Madan no Ou to Seisen no Carnwenhan – Chapter 2

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Tigre returned to the campfire and waited a short time before the two women returned dressed.

Tigre apologized again, then got down to business.

First, they started by exchanging the information each has received. Lim said she had found the hunter who had led them to the remains of the dragon near the battlefield, but he had died of exhaustion when she found him.

And Guinevere’s attendant knight had sadly returned to the heavens. Speaking of which, the three prayed together for their souls, wishing them rest in peace. But this is also helpless, in a battle that fierce, it was impossible for the average person to survive.

Tigre and Guinevere and even Lim held the artifacts, and they were able to barely stay alive and survive until now.

Then, Lim explained the process of getting the two artifacts.

These included the illusionary lake and the spirit, the “resurrection of the dead” mentioned by the elf, and the two swords that Lim had obtained in order to destroy that kind of existence.

“In that case, that guy who could fly was indeed cut in the right eye by the sword that Lim threw. My arrows couldn’t hurt him at all.”

Tigre thought back to the situation. Although it wasn’t certain if it really didn’t hurt him at all, there was no doubt that Lim’s attack did effectively damage that extraordinary being.

Without that throw from Limalisha, Tigre and the others would have been wiped out. The difference in strength between the enemy and me was too great to be bridged.

“Generally speaking, one should not be able to grasp the sense of distance after losing the sight of a glance . . . . . . ”

“Judging from what he said before he left, I’m afraid it’s still hard to say. It might even be possible that he might sprout eyes again like a lizard’s tail. ”

Lim said so, and Tigre felt that it was possible. He intuitively understood that that guy was a monster in human skin.

“Could that character who calls himself the king of magic bullet be one of the imposter Atreus’ men? ”

“If there were such powerful archers among Impostor Artorius’ men, the defeated troops would have been mentioned in the report. It would also make it clear that he was not holding a longbow, but a red bow.”

Guinevere replied as she pondered deeply.

In this Asvarre Island, experts skilled in archery used longbows. A skilled longbow archer could shoot farther than Tigre. But the longbow itself was not easy to use, so it was difficult to gather enough troops.

It’s the first time I’ve faced him, but just being stared at by him made me feel a chill like my back was freezing. He’s really scary. ”

Guinevere’s expression was rather depressed. It was no wonder that she had lost her subordinate. That man was Guinevere’s only remaining guardian. According to her, the two attendants who remained in the village on standby were maids and couldn’t be considered warriors. In other words, the princess will have to fight on her own from now on.

“But, there’s one thing I don’t understand. ”

She was more focused on the problem at hand than on her own business.

“Why did that person attack us at that time? ”

“Your Highness, what do you mean by that? ”

Lim tilted her head in puzzlement. Guinevere, however, didn’t answer right away, as if she was gathering her thoughts.

Tigre and Lim also waited silently for her to continue. All that could be heard was the sound of dry twigs being baked by fire.

Then Guinevere began to slowly elaborate on her thoughts.

“The legend of the founder, Artorius, describes the stories of him and the Knights of the Round Table he led. However, those tales did not include any archers riding dragons. Of course, if we don’t think that the one who called himself Artorius and attacked the royal capital is the real thing, there’s no need for his subordinates to be the Twelve Knights. . . . . . But first, please listen to me on that premise.”

Tigre didn’t understand what she was trying to say. He stole a glance to the side and saw Lim putting on an expression that showed no emotion, just like usual.

“I had heard that the Asvarre army had tamed the flying dragon. The two of you came to this island on flying dragon, and your testimony confirms this.”

Tigre and Lim nodded.

“There has never been a person in history who has successfully tamed a flying dragon. However, Lord Tigrevurmud and Lady Limalisha, you have encountered enemies who are capable of controlling flying dragons twice in just a few days in the distant sea and on this island, respectively. I can’t believe that there are as many as two of them who can manipulate dragons.”

“Your Highness, are you saying that the archer riding the flying dragon is the same person as the admiral leading the Asvarre Navy? And the only reason we encountered that archer here was because he came to check what happened to his flying dragon and then happened to run into us, right?”

Guinevere shook her head hesitantly and said.

“I’m very sorry, but it’s just my imagination. Just smile, guys.”

“Uh, no, I’m not blaming you. It’s just that, if that’s the case…. ”

Tigre kept his mouth shut. So what if that was the truth? At best, it could only explain the other party’s reason for speaking to them in Zhcted, and that was all.

“Then again, that person may not necessarily be a general.”

Lim said.

“He has great force, and he acts alone freely. Will such a person be a general? It’s reasonable to say–”

Lim stopped talking at that point. For some reason, she sighed deeply. It was only then that it occurred to Tigre that what she had said was tantamount to deriding her own master, Eleonora.

“But it’s also true that having the strongest swordsman as a general can boost morale significantly. ”

“For those who are assisting by their side, that can be torment.”

As Eleonora’s adjutant, Lim said these words with her heart in her mouth. A period of silence followed for the three.

“You said it, the dead.”

The one who broke the silence was Guinevere.

“It’s an absurd assumption, but if there really is a resurrection of the dead – if the one who calls himself the Patriarch Artorius is the Patriarch Artorius himself, then maybe the archer is as well. So, what do you think?”

“What do you think? What else?”

Tigre looked confusedly into Lim’s face. He thought she would be equally at a loss as to how to react.

However, Lim put one hand to her chin and thought hard. He then remembered what she had said about the time in the Lake of Illusion when the spirit had given her the artifact as well as something like a mission.

“If that could be the truth of what the spirit being said, then it is possible that the man who calls himself Artorius is the original ancestor himself. It is because the dead came back to life that the existence of the suspected spirit appeared before my eyes . . . . . . If that is the case, that archer might also be . . . . . . ”

However, do spirits and the like really exist? This is the part that Tigre wanted to confirm first.

As for Guinevere’s reaction. . .

“The legend of the Knight of the Lake says that the one who gave the sword to Lancelot, the Knight of the Lake, was a spirit, did you know that? I think what Lady Limalisha is saying is very similar to this story.

She said so to both of them.

“No, Your Highness Guinevere. I’m sorry, but I don’t know the details of the part of the saga of the founding of Asvarre. ”

The same goes for Tigre. Although he had read about the general process of King Artorius up to his coronation while studying in Leitmeritz, it was only a small part of the long legend.

Hearing Lim’s answer, Guinevere decided to tell the story of a knight first.

Why was Lancelot, the knight who served Artorius, called the “Knight of the Lake”? According to the story, he was raised by the Spirits of the Lake.

When Lancelot grew up to leave his nest and join Artorius’s service, his spirit foster mother gave him a sword. Lancelot was also a particularly good knight among Artorius’s men, and has shone in many stories.

He made many martial achievements and contributed greatly to the great unification of Asvarre. However, in the end . . . . . .

“Lancelot ended up betraying Artorius and parting ways with him. As for his subsequent whereabouts, different legends have their own versions . . . . . . Some say he returned to the Lake Spirits, while others say he crossed the sea to the continent and became a noble. However, these were all made up by later generations. The only thing we know for sure is that his relationship with Artorius fizzled and was never reconciled again. This is a truly wondrous thing.”

“Wondrous? Why did Your Highness say that?”

Tigre asked. Guinevere nodded at him like a teacher praising him “You noticed the point”.

“One shouldn’t say such things as a member of the royal family, the legend of the first ancestor, Artorius, and the legend of the founding of the kingdom. After all, it’s not a good idea for a legend to be written in such a way as to accuse the founder Artorius of wrongdoing, is it?”

Tigre was speechless and had to look at Lim.

“Indeed. In the legend of Zhcted’s founding, the king whose name had not been passed down to posterity was a perfect existence. He led all the warrior girls and conquered every obstacle in their way to establish the nation of Zhcted. After the founding of the kingdom, he still led the warrior girls and finally died in his sleep. That’s what the legend says.”

“Basically, the legend of the founding of Asvarre’s kingdom is the same. But, only in the story of Lancelot, the founder, Artorius, was at fault. Regarding this, in the past I only found it wonderfully difficult to understand …. However, judging from the things that Lady Limalisha has experienced, and all the information so far, I believe that there is an important hint hidden in this. ”

“Specifically, what kind of hint is it?”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t think of anything at the moment.”

Guinevere said with lowered eyelids. Judging from the tone of her voice, Tigre felt that it wasn’t that she couldn’t say it, or perhaps she didn’t want to.

Tigre thought he couldn’t just leave it to others, so he tried to think about it himself.

Assuming that the unprecedented phenomenon of the dead coming back to life was really true, along with the fault of the ancestor Artorius, the words spoken by the Lake Spirit, and the artifact that had been entrusted to Lim in order to slay the dead, . . . . . .

Tigre raised his head in surprise.

“Assuming that the figure who called himself the King of Magic Bullet who fought us is the resurrected dead, and he has nothing to do with the legend of the Ancestor Artorius, then who the hell is that…”

There was only one thing that Tigre’s intuition was quite sure of.

The man was a hero. A hero.

Since he was the resurrected dead, he was someone from the past. If it was such a person, he should have left behind great deeds in the past that were great enough to be remembered in history. Tigre told the two of them the idea that came to mind on the spur of the moment, that not only Asvarre, but maybe the man’s name might have been left behind in legends from all over the other continents.

“At least I’m sure it’s not a legendary figure from Brune.”

Hearing Tigre’s assertion, Guinevere and Lim both smiled bitterly at him.

It was because Brune was famous for his contempt for the bow. There was no story about a bow in the legend of Brune. If there had been such a powerful archer . . . . . . then the current Brune would definitely not despise the bow so much.

If that was the case, Tigre’s situation would have been much easier than it is now.

“Would that be Zhcted or Sachstein? I didn’t get a good look at his skin color, but it’s unlikely that he’s a Muozinel. ”

“That guy speaks Zhcted, could he be a hero of Zhcted? And the flying dragon he rode was black. Didn’t the first king of Zhcted call himself the embodiment of the black dragon?”

Lim shook her head no.

“Lord Tigrevurmud, if there are Zhcted’s royalty present here, you’ll be beheaded for saying that.”
“In that case, I’ve also heard that Zhcted’s soldiers repelled fighting the black dragon.”

“That’s one of the reasons. The point is that you insulted the first king with that statement. Fortunately, I was the only Zhcted present….. No, you’re right. If even a ridiculous hypothesis like the resurrection of the dead must be considered, then any possibility should be considered, right. ”

Lim thought about it a bit, but quickly dropped her shoulders in frustration and gave up thinking about it.

“No, my thoughts are so deeply prejudiced that I can’t get out of it.”

“There’s nothing you can do about it, Lady Limalisha. My thoughts have been confused for months as well.”

Guinevere said in a weary tone.

It was no wonder, she had only just suffered a tragedy like the murder of her parents and siblings. Even so, she still kept running for the mission she was charged with. Is this the so-called royal family? Tigre couldn’t help but admire it.

Guinevere shook her head, as if to shake off confusion. Then, hands clapping.

“Let’s call it a day for the expedition. Regardless of who the other side is, we’ve still made some gains. Including the fact that Lord Tigrevurmud’s bow is good enough to fight against that archer, and the fact that Lady Limalisha’s artifact can damage that archer. There’s also the fact that . . . . . . ”

Guinevere stopped at that point and looked up at the sky for a moment.

The moon had dropped to the other side of the mountain and was nowhere to be seen, only a sky full of stars. Tigre thought to himself that the stars looked the same in all their glory, whether on this island or on the mainland. Guinevere looked at Tigre and Lim in turn, and, having made up her mind, spoke up.

“That is, we are by no means alone. The fact that the spirit of the lake have given the artifacts to Lady Limalisha is proof that the spirits, and the gods, will protect us.”

In some legends, it was believed that the spirits were the messengers of the gods.

Whether that was true or not, Tigre didn’t know. However, as soon as he heard about the protection of the gods, he felt that the heavy pressure inside his heart seemed to ease a little.

“The gods, huh?”

Lim mumbled to herself, looking up at the sky. It was impossible to get a glimpse of her thoughts from her expression.

The next day. As soon as the sun rose, the three of them started moving.

The three buried the remains of Guinevere’s attendant knight and hunters, then returned to the village. As soon as Guinevere’s maidens spotted them from inside the fence surrounding the village, they rushed out to greet them. They must have been very worried and fell down crying in front of Guinevere as soon as they came out.

“Really, it’s your duty to serve me. ”

Guinevere smilled bitterly as patted the maid on the back, and then told her to get up and go get her food.

After seeing the maid run off, Guinevere told the village chief that she had something to discuss with him, and borrowed a room in the chief’s mansion.

Tigre and Lim followed in.

According to the village chief, the effects of the battle with the man who called himself the king of magic bullet yesterday evening could be felt from the village as well. But all that could be observed from the village was the sound of explosions and horrifying flashes of light, and the people of the village only knew that something extraordinary had happened.

The three of them told the village chief briefly and succinctly about what had happened. The chief was so shocked that he almost fainted.

To be cautious, the three asked the chief about the Lake of Illusion, but all they got in return was, “I’ve only heard of that kind of thing in mythology.” The lake that healed Lim’s wounds and gave her two swords might be a place that only those who should go there could reach when they should go there.

“In any case, we can only start with what we can do now. There were still many unanswered questions, but this was the only thing that everyone agreed on.”

The meeting was held in the village chief’s mansion.

The meeting was led by Guinevere and attended by Lim, Tigre, and the village chief.

Guinevere declared that she would rise up and defeat the impostor Artorius.

“I will avenge my parents and siblings, and then become queen of Asvarre. This is the only way for me now.”

And so, the Guinevere faction was born. The people decided to contact the lords and gather their troops. However, in the beginning, the first people to be summoned should be the people of this village and its surroundings.

Of course, the chief agreed to do so without any hesitation. The village chief said that there were dozens of people from this village alone, and that if other villages were included, there would be at least 300 people.

“How many lords do you think will respond to the summoning? Lim asked.”

“Only one or two families will be willing at best at first. It’s good enough to gather a thousand people.” Guinevere replied calmly.

“So far, the only family that’s sure to side with me is the Duke of Brittany. The Duke of Bridaine’s family has lost a lot of money in this incident. So if I raise my banner, they will surely respond. The problem is that the House of Bridaine’s territory is to the north, some distance away. We must head north or east to reach out to them proactively. ”

In order to open the way back home, Tigre and Lim must first make a name for themselves, and for that they must also join the Guinevere faction. Tigre, in particular, would be heavily advertised as a dragon slayer with excellent bow skills.

The bodies of the two dragons were soon brought to the side of the village to be displayed. The reason for boasting so much about Tigre’s achievements as a warrior was because Guinevere thought that it would be a tool to make negotiations more favorable when dealing with the ambassadors sent by the vassals in the future.

In addition, she used the dragon’s body for other purposes. She intended to use the power of her short staff to remove and process the dragon’s scales.

She began her research in the hut outside the village.

No amount of sharp swords could harm the dragon scales. The research consisted of finding a way to process such dragon scales for military use. The biggest problem was that Guinevere was the only one who could cut dragon scales, and she wasn’t very good with her hands.

“I can’t process things neatly or beautifully. Is it hard to put it to good use like this? ”

Hearing Her Highness say so with an apologetic face, the craftsmen in the village fell to the ground in fear. Tigre followed behind Guinevere as she looked at this scene and laughed bitterly.

“There are all kinds of different shaped materials, which means they can be used for all kinds of different processes. ”

He couldn’t help but open his mouth like that to round things off.

Next, Guinevere forbade the craftsmen from having any scruples and demanded that they must say anything they had to say. After all, these are invulnerable scales like an iron wall, so naturally the first thing that came to mind was to make them into shields. Fortunately, the scales weren’t too heavy, so it would be easy to use as a shield.

“Your Highness, in order to attach a rope to the shield, we need to make a hole here and a hole here. Please help us, Your Highness.”

The craftsmen asked for Guinevere’s help with all due respect.

“Is this the right place? So . . . . . . this, is it okay?”

“Ah, a little more to the right.

“I see, is that . . . . . . like that?

It’s always like this when you study. Tigre had to fight desperately to keep from laughing out loud.

Before that day’s homework was finished, it was time for the meeting, and it had to be continued the following day. But on the following day, Guinevere was at once too busy to greet the chief, who had arrived from another village, and at once too busy to write letters to various people.

Therefore, it took a while for the research to continue.

People privately called the process of this series of studies “Guinevere’s Scale Test”.

Regarding the organizational structure of the Guinevere faction, at the apex was Guinevere herself, and beneath her was Tigrevurmud Vorn, with the status of General. On the other hand, Limalisha was Tigre’s deputy, and also assisted Guinevere in the role of right-hand man, and was expected to perform in both civil and military matters.

Fortunately, in Tigre’s opinion, Guinevere and Limalisha have a fairly good relationship, and neither is the type to stick to their guns. Even without mentioning that, the two seemed to be really very close.

“You’re asking me about my tips for getting along well with Guinevereia-sama? ”

Once, Tigre asked Lim for advice like this. After thinking about it, she replied, “It would be to talk about the topic of Tigrevurmud Vorn. Her Highness is deeply interested in the Dragon Slayer’s past”. This caused Tigre to show a bitter expression . . . . . .

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye on the score and won’t let you get caught by her. My ultimate goal is to return to Zhcted with you, and I will never sacrifice you as a tribute just to go back by myself.”

“It’s good that you know.”

That’s all Tigre could say.

“Besides, what does tribute mean?”

“I wonder what the life of Her Highness will be like?”

Tigre glared at Lim. As if to say, “Stop it.”

“Just kidding.”

She replied so with a straight face.

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