Madan no Ou to Seisen no Carnwenhan – Chapter 2

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“Lim ! Lim! Where are you!?”

Nor had he made sure that the poisonous dragon’s body would never move again, Tigre looked around for his partner who had just distracted him from the attack.

All the nearby trees were dissolved like mud by the venom, leaving no trace of their original form, making it even more thrilling to watch. It was really luck this time, he really didn’t dare to fight the same battle against this kind of opponent again.

Hearing the moaning of Limalisha, Tigre stopped and saw the blonde hair swinging under the tree. Upon closer inspection, something was glowing slightly red next to it. It was the short sword she was holding in her left hand, still releasing energy. The battle was clearly over, why?

Bad vibes rose up and Tigre ran to her in a hurry.

Lim leaned her back against the tree trunk, sweating like rain. Her chest rose and fell dramatically while moaning with her breath.

“Did you get sprayed with venom?”

“No, I should have been dead long ago if I was sprayed directly at it. The dragon’s spray should have all been blocked by the red sword boundary. If there’s anything left unblocked, I’m afraid it’s….”

Tigre ran to Lim’s side.

“I hadn’t seen it just now when I was away, but looking closer, I noticed small gaps in the chest area of the leather armor. Normally such small cracks weren’t a problem. However, this might be….”

“Lim, I’ll take care of the wound.”

Tigre said to the unconscious her. Then he cut the straps of her breastplate with a knife and tore the cloth from her chest, exposing her right breast. There was a scratch on it and the wound was purple. Tigre turned to check the cloth that had just covered her chest and found that it was covered in some sort of tiny fragment. It should have flown into her dress and scratched the tender skin.

The venom attached to the shard had thus invaded the inside of her skin.

Fortunately, the toxin should have only recently entered the body. Although it was a dragon’s toxin, it should be disposed of in the same way as toxins such as insects or snakes. For hunters who often went deep into the mountains to earn a living, poison disposal was the most important technique to learn first. Tigre made up his mind and covered Lim’s wound with his mouth, from which he sucked out the sticky black blood and spat it aside.

The tongue felt a tingle. Tigre shuddered in fear, but still desperately sucked out the poisonous blood and spat it out onto the ground, repeating the process over and over again. It was a matter of minutes and seconds, he kept saying in his mind, “I’ll make it in time”, while concentrating on sucking out the poisonous blood.”

Soon, Lim’s breathing began to ease, and the blood he sucked out turned red.

Tigre breathed a sigh of relief and stood up.

Lim’s forehead was oozing with sweat and her chest was rising and falling deeply. Although Tigre wanted to cover up her exposed breasts, he suddenly felt exhaustion coming overwhelmingly. It was probably because of the power of the black bow used by Fang.

“Lim . . . . . .

Tigre collapsed beside her, eyes closed, consciousness plunging into deep darkness.

After some time, Tigre regained consciousness. He awoke and opened his eyes, making eye contact with Lim. She was worriedly bringing her face up to look at him.

The back of his head felt warm to the touch of flesh and it was then that he realized he was lying on Lim’s lap. Lim had wrapped a bandage she had brought with her around her chest. Tigre remembered what he had done earlier and panicked, trying to explain the situation to Lim. But before she could say anything, Lim reached out her index finger first and placed it in front of Tigre’s mouth.

“Don’t move, just keep resting like this for a little while longer. I understand the situation. Thanks to you, I’ve been able to save my life. Are you okay? ”

Tigre nodded slightly.

“Bear doll.”


“Today, let’s go back to that village and spend the night. Then we’ll borrow that doll from the girl for one night. With that puppet, you should be able to sleep well.”


Limalisha glared at Tigre.

“How dare you treat me like a child, you seem to have grown up quite a bit, Sir Tigrevurmud. If you say so, I have a way to deal with you as well.”

Her words had a strange boldness to them that made Tigre flinch.

“What do you want?”

“It’s no big deal. At most, I’ll share a little more of your shameful past with Guinevere, that’s all. As your educator, I was going to keep it a secret for the sake of your feelings. But now it’s not necessary.”

“Wait, don’t get carried away, Lim. Let’s talk.”

Tigre even groveled and apologized. Lim chuckled twice.

“But from a purely academic point of view, I do want to know what’s the difference between the mainland dolls and the ones on this island. It might be a good idea to borrow a doll from a girl for a night.”

Tigre tried desperately to please Lim, and ended up putting that suggestion into practice.

A few more days passed.

Tigre’s bravery in defeating the poisonous dragon was widely circulated, attracting more soldiers to join him. The group continued to make preparations for the dispatch of troops.

In a certain room within the village chief’s mansion.

“May I ask how much longer do we need to train the soldiers?”

In response to Guinevere’s question, Lim replied “There is no end to the practice”, making the princess look embarrassed. Tigre, seeing this, even added from the sidelines.

“Your Highness, she’s just a bit unpredictable.”

“I know. I shouldn’t have shown it on my face. Don’t worry about it.”

Guinevere said with a smile. However, Lim still stared at her with a blank expression and asked.

“Your Highness, what is your strategy for the future? I’ve taught the soldiers the basic rules. From now on, we’ll adjust the training according to the level of training you need.”


Her Highness replied reflexively, then lowered her eyes. After taking a deep breath, she raised her head once more and said.

“The goal is to defeat the imposter Artorius. I need a force strong enough to unite the lords and defeat that enemy. To do that, I need to show everyone that I’m, Guinevere, still alive.”

Hearing Guinevere say that, Tigre thought to himself, “This person is a genius beyond imagination.”

Although she would be overwhelmed by emotions, she was able to regain her composure in a split second. And was able to clearly grasp the reality of the situation and lay out the next step-by-step path to take. There’s still a part that she’s not yet familiar with, but she’ll be fine as long as we’re there to support her.

“In that case, I think it’s best to occupy a few easily defensible fortresses first.”

Tigre stared at the map and pointed out several notes written on it.

Among them were fortresses that were currently abandoned but could probably be repaired, fortresses that had soldiers but could be expected to close in, and fortresses that were hostile but could be taken if we sent troops now . . . . . . and so on.

The scouting team commanded by Tigre was able to briefly investigate this information in a short period of time.

Even if the opponent is a dragon, shooting an arrow from an unprotected place is completely different from shooting an arrow from inside a solid building. And next time, the enemy will probably start shooting at me.

Tigre has the power to slay dragons – that’s what the village representatives have been told.

“If anyone doesn’t believe me, I can convince them by showing them the remains of the dragons that were collected.”

Information on the fortresses where soldiers are stationed was provided by local residents. One of the fortresses, named Bracala, was built along the slope of a mountain and was originally built to keep an eye on bandits in the area.

As for the current use, it was to store the materials and provisions needed for the paving project of the north-south road that ran through the forest.

The number of soldiers in the fortress is about fifty, and most of them are experts in civil engineering. Recently, due to a temporary cash flow problem, they were ordered to suspend work and stay in the fortress, and then this incident happened. The captain who was leading the soldiers was troubled by this and asked for help from the nearby village.

“Is there any way to take over the Bracala Fortress in a peaceful way?”

Tigre asked.

The fact that there were supplies stored was really appealing. After all, there were as many as five hundred soldiers now, and a considerable amount of food had to be consumed in a day even if nothing was done.

Logistics was a priority for the army, that was what Lim had said when she was instructing Tigre on the basis of military operations. In fact, most of her own work as an adjutant also consisted of detailed planning in this area.

But for Tigre, just seeing the tiny numbers densely packed on the parchment was giving him a headache…

“We need to find someone who is good at distributing supplies as soon as possible. I’m not going to be able to do it all by myself.”

That’s what Lim said when she asked Tigre to help with the digital side of things.

What she meant was, “If you don’t want to do it, get me someone else,” she said. Tigre knew there was nothing she could do about it, after all, just training soldiers was enough to keep her busy.

“But, where can one find someone who can actually read and write and is good at arithmetic in these deep mountains? Surprisingly, one of the maids by Guinevere’s side was able to use this ability.”

“Her name was Nora. This maiden was the daughter born to the Marquis’s concubine, but due to some bitterness between her and her family, she had been sent to a merchant’s home to learn household skills since she was young.”

“How could such a person become Guinevere’s maid?” Tigre was very curious. Regardless, there was an urgent need for people who were good at counting, and whoever could help was good. So removing Nora’s position as a maid, she was made Lim’s lieutenant in charge of supplies.

She was a seventeen year old girl with a not very strong personality, and her appearance was somewhat plain and unremarkable if you really wanted to say it. Therefore, a relatively older man from the villagers was assigned as her escort, using his fierce appearance to assist her in command and management. This policy seems to have worked, and so far there have been no serious problems.

The management of the material figures alone was so nerve-wracking. The organization was just so short of people that it was currently relying on everyone’s skills to barely solve the operational challenges.

According to Lim, any organization with less than a thousand people can barely survive in this way.

However, organizations with more than a thousand people have no choice but to hire a group of experts to manage them.

She even joked that she would turn a blind eye if a nobleman who responded to the uprising was willing to take over the management of the organization even if he or she had a lot of money. No, maybe it wasn’t a joke. Anyway, it should mean that the current organization is that fragile.

“Now, we’re going to take the Bracala Fortress.

After that battle with the Flying Dragon Archers, about twenty days had passed.

Tigre and the others led the troops who had completed the most basic military training to the Bracala Fortress.

The number of soldiers who brought the soldiers who had completed a high level of training was about two hundred. The troops were commanded by Lim. It was three days away from the Bracala Fortress.

Being the first expedition for the soldiers, this distance should be considered just right. In addition, the people decided to let Guinevere stay in the village and continue contacting the nobles around the world.

During the march, there were fewer problems than expected.

This proved that Lim’s training was quite thoughtful. As soon as the youths from neighboring villages came to join Lim, they would stand upright, tighten their jaws, and greet her loudly with “Greetings, Big Sister” in the Asvarre language.

The soldiers frowned slightly each time they greeted them in this way, but simply refrained from correcting them. Tigre watched the scene with great interest as Lim turned to him with a tired look on her face and said “I’ll find time to discipline them later”.

“Would it be good to keep them from calling me Captain? ”

“You’re the captain, Lord Tigrevurmud. That was decided at the meeting, wasn’t it? Or do you want them to look up to the hunters and call you “boss”?


The commander of this unit is nominally Tigre.

But it’s Lim who’s actually in charge. Because this time, he had to leave his unit often to go scouting.

“Even so, the soldiers are convinced of you because you’re a dragon slayer.

Since the remains of the dragon were moved to the vicinity of the village, that location is now a must-see pilgrimage site for people who visit the village.

Somehow, the remains of the dragon are still intact. People who go on pilgrimage touch the dragon’s body and pray to the gods, all believing that they will be blessed by the gods. This made Guinevere, who was there to remove the scales, look uncomfortable.

The gods of Asvarre were different from the gods of Zhcted and Brune, and although the royal family believed in the ancestor, Artorius, and the Knights of the Round Table, the mountainous region still had small shrines to the native gods that predated the time of Artorius, and the inhabitants still believed in these gods. Although Tigre couldn’t understand it, he thought that he wouldn’t mind at all if the soldiers were willing to fight bravely if they were only willing to please the gods with this little thing.

And more importantly, the act of touching the dragons would make the soldiers take Tigre’s words more seriously. Still, Tigre didn’t think that even if that was the case, he didn’t have to be the captain . . . . . .

“You and I are both from foreign lands. A symbol with considerable weight is necessary, please recognize that.”

Even after hearing that from Lim, Tigre had no choice. And he trusted Lim’s skill in mastering people’s hearts.

He also knew that Lim didn’t think she had the ability to attract people.

He recently understood that this female named Limalisha was considered someone who didn’t have confidence in herself. Because of her lack of confidence, she would try to accomplish what she could, striving relentlessly at all times to try to ascend to the next level. It’s not easy to keep up with her, even if it’s difficult to catch up with her. Limalisha was such a character.

But, probably because she was always with Eleonora, even though she was so good, she still always thought she was just a supporting character in life. No need to be the moon in the night sky, willing to be a flower reflecting the glimmer of light in the moonlight. Tigre felt that she was always so self-limiting in her painting.

Tigre felt that it was a shame. However, these weren’t words that should be said in front of the soldiers, that’s all.

The next night after the march began.

Tigre and the ten reconnaissance troops headed to Bracala Fortress first. In addition to ensuring safety on the way, Tigre also wanted to confirm the status of the Bracala Fortress as soon as possible. If possible, he wanted to talk to the captain in charge of the fortress first.

Unfortunately, his expectation did not come true.

The fortress had fallen because an army under the imposter Artorius faction had forcibly attacked the Bracala Fortress the day before.

A scouting force led by Tigre had taken in the soldiers who had escaped, covered in wounds, to inform this intelligence. The captain guarding the fortress had died in battle, and the surviving soldiers fled separately.

After sending the rescued soldiers to the rear, Tigre led five of his men at forced march speed to the Bracala fortress.

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