Madan no Ou to Seisen no Carnwenhan – Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 – Guinevere

On the back of the dragon, which was flying at high speed in the air, there was a young man lying on its back. He was holding on to the scales protruding from the dragon’s body, bearing the strong wind pressure.

The current altitude must be over one hundred alsin (about one hundred meters), and although the ocean was below, the fall would be fatal. The dragon was flying at high speed, heading straight west.

Although spring was approaching, it was not comfortable to be on the back of a dragon flying like a falcon at this altitude. The wind was so cold that it seemed to be tearing at his flesh, his teeth were chattering, and he could barely feel his arms and legs. The skin of his hand that grasped the scales broke and blood gushed out, but the blood quickly froze.

It seemed his body won’t be able to hold on much longer, but if he provoked the dragon, he would be in trouble.

The young man desperately tried to stay conscious, peeking out from the dragon’s back to look at the dragon’s front leg claws. The woman, who was held tightly by the claws, was paralyzed and her body was swaying in the wind.

“Lim! Limalisha!”

The young man called out the woman’s name. The blonde and blue-eyed woman, who was usually expressionless, was shouting with sorrow on her face, asking the youth to run away.

As he looked at her, the young man was suddenly agitated.

No matter how, no matter what, he must protect her.

The youth’s name was Tigrevurmud Vorn. Those close to him called him Tigre.

He is the only son of Lord Vorn of Alsace, an outlying land of Brune, and will be sixteen years old this year. By some misfortune, he was on board Zhcted’s ship. Just this morning, the ship was attacked by a dragon at sea, and he is now clinging to the dragon’s back.

Seeing Limalisha was caught by the dragon’s claws on board the ship, he jumped from the mast to the dragon’s back in a rush.

He was so intent on saving her that he unconsciously threw himself up against the beast, which was no less than a hundred chet (about ten meters) long with its wings spread wide.

He was so overwhelmed that he can’t remember exactly what happened….

Anyway, the dragon grabbed her, carrying Tigre on its back, and flew upwards from the boat, hovering higher and higher. There was nothing Tigre could do but cling to the dragon’s back.

He watched as the ship’s shadow became smaller and smaller, as small as a pea grain, and then completely invisible. After that, no matter which direction he looked in, he could only see an endless horizon. The dragon just kept flying in a straight line over the vast ocean, as if something was attracting it from afar.

No, the dragon could be attracted to something.

Tigre kept feeling a strange sensation tickling somewhere in his mind, as if someone was calling him from far, far ahead, the direction in which the dragon was flying.

“Who is it!?”

Tigre bellowed. Naturally, he got no reply, and in its place, the pain of the freezing cold seemed to ease a little. He had an incredible sensation, as if a membrane was covering his entire body.

At the same time, the black bow he held in his left arm began to glow with a pale green light.

Tigre’s eyes widened in surprise.This was the heirloom of the Vorn family, and his father had given it to him when he was about to leave home. According to his father, he had heard the oracle in a dream. He couldn’t understand why his father, who normally didn’t believe in prophecies, would say such a strange thing.

The land came into view in the distance.

“Is that… the continent? No, or is it the island? Is it the island of Asvarre?”

If it was really Avarre Island, it would have been at least ten days’ journey from the ship that Tigre had taken, and the dragon had travelled such a distance in such a short time. Exactly how long it took is unknown, but the dragon arrived before Tigre’s strength was exhausted.

Soon the vast mountain range came into view and the dragon slowed to a crawl, then took up a landing position. Below was a large leafy forest.


He let go of the dragon’s scales and let himself fall, then used his left arm to grip the dragon’s hind legs. As the dragon’s feet wobbled, he let his body swing like a pendulum, and let go at the right moment. His body then flew out in a parabolic curve and floated upwards for a moment.

Within a very short moment, he pulled out the last remaining arrow from the quiver and placed it on his bow. His fingertips were already bruised from clutching the scales so tightly, and the blood drained from them stuck to the bow; fortunately, he was so close that he didn’t have to worry about missing.

He pulled the bowstring and shot.

A light flashed in his vision, and the wail of the dragon could be heard in his ears. In a distant consciousness, he caught the woman who had fallen from the dragon’s claws in his arms.

Faintly, she opened her eyes.

“Lord Tigrevurmud Vorn.”

Tigre heard her murmur as they fell together. And that was the last thing he remembered before he lost consciousness.

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