

Sasha saw this and said with a gentle smile in the darkness.

“That king is so beloved. As expected of the ancestor of Asvarre. I’m sure the founder of Zchted so respected him back then.”

“Let’s get down to business.”

“There’s a rebellion in the Penaine Mountains. The king wants you to crush them. ”

Percival frowned.

It was an order from his beloved king, but he found it hard to accept.

“I only crusade against demons. This power is not for killing ordinary persons.”

“Don’t say that, the other party doesn’t seem to be an ordinary person.”

What did she mean by that? Percival raised the tail of his eyebrow in puzzlement. Seeing him react like that, Sasha’s tone became a bit happier.

“The rebels seem to have found the modern day King of Magic Bullet. I don’t know where they went to find him, but the King of the Magic Bullet was defiant and defeated in battle. He is now recuperating.”

Impossible. Percival thought so and his eyes widened.

He knew well how powerful the King of the Magic Bullet was, even the dragons revered and obeyed him, he was a hero among heroes. Only, as far as he knew, the King of Magic Bullet should be on the mainland . . . . . .

“That’s it. The order was delivered to me. You’ve been granted permit for the recruitment and use it when needed. ”

Percival took the parchment from Sasha and nodded his head.

He felt his body trembling. A strong emotion overflowed out of his chest from the depths of his heart. More powerful than the King of Magic Bullet – the modern King of Magic Bullet.

Couldn’t wait. He waited with all his heart for a real battle that would allow him to give his all. He had already died once, now he would not be afraid of death.

“I’m off. Go get ’em.”

After Sasha left, Percival remained standing still. He held the parchment tightly in his hand and stared up at the night sky.

The light of the stars was the same as it had always been, unchanged.

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