Madan no Ou to Seisen no Carnwenhan – Chapter 2

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Tigre and Guinevere continued to fight a figure on a flying dragon as they ran and hid from tree to tree.

The power of the opponent’s bow was so powerful that with each arrow strike, several trees in the forest were collectively obliterated. In the blink of an eye, a burnt out field spread out. In contrast, the power of Tigre’s black bow was only able to attenuate the power of the opponent’s arrows and reduce the damage at best.

Combined with the protection provided by Guinevere’s short stick, they were finally able to defend themselves.

To top it all off, the other side still seems to have plenty of time to spare. They’re not going to be the same as the ones you’re used to.

Tigre and his team were on the defensive.

”Do divine weapons have a rank? Are the divine weapon held by that flying dragon rider far higher in rank than our own? If I had a holy sword like the one the Knights of the Round Table obtained, I might have been able to resist a bit more.”

“Your Highness, you’re so calm and relaxed.”

“It’s just a joke to ease your worries, please don’t take it seriously.”

But Tigre shook his head. He thought she was right. It wasn’t that Tigre thought that he and Guinevere were far inferior to their opponents in terms of weapons, but that there should be a reason for such a shocking difference in strength between them. He agreed that Guinevere was right to think in terms of setting up a hypothesis like this.


Tiggle put his thoughts into words as he moved behind a tree trunk that blocked the enemy’s line of fire.

“We haven’t used the full power of this weapon yet.”

“That’s also possible. But do we have enough to prove it?”

Tigre recalled what Lim had said before about the war princess Eleonora Virtalia. I seem to remember her mentioning the connection between the dragonic weapons and the war princess, hearing voices that couldn’t be called words, treating it as an object with a will… and so on. And also──

“And…make a wish.”

I remember she seems to have said that.

She said that in order for the dragonic weapons to exert more power, you would have to make wishes with stronger intentions. They, or their willed weapons would respond to strong wishes. More importantly, the dragonic weapons should be treated as…

“As a friend, huh?”

Tigre gazed at the black bow. All this time, he had only regarded this bow as an ordinary prop.

Of course, it was a family heirloom that he treasured very much. But when he was using it, he only treated it as an item for his own use. For the dragonic weapon, it should be treated as a close friend and leaned on naturally. Treat the dragonic weapon as a personalized individual. The most important thing is to recognize and respect that the Black Bow has a will.

“Please, my comrade.”

Tigre began to speak to the Black Bow.

“Lend me your power. Give me more power than I had when I defeated the flying dragon.”

It was as if he heard a voice from the black bow. Tigre understood what to do. He felt the power flooding from the bow and then nodded his head resolutely.


Guinevere looked rather confused. Because the short stick in her hand began to glow. She felt her short stick, was sending power to Tigre’s bow.

Tigre smiled at her.

“Your Highness, please stay here and wait.”

With that announcement, he jumped out from behind the trees.

The figure on the back of the flying dragon seemed to have been waiting for Tigre to appear and immediately turned to him, raising its bow.

Tigre looked straight at the opponent and put an arrow on his bow.

The opponent, as if echoing Tigre’s actions, nonchalantly tightened the bowstring. It looked like it was really playing with itself. It was no wonder, it was able to use more of the power of the artifact than Tigre, certainly with such an easy attitude.

And that was the only flaw Tigre could exploit.

Take advantage of his opponent’s arrogance and complacent attitude and use this arrow to completely knock him down. It was Tigre’s only chance of winning.

Tigre could feel through his skin that the power emanating from the black bow was getting stronger and stronger. In order to avoid being detected by his opponent, Tigre suppressed this power until the instant before the shot. Focusing everything, on one point.

Concentrate on the tip of the arrowhead.

Obviously no one had taught him, but somehow Tigre just could do it. Because he had to do it, he did it. Now, he knew how to use the black bow better than anyone, including the first person to ever hold it.

He was so convinced.

A split second before the arrow was fired, the figure on the dragon’s back faltered.

Tigre understood, he sensed it. But it was too late. Tigre and his opponent released their arrows at the same time. The arrows from both sides shot out with a loud noise and clashed in the center between them.

Tigre’s arrow shattered his opponent’s arrow and continued to reach the flying dragon with undiminished momentum.

The arrow pierced the body of the flying dragon, causing a huge explosion. A fierce flash of light enveloped the surroundings, and Tigre subconsciously closed his eyes.

The dragon wailed loudly, and the sound was terrifyingly chilling.

Tigre opened his eyes with trepidation and saw the setting sun and the dragon falling to the ground with the sunset as a backdrop.

What surprised him even more was that the mountain that towered to the west behind the flying dragon had a hole punched through near the mountain and then began to crumble. It seemed that the arrow that had just shot through the flying dragon hit the mountain behind it, liberating all the remaining power.

As a result, the topography of this island changed.

The top of the mountain slowly and gradually collapsed.

It was a horrifying force. It’s not something that can be unleashed by a human being. Tigre felt that he could understand just a little bit of the anguish of Elen, who held the arifar.

At that moment, coaxing laughter rang out under the sunset sky.

When he looked, a lone human was floating in the sky where the dragon had stagnated earlier.

It was the person who had been riding on the dragon’s back, Tiggle realized.

The bow in its hand was still intact. Nevertheless, the figure was so tattered that even in the backlighting, he could see it. The leather armor was scorched and burned, and its clothes were torn off in places.

”Excellent, the bow of this generation!”

It was a high-pitched voice that it was impossible to tell if it was male or female.

The figure, floating in the air, exclaimed with a laugh. Tigre could only watch in amazement.

Is it possible for a human being to float in the sky to begin with?

Is it really a human being?

I’ve been told that there are some dragon weapons that can transcend human knowledge.

“In that case, as the King of the Magic Bullet, it’s time for me to show my true abilities.”

A frightening shiver ran down Tigre’s spine.

A terrifying presence rises from the figure floating in the air, calling himself the King of the Magic Bullet.

He immediately understood that it was something that shouldn’t be made enemy.

He had to run away quickly.

But, how to escape?

The other side would never be careless again, and the situation was undoubtedly desperate. Even so, Tigre still drew an arrow to his bow.

Even if it’s not his match, at least he should take an arrow. He hoped that Guinevere would be able to get some distance between them in the meantime.

He prayed fervently. It was at this time

A blue sword leapt out of the forest crown and sliced through the right eye of the King of Magic Bullet. The opponent faltered and the arrow in its hand dropped.

The blue sword seemed to fly away into the distance as it was, but on the way, it turned and returned to its original location.

The interference was so sudden that Tige’s head hadn’t had time to comprehend what was going on. But he understood that it was an opportunity. He gathered all his strength into the black bow and liberated it. The arrow shot out with an even louder bang than earlier. This all-consuming death blow flew precisely towards the King of Magic Bullet….

A flash of light came on next, so he couldn’t see what the outcome actually was.

Had it really beaten that person?

Tigre looked up at the sky, feeling a sense of urgency.

When the light disappeared, the figure floating in the air was still alive and well. Floating with the sun falling down on the other side of the mountain behind him.

Is that blow not good enough? Tigre looked at the figure in the sky, stunned.

That person gripped his bow with his right hand and pressed his right eye with his left hand. There was no doubt that he had caused great damage.

A high laugh, echoed.

It was the laughter of a figure in the air, a laugh that could not have been a man’s or a woman’s.

“Splendid, splendid. I’ve enjoyed it. I’ll see you again, my archer. Next time, I’ll be in earnest.”

Those were not Asvarre’s words, but Zhcted’s.

The backlighting made it impossible to make out the expression on its face. Despite this, Tiggle understood that the figure looked straight at him and said so.

“Tell me your name.”

“Tigrevurmud Vorn.”

“The name of this generation archer, I’ll remember it.”

The one who claimed to be the King of the Magic Bullet quickly waved its arm holding the red bow. As it moved its bow, grains of red light danced around. The moment the grains made contact with the ground, a violent tornado erupted, and a cloud of dust rose up and covered his vision.

When the vision cleared, the archer floating in the air had disappeared.

It was only then that Tigre fell to his knees with his whole body limp. Guinevere came running to him in a hurry.

”Lord Tigrevurmud, are you alright?”

Next, it was Lim who emerged from behind the trees.

In her left hand she held a red sword and in her right hand she held the blue sword that had injured the person who had claimed to be the King earlier. Both swords were a little shorter than ten chet (about a meter).

Where did she get these swords?

“Liam, I see you’re safe. That’s great. We’re so lucky.”

There was only one thing Tigre understood now.

That Lim had saved his life.

“You saved my life. Thank you.”

If it wasn’t for that one throw, Tigre would have had his life reaped by that floating person in the air by now. If that person was serious, it would have been easy for him to kill Tigre….

“Let’s get out of here for now.”

Lim told him, with a tired look on her face.

“Also…there’s something I must tell you and Her Highness Guinevere.”

Tigre nodded, he took it for granted. What exactly was that strike just now, and what were those two swords?

These have to be asked to be clear….

Tigre thought his voice sounded distant.

He had reached his limit.

No, his burdens had long since surpassed his limit, and it was only willpower that kept his body moving. Now, he relaxed his taut nerves in one breath.

Tigre listened in a blur as the two females called out to him, then passed out.

There was the sound of wood burning.

Tigre opened his eyes.

It was night. The light of the full moon illuminated the trees of the forest in a silvery shade.

He found himself lying under a tree, and underneath his head as a pillow is the bag he had been carrying on his back earlier, which he had borrowed from the villagers.

He lifted his upper body to see that a line of bags was set up by the campfire. Tigre’s black bow was standing up against the trunk of a tree, and Lim’s hat was there as well.

Currently Tigre was the only one around the campfire.

That was careless, Tigre thought to himself. He sighed, remembering what had happened so far. After he passed out, there should have been only two women there. They probably couldn’t have carried him far.

“It’s because I fainted, isn’t it. It really caused them a lot of trouble.”

But he couldn’t stand it any longer, physically or mentally.

It had been a long day. Just after waking up, he went to fight off the soldiers who attacked the village, then he met Guinevere, went to look for the dragon’s remains, and was attacked by a mysterious archer riding a dragon.

What was the meaning of what the self-proclaimed King of Magic Bullet said before he left?

“The archer from this generation, huh… “

At the time he looked directly at Tigre, I think he said so.

What exactly did that mean? Guinevere was present at the time, and it shouldn’t be wrong that the target he came to attack was definitely her.

However, he seemed to pay more attention to Tigre.

And it was puzzling that he was speaking Zhctedian..

Could it be that in this land of Asvarre, he could tell right away that Tigre and the others were related to Zhcted? No. Besides, Tigre isn’t even a Zhctedian. He was born in Brune.

“Forget it, it’s useless to think about it any longer.”

Tigre stood up. He could hear the gurgling of the river. He wanted to wash his face, so he walked at a feeble pace.

It was dark, but due to the moonlight illuminating the entire forest, it wasn’t so hard to see his feet.

Tigre had often imitated hunters going into the deep mountains alone since he was a child in Alsace. He had even more experience walking in the forest at night. He was confident that he wouldn’t get lost.

But because of that, he was negligent.

Tigre cleared the grass and found the river, so he walked carelessly to its banks, and that’s when he realized there were people in the river.

Two women were bathing in the middle of the river.

It was Lim and Guinevere. Both had let their hair down and were naked in the moonlight. Tigre could have averted his eyes immediately, but he couldn’t help but keep staring at them.

By the time he sensed that something was wrong, it was already too late. The naked image of the two woman had been burned into his mind and lingered, leaving him both regretful and shaken.

As a result, he accidentally stepped on the gravel beneath his feet.

They both looked in the direction where Tigre was at the same time. Lim was busy covering her ample breasts; while Guinevere was still calm, tilting her head slightly and only saying “Oops”.

“Lord Tigrevurmudr, you’re finally awake. Are you in good health? At the time, you didn’t respond no matter how much you were shaken, so Lady Limalisha suggested to lie you down for a while.”

“Ah, oh, I’m… I’m fine now. Thank you for your concern, Your Highness.

“This isn’t the time for such words, Lord Tigrevurmud.”

Lim glared coldly at Tigre before he realized he had made another mistake, apologized and turned around. Only a sigh from Lim could be heard behind him.

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