Madan no Ou to Seisen no Carnwenhan – Chapter 2

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It took a full day since the capture of Bracala Fortress for the home team, led by Lim, to reach the fortress.

Tigre reported the results of the reconnaissance to Lim. The people of this team had also heard about the situation from the rescued soldiers and understood the situation somewhat.

Although the enemy army was an impostor of the Artorius faction, but judging from the flag, it would have been a nearby nobleman leading an army of nearly five hundred men who took the action alone.

This noble was called Count Dongen, and his territory was in the northeast of Bracala Fortress. He did not have a good reputation in this area. Immediately after the king’s capital was captured, he took a stand to return to the impostor Artorius.

“To put it simply, it’s a figure that would be in trouble if ignored and would be in danger if accepted as a companion.”

Lim said mercilessly.

Tigre couldn’t help but admire Lim, never imagining that she could remember so much information about the nobles from all over Asvarre Island. He heard that it was because she followed Guinevere every day to meet and discuss with the representatives of each village and sort out the situation in each place until late at night.

Lim said with a tired face that she wasn’t supposed to do that, but she had to do it herself because there was no one else to do it.

Tigre could only console her with words.

“I’m sorry, but I wish I’d learned Aavarre a little better.”

“Let’s make that a problem for the future. What we need to focus on right now is speed. Right now it’s because of the lack of speed that this fortress is being taken by the enemy.”

Tigre and Lim stood on a hill a little distance from the fortress, looking at the sturdy fortress that stood with its back to the slope.

The structure of this fortress was solid, but it wasn’t large.

Since it couldn’t accommodate all the enemy soldiers, there were about 400 men who had set up tents outside the fortress. They could have set up a field position, but the enemy didn’t notice our approach and seemed to have slack sentries.

“There are twice as many enemy troops there alone as there are ours. They probably judged it unnecessary to be on guard. I think we can go back first and bring more soldiers, Lord Tigrevurmud. What do you intend to do?”

Lim asked.

Tigre thought for a moment, then made a decision.

“Let’s attack during the night.”

“My army is practically no different from an outsider, it’s too dangerous.”

“But they grow up in the mountains and are used to moving in the forest. I’ve watched them on the march and they’re not afraid of the forest at night when they’re camping. I’ve heard them say that in autumn they go into the forest in groups to gather fruit or to hunt boars.”

During the past few days, Tigre has mingled with the soldiers and asked them about their lives in their native village. So he knew very well that the life on Asvarre Island was almost the same as in the mountainous region of Brune.

After getting to know them well, Tigre realized that they were just as kind as the folks back home.

After hearing Tigre’s words, Lim stopped talking and pondered.

In the evening, the fortress was still open.

Probably because of the frequent entry and exit of soldiers, closing the gates would hinder the passage. There was no point in taking the fortress like this, what on earth was Count Don thinking?

Tigre thought that perhaps all he wanted was the credit for taking the enemy fortress.

Since his territory was in the interior of Asvarre Island, the only way to take credit for the war was to go on a field expedition. The nobles of this region had long been indulging in peace, and today a stone had suddenly come to splash waves of chaos and undermine established authority.

Count Don wasn’t the only one who mistook the chaos of order as an opportunity to build up power.

”No matter how strong an army without strategy is, it’s equal to worthless. ”

Lim whispered.

“Those are the words of a great military strategist who was active two hundred years ago. But even sheer quantitative violence is still a great threat to our army, which is so fragile. For us, one defeat in battle is enough to form a fatal wound.

“Even so, at this time, we have no choice but to fight.

Tigre asserted so.

It was instinct. His hunter’s instincts told him loud and clear that now was the time to hunt the prey in front of him.

“Tonight, I will launch a night attack. You tell the soldiers to rest now.”

Although it was Tigre who had decided to carry out the night attack, it was Lim who actually commanded the soldiers’ raid.

Tigre would lead a small number of men to form a detachment for another operation. It included twenty men who were confident in the battle, and two of the lesser wounded soldiers who had escaped from the fortress. They would invade the fortress while the enemy forces were in disarray due to the night attack and make a scene inside.

This would be done because of the fear that the fortress would be in trouble once the gates were closed. The enemy is the one who opened the fortress gates due to carelessness, so they will make the most of it while they are still careless.

If possible, it would be best to split the battle today.

In order to prevent the depletion of troops, a great victory was needed. And for two hundred laymen to completely defeat five hundred soldiers, they would have to make good use of Tigre’s martial bravery.

The short period of time before dawn was about to break was the most lax time for the sentinels.

Lim and a few hunters approached in the shadowy forest without a word and cut down the sentinels.

Others assaulted in with a single breath. In the blink of an eye the camp, which had been sleeping in the quiet, was filled with the sound of angry trumpets and screams.

Tigre, along with a detachment of twenty soldiers, watched the proceedings with bated breath near the fortress gate.

“Enemy attack!The enemy has appeared!

The orderlies ran frantically into the fortress.

“Let’s see how the enemy will respond.

Tigre said to himself.

The next plan had several filings depending on the situation. The worst of these situations was when the enemy commander ordered the gates to be closed.

That would leave only the abandonment of the Raider Fortress and a complete rout of the four hundred men outside the gate. Lim had asserted that the troops without a commander were just rabble. One should take advantage of the confusion to maximize the damage to the enemy forces.

If the commander had come out of the gate himself in order to calm the situation . . . . . .

As it turned out, the enemy commander was braver than Tigre and the others had expected the worst.

A group of cavalrymen in leather armor galloped out from the fortress. The soldiers who had escaped had been told beforehand that there were fifty cavalrymen in Count Don’s army. The man beside Tigre, who had particularly good night vision, was the one who counted the number of cavalry coming out of the gate.

When he judged that almost all the cavalry had gone out, Tigre shot arrows in succession at the two sentries guarding the gate. Their throats were brutally pierced and they died before they could wail.

“Go in!”

At Tigre’s command, the subordinates who were confident in battle rushed inside the fortress. Tigre followed suit and went inside.

A camp fire was lit inside the fortress.

The enemy soldiers who should have been standing sentry on the watchtower were wandering back and forth in the atrium at a loss for words. Tigre’s men moved forward to cut them down before they could raise their weapons.

The enemy soldiers inside the building heard their screams and came out of the atrium one after another. Tigre stopped a step behind the gate into the fortress and shot an arrow.

The arrow struck a man who had only just exited the building, he was shot through the eyebrow and died instantly, falling backwards. The men who were coming out after him screamed, causing chaos.

While this was going on, Tigre’s men came forward, beating the sleepy-eyed enemy soldiers with axes and mallets in their hands.

Seeing the opportunity, Tigre climbed the unmanned watchtower. Looking outside the fortress, he saw that the cavalry were hurriedly trying to turn back, probably sensing a commotion inside the fortress.

“Number three! Listen up, it’s number three! Close the door!”

Tigre yelled from the watchtower. Two soldiers familiar with this fortress guided a few of his men to take the latch of the main gate. The cavalry running at the front of the group panicked at the sight and rushed to increase their speed.

Tigre loaded the arrow onto his bow and aimed it near the center of the cavalry group.

The arrow pierced through the horse’s head, and the horse tumbled and fell, affecting the left, right, and rear cavalry, disrupting the line’s progress and slowing the speed of the rear as a result.

In the end, only the front six of the cavalcade made it back to the inside of the fortress before the gate closed.

Among them, the man riding the tallest horse roared out “What’s going on!” Then he started giving orders to the people around him. It seemed he was the commander. Tigre wondered for a moment if he should be taken prisoner. . . . . . . “No, there was no way to do such a thing”, and he quickly changed his mind.

For it was now necessary to thwart the enemy’s intent to fight as soon as possible.

Under the dim, indecipherable light of the fire, Tigre shot an arrow that accurately pierced the commander’s brow.

“The captain is dead! I, Tigrevurmud Vorn, killed the captain!”

He deliberately proclaimed the results of the war loudly towards the outside of the fortress.

That was Lim’s instruction. Doing so will encourage our troops to rise up, and the enemy will be demoralized. When they don’t know what’s going on in time due to the night attack, the enemy troops will be even more confused.

The enemy soldiers at the gate heard Tigre’s roar, some stopped and were cut on the back, while others began to flee, wailing.

“No chasing!” Lim’s instructions sounded.

There were forty or so cavalrymen wandering back and forth at a loss for words as the fortress gates closed. Tigre demanded that they surrender, but they shook their heads no and turned tail and ran.

Don’t chase the enemy soldiers if they’re going to flee, was Lim’s judgment. She said that holding the fortress should be the priority.

Tigre thought she was right. He looked inside the fortress and saw that most of the soldiers had surrendered, but some of them were still locked up in the pavilion that served as a residence and wouldn’t come out.

Tigre descended the watchtower. One of his subordinates came running and reported to him, “Chief, there seems to be a woman inside.”

“What’s going on? ” he said.

“I don’t know if it was the dead captain’s woman or someone related to Count Don, but there was a well-dressed woman who locked herself up in the pavilion and shouted that she would rather die than be humiliated. . . . . . .

Tigre sighed. It’s not uncommon for soldiers to have women, after all, our army has Lim right there.

However, the women now locked up in the pavilion seemed to be personnel unrelated to the battle. What on earth is the enemy’s problem with bringing such person?

“Don’t be rash, keep persuading. There’s no need for unnecessary sacrifices on either side. I’ll ask Lim to convince her later.”

After some time, Lim entered the fortress after sweeping away the enemy troops outside the fortress.

As soon as Lim appeared to persuade her, the person locked up inside the pavilion surrendered.

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