Madan no Ou to Seisen no Carnwenhan – Chapter 3 (part 2)

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The man was quite tall, and soldiers of average size had to look up to him.

The strong body wore armor that reflected a dark grey glow, and a well-made shoulder armor on his left shoulder. But he wore no helmet, and his shoulder-length reddish-brown hair was shaggy from the forced march he had taken.

His sturdy arm held a hand axe with a dark red blade and a treacherous appearance. When the man exerted himself, the blade of the hand axe glowed a faintly vicious and ominous red glow.

The giant man was staring into the distance with eyes that were as pale blue as the ocean floor.

It was late afternoon. The coastline glowed orange. The man gazed at the ancient city that stood on the cliffs along the shoreline.

“There .”

He muttered in a low voice. The soldier on the other side looked up and asked.

“I can smell it. I can feel it. It’s there.

“This . . . . . . are you referring to that, the demon, Lord Percival?

The soldier called him by the name of one of the Twelve Knights of the Round Table in the legend of the founding of the kingdom, and this huge man raised the corners of his mouth with a tyrannical smile.

The soldier still seemed to have some doubts about the word “demon”. He took a glance at the soldier and said, “Demons do exist.”

“So, we’re back. ”

With a voice full of confidence, the soldier was emboldened by the sound of his voice and naturally believed that – as long as one followed this man, any enemy could be defeated.

Thus, they had betrayed their lord and country.

No, the soldiers themselves did not consider their actions to be betrayal. They believed in their hearts that this was justice, and chose to follow the group.

The legendary hero has risen to lead us – just think of it that way, and the morale will certainly be high.

There was not a shadow in their words. Everyone believed that by following the man before them, true peace would be found.

“Let’s go, Percival-sama!

So this soldier next to him nodded firmly and exchanged pats on the shoulder with the other soldiers.

Percival looked at them with gentle eyes as if he was looking at his own children.

“By the way, Percival-sama. May I ask why you are not wearing a helmet?”

It occurred to one of the soldiers to ask him so. Until a few days ago, Percival was wearing a helmet and had a shield on his hand.

“How come the shield is also . . . . . . Isn’t that a set with the armor you’re wearing?

“I sold them. For it is enough for me to have this armor.”

The soldier listened with incredulity. Percival smiled at him and said.

“So I got enough money to help bail out three villages. They all got great results in return.”

“So that’s how the money came about? But there’s no need for . . . . . . ”

“Report! The scouting team is back!”

The soldier was going to continue, but was interrupted. A young subordinate came in to report that the soldiers who had gone to a nearby settlement to scout out the area had returned.

According to the report, the bandits had occupied the ancient city on the cliff and had settled there. The number of men exceeded two hundred.

And Percival was currently leading only a mere twenty soldiers. It was no match for the mountain bandits.

“Shouldn’t we retreat first?”

“No, now would be a good time. I’m going to raid in the middle of the night. It’s against chivalry, but with such a disparity in numbers, I’m sure the gods will understand me.”

Percival declared.

“If we get caught in the middle of a war, the demons might take advantage of the situation and escape. We must destroy them. ”

The soldiers were still skeptical about the existence of the “demon” he was talking about. According to the information the soldiers gathered from the settlement, the leader of the bandits was named Lester.

It is said that Lester was originally a knight. He escaped when the capital was attacked and became a bandit.

“That man is a demon. I can feel it. Because I can smell the same scent as I did three hundred years ago.”

Percival spoke with confidence. The soldiers sniffed the air and tilted their heads in puzzlement.

“All I can smell is seawater . . . . . . ”

Percival laughed. He seemed to think these guys were cute.

But the fact that he was going to have these cute guys follow him on a courageous night attack next was insane . . . . . . At least that’s what the more senior soldier thought.

He couldn’t understand what this self-proclaimed knight of the Resurrection Round Table figure was thinking.

Of course he trusted Percival. That was why he had followed him to various places with such a small number of soldiers to search for that so-called “magic thing” that he didn’t know if it really existed.

It was true that during this journey of exploration, there were strange phenomena. For example, the forest suddenly moved and blocked the way, and a bright light suddenly appeared and attacked Percival.

There were also more than one or two times when dragons attacked them.

However, Percival always repelled these threats as if nothing had happened, shouting, “I will not give in to evil monsters!” sometimes whispering, “It seems that the dragon will falter because of that”.

Does this kind of thing that inhabits myths and stories really exist?

Tonight, the answer should be revealed.

When the moon goes down, true darkness descends upon the world.

The soldiers led by Percival were clearly visible even in the darkness.

This army was made up of deliberately chosen men like this. With only a single rope, they climbed the cliff face and invaded the ancient city on the cliff. Skilfully cutting down the bandits standing sentry and breaking into the inside of the city walls.

It had all gone smoothly up to that point. The twenty elite soldiers could move smartly without having to wait for instructions from Percival. The unlucky guard sentries who were still awake were killed one by one, preventing them from making any noise.

At that moment, the soldiers on guard around the perimeter near the atrium campfire suddenly flew out and slammed heavily against the wall of the barracks.

Percival turned around to see that the soldier’s head had been battered to pieces.

The sound of slicing wind was heard. Another soldier flew out.

Looking up in the direction of the sound, he spotted a silhouette by the uppermost window of the castle.

“Hide now!”

The situation had become such that there was no point in acting stealthily. As soon as Percival heard the wind, he intuitively swung his hand axe and shattered something flying towards him.

It was a small stone. The thrower whose real identity was unknown threw ordinary stones from the uppermost floor of the castle and killed two soldiers with that alone. It was clearly an extraordinary presence.


Percival growled from deep in his throat. The hand axe with the black-red blade seemed to sense his anger and began to vibrate slightly. It was as if it was saying “Use me” to him.

Percival made up his mind and threw the hand axe towards the uppermost floor of the castle. The hand axe glowed red, cutting through the darkness of the night, and spun upwards at high speed.

After a beat of time, a loud bang rang out all around with a bright light that made it impossible to open one’s eyes and look directly at it. Soldiers and bandits shrieked. Rubble was falling, and there was a clattering sound.

Soldiers who could see clearly even at night were blinded by that light and could not see the situation clearly. It was understandable.

However, the burst of light would kill someone. A man descended from the sky and immediately after landing next to the shaken soldiers, he easily crushed the head of the soldier next to him.

But, was it really correct for that present enemy to call him “a man”?

Is he really a human?

In the light of the campfire, one saw the alien. It was a giant, nearly twice the height of a normal man, with shiveringly pale skin.

There were three spiral horns on its forehead, and its eyes glowed red.

“It’s a monster!”

It doesn’t know whether it was a soldier or a bandit, but someone saw that spot and screamed.

In the next instant, wails were heard everywhere.

Someone shouted “Monster!” loudly. “Run away!” Someone activated the switch on the gates, and the left and right double-opening gates gradually opened with a creaking sound, and men scrambled that way.

The monster’s huge body moved, as fast as the wind.

He stretched out his long arms and swept down the men who fled with their backs to him. The men fell to the ground groaning with broken spines. Though not dead, they had been mortally wounded. The ghost could immediately cut them off, but deliberately tortured them in a cruel way.

The remaining men were very frightened and in confusion.

“I knew it all along, Percival muttered to himself.”

He had known that this monster was such a fellow.

It was like that in his last life. That was how the monster had tormented the people of Asvarre back then. Later, it was seriously injured while fighting the warriors of the Round Table and fled from Asvarre to the mainland, where it was said to have killed many people as well.

At that time, the territory of Asvarre had not yet expanded to the mainland, so Artorius had to give up chasing the monster. Now the monster has returned to this place.

Percival was glad from the bottom of his heart that he was resurrected.

He was glad that he was able to defeat the monster once again.


As soon as Percival called out that name, the pale skinned monster stopped moving.

The monster turned its head and looked at each other with Percival. A startled expression appeared on its face.

“It’s a Knight of the Round Table, what a nostalgic face. How many centuries ago was that? So the rumors are true. What kind of demon magic did you guys use?”

“You’re the demon. Tolbaran, the calamity that mixes with the crowd and devours the living, the demon of the storm. ”

This giant monster called Torbaran raised its mouth and laughed.

This was the demon. The alien appearance in front of Percival was its true form, but it could effortlessly disguise itself as an extremely ordinary human and was happy to do so.

It always pretends to be human and eats its neighbors as if nothing had happened. It had been like that for a long, long time.

Ordinary humans could not fight it, and no matter how many they gathered, they were no match for it and would only become its food.

So people feared the demon, and passed down its horrors to future generations in the form of legends. Only, most of the legends had been lost.

Percival knew very well how evil and brutal the demon before him was, knew how many women had been violated and gnawed upon by him, and how many villages and towns he had eaten and wreaked havoc on, all for the mere pleasure of self-satisfaction.

There were many kinds of demons, of which Tolbaran was known for his cruelty.

At that time, Artorius was determined to crush this demon no matter what, so he sent six knights to the towns dominated by Tolbaran.

Percival was one of them.

After a deadly struggle, Torbaran chose to flee and was never seen again on the island of Asvarre. The people thought they had killed it without incident – until it became notorious on the mainland.

The knights were so disappointed to learn that Tolbaran was still alive that they begged Artorius to send him to the mainland in person. But this newly-appointed king was slow to nod.

Because At that time, Asvar’s power was still not sufficient, and if there was an unnecessary dispute with another country, he might not have the spare capacity to deal with it. At that time, the island had just been reunited with all its might and was still in a state of panting.

Artorius explained that now was the time to be patient and wait for orders.

One day, it was necessary to expel all the demons, but now was not the time – that’s what he said at that time.

Of the twelve knights, Lancelot was the only one who disagreed with the monarch’s decision, so he parted ways with the monarch and went to the mainland.

Then, Lancelot never returned to Asvarre.

He should have known better about following Lancelot back then. After his departure, Percival repented many times why he hadn’t obeyed his heart’s desire then.

He thought he must have been revived from the abyss because of it.

The regret he felt at the time prevented him from staying in the land of the dead.

Now, he understood, he understood that this was the time to fulfill his wish, to fulfill the promise he had made with his friend.

The demon will be destroyed.

At some point, the black and red hand axe had returned to his hand.

This axe would definitely return to his hand no matter how many times he threw it. This weapon was so tightly connected to the current Percival that it was like a curse.

While the weapon of legend used in the past was good, this one wasn’t bad either. Percival smiled a tyrannical smile, thinking that by fighting with this weapon, he might be able to reach the realm of omnipotence.

“Don’t flatter yourselves, you’re just fools who have been deceived by the district’s evil elves. Even six of you together can’t take my life, what else can you do alone?”

“I’m fine on my own now. The soldiers have taken refuge as well, no need to talk to you anymore.”

While Percival caught Torbaran’s attention, the soldiers and bandits fled through the open gates of the city.

Percival had given orders to the soldiers beforehand that they had to scatter and flee as far away as possible at such times, even if they had to cooperate with the bandits.

Percival and Tolbaran, both moved at the same time.

When they were twenty paces away from each other, their hands flashed at the same time. Percival threw his hand axe and cut off Tolbaran’s raised right arm. Black bodily fluids sprayed out, and Tolbaran’s body was blown out into the city wall. The wall was shattered, raising sand and dust.

Percival jumped back to avoid it.

For there was a gust of wind slicing through the sand and dust, and the unseen wind was attacking him. I thought I had dodged the attack in the nick of time, but my chest was scraped with a wound and red droplets of blood dripped. At that moment, the hand axe thrown by Percival spun and flew back into his palm.

“Wow, your blood is red, it’s unbelievable, unbelievable. The secret art of resurrection, it’s a truly amazing evil art.”

“The only ones who can shed black blood are you, filthy demon.”

Tolbaran stood up.

The arm of the demon that had been cut off had grown back without anyone noticing. But Percival wasn’t surprised, because it had been like that in past battles as well. The demon in front of him possessed terrifying strength and was able to recover immediately no matter how badly it was wounded, and its body would not get tired, fighting continuously with the Six Knights Round Table for a day and night.

Therefore, Percival understood that there was no chance of winning this battle of attrition as well.

He planned to do his best from the start. The soldiers had fled, so there was no worry now. He held a black and red hand axe in his right hand, and gathered his strength in his right hand.

“What a wonderful weapon you use. That’s not a dragon tool, is it an elf’s . . . . . . ?”

“I don’t know. All I know is that this is the weapon used to slaughter you, and that’s all that matters.”

Tolbaran swung his hands, and the unseen shock struck Percival. Percival closed the distance between the enemies after paddling the shockwave with his hand axe. His footsteps were as fast as lightning, allowing Tolbaran to react in time. Although he stepped back to avoid the slashing, he was still cut from shoulder to chest with a gash, from which black body fluids spilled out.

“Your blood is as dirty as ever.”

“Your flesh is still the same, not human at all.”

Percival and Tolbaran fought fiercely, remembering the battle of old. Tolbaran tried to pierce Percival with the horn on his forehead like a spear, but he deflected it with his hand axe. The aftershocks from the attack and defense alone shattered the surrounding stone walls and buildings began to collapse.

Percival’s arm was as strong as Tolbaran’s as a demon, and he was able to fight him head on.

This was a blessing from the gods – a blessing.

In the past, the Knights of the Round Table pondered how to use this power, and finally decided to enter the chaos of war in order to protect this island. The battle with the demons was only one part of the process.

But now it was different. Percival, who has returned from the grave, will exercise this superhuman power in order to expel the demons.

In the end, Tolbaran succumbs to the strength and decides to pull away first.

But Percival would never let him escape, gathering his strength in the hand that held the weapon, and the hand axe began to glow bright red. Tolbaran stared in shock at the sight.

“What the hell is that? That power is . . . . . . ”

“I told you, I don’t know.”

Percival threw his hand axe. The red trajectory shot in a straight line towards Tolbaran.

Tolbaran sent out unseen shockwaves to deflect it, but the speed of the hand axe didn’t diminish at all.

The monster with a huge body had a fearful expression.

In the next instant, his body had been cut into two halves.

Black bodily fluids were spewed in large quantities, and the upper half of Tolbaran’s body flew high up.

But that twisted face was actually sneering. He attempted to use the force that knocked him out of the sky to close the distance between him and his opponent.

This tough demon wasn’t dead and hadn’t given up yet.

Percival was well aware of this as well. He had also pushed him into such a desperate situation in his previous life’s battle, but in the end, he had missed and let him get away.

Definitely not going to repeat the same mistake. This time, he must indeed kill him.

The red hand axe drew a red arc and flew back into Percival’s hand.

Then he freed up more power and threw the hand axe again. The spinning hand axe formed a red circle of light and hit Tolbaran in the air in the upper part of his body.

A blinding, sun-like flash erupted, then caused a violent explosion.

Even the campfires in the atrium were blown away by the blast.

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