Madan no Ou to Seisen no Carnwenhan – Chapter 1

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“To begin with,” said Guinevere.

She rumored to love wandering around, but truth is slightly different.

She said that it was because she longed for the legends of the ancestor Artorius that she had wandered around Asvarre seeking out the various legends of the Knights of the Round Table, and that she had learned of the existence of the artifacts in the process.

“You may mock me as much as you like for being a foolish woman. In fact, I’m just an empty princess, unable to do anything but wait for the day when I will marry a lord. Perhaps I’m doing this because I’m desperate for such a future, so I’m trying to escape from reality.”

Although the result of her travels has helped her save people, like the village, but she had no particular ambitions, Guinevere said derisively.

“I don’t know much about the artifacts. I only know that a few of the Twelve Knights who followed the ancestor Artorius had special tools. According to the literature, they were the same as the dragonic weapons that appear in Zhcted’s founding legends – and that’s about all I know. One legend mentions that the tools are given by gods, or their messenger, the spirits, so they are also called divine tools. I have seen and heard that name in some of the texts and oral traditions.”

“Are they all called artifacts?”

“No. Some legends call it the weapon of the spirits, others the weapon of broken dragon.”

“Spirits…. and broken dragon?”

Lim thought again. As Eleonora’s adjutant, what kind of existence does dragon tools really look like to her?

Tigre doesn’t think he could fully understands her doubts. Likewise, Lim should not be able to understand Tigre’s complicated feelings towards Blackbow.

“But, that’s all I know. I’m sorry, but I don’t know how to use the power of that bow either.”

“Lim. How did Eleonora use Arifar’s power?”

“I’ve heard her say that she can use her power naturally when she gives the order. I was there when she first invoked the power of the viralt and I didn’t see her do anything special.”

It said Eleonora and Lim were both mercenaries who traveled from country to country together.

One day, Arifar suddenly appeared before Eleonora’s eyes, and she knew she had become a war princess.

Although there were many conflicts afterwards, Eleonora ruled the duchy under the guidance of the Dragon-Tool, and Liem became her most trusted confidant. Tigre knows how strong their friendship is.

In short, all Tigre understands is that he still doesn’t know how to use the power of the artifact.

After all, it wasn’t even clear whether the black bow he was holding was really an artifact.

“Lord Tigrevurmud. You said that the bow was handed down from ancient times, but I remember that the people of Brune despised the art of archery, didn’t they?”

“The first head of House Vorn was a hunter. He was recognized for saving the life of His Majesty the King at the time, and was awarded an earldom and a territory. The bow was considered a family heirloom because he was a hunter and had nothing else… I thought so before.”

That’s what his father thought, too, probably. Although it was passed down from generation to generation that the bow was to be used when it was really necessary, it had been kept as a decorative bow until Tigre took it away.

The mere use of the bow was despised in Brune, and had no place in noble society. He also felt inferior to the bow.

It was not until he went to Leitmeritz as a guest that such values changed.

The people of Leitmeritz – including, of course, Lim – all praised Tigre’s bowmanship. But Lim’s praise was a little different: “Your talent and efforts have not been stifled, thanks to Lord Urs’s guidance. But it would have been better if you had been more strict in your reading, writing and arithmetic as well.” Since Tigre’s academic performance was abysmal, Lim took a sarcastic swipe at him in a compliment like this.

“So, the family legend doesn’t say that this bow can harm dragons?”

“My father and grandfather treasured this bow as a family heirloom, but they never used it as a weapon. I’m the only one who’s ever used it as a bow.”

“In that case, maybe there is a condition that must be met before the power of the dragon can be used to harm the dragon.”

After all, there was so much evidence in front of him that it was hard for Tigre to deny the possibility that the bow could shoot through the dragon scales. In that case, the only important thing is how to use the bow’s power.


Lim seemed to think of something and looked to Guinevere.

“Your Highness, your previous visits were all based on the legends of the Knights of the Round Table. So, does your visit to this village mean that it has something to do with the Knights of the Round Table as well?”

“Although it is lands related to legends, to be honest, there are legends scattered all over Asvarre Island. Some of them are fabrications, false claims, or misrepresentations of similar legends. As for this area, it is said that there was a lake here, where the Spirit who gave the sword to Knight Lancelot resides……but unfortunately, I didn’t find any similar place when I last explored the area.”

“It makes sense to form a village or two near a lake But now there is no trace of it, could it be that it was dried up?”

“Even if the lake is far from a human settlement, it doesn’t make sense that no one knows about it. That’s why, when I last explored this area, I decided that it had nothing to do with the legend of the ancestor Artorius.”

But Guinevere chose to flee to this land when the capital was conquered.

He was able to communicate with them several times and understand their friendly attitude. But even so, Tigre still felt that she was really determined.

The same goes for the exhumation of the ancestor’s tomb. This woman, Guinevere, despite her quiet appearance, has at least one of the qualities a ruler needs – determination.

And she didn’t have a chance to use it. If nothing else, she would one day marry a powerful lord and die as one of the elements that strengthen the power of the state.

Now that her father and siblings have been slaughtered, she is the only surviving member of the royal family. This must have been more than she could have ever dreamed of.

Even under such circumstances, she chose to survive.

She fled to the land, where she met Tigre and Lim, who had survived by killing the dragon.

“Even if the legend of this land is wrong, I was able to save the village from being invaded by bandits. That’s why I know you now.”

“That’s right.” Tigre nodded in agreement. “It’s hard to predict what’s going to happen.”

“Let’s get down to business. The reason I asked you two to let me go with you today was to try something.”

Guinevere pulled out a short, unadorned staff, a ceremonial staff that did not seem suitable for a princess to hold.

“It was given to me by the attendant of His Majesty… who had escaped from the capital. He said it was a treasure passed down from generation to generation, and must be entrusted to someone with royal blood.”

“Where is that man now?”

“He was mortally wounded when he found me. When he had fulfilled his faithfulness and accomplished his mission, he was gone.”

Then Guinevere prayed for the dead with the prayer of Asvarre.

“I think this should be possible. I’ve managed to make a hole in steel armor in my previous attempts.”

What is she going to do? Tigre and Lim looked at Guinevere in puzzlement. As they watched, she gently pressed the short staff against the dragon scales.

The tip of the staff began to glow with a slight red light.

Then, the part of the scales that was harder than iron against the staff slowly melted away.

“This is…….?”

Tigre and Lim stared at each other.

And Guinevere was so shocked that she almost let go of her short staff. She hurriedly held it and stared at the dragon scales that continued to melt. In this way, a few breaths passed.

Guinevere gently removed the staff from the dragon scales. As the light from the tip of the staff disappeared, she stretched out her hand, seeming to want to touch the part that was emitting red light just now.

“Your Highness, wait. Please let me to do it.”

Of course, he can’t just let the princess do something so dangerous.

Tigre hurriedly stepped forward, but Guinevere shook her head and said, “It’s okay,” and touched the front of the staff.

“It looks like the dragon scales were melted with a high temperature, but it doesn’t feel hot at all. Maybe this short stick has the same origin as your black bow.”

Guinevera nonchalantly put her finger on her jaw and thought.

“I don’t remember such an item being mentioned in the legend of the Patriarch Artorius and the Knights of the Round Table… Then it must have been deliberately concealed by the royal family, so it’s more natural to think so. However, even if it can melt the dragon scales slowly like this, it doesn’t seem to be of any use in actual combat. There might be other ways to use it. But I don’t know anything about fighting, so I can’t think of any other ways to use it.”

“Your Highness, you said that you’ve tried it before, right?”

Guinevere nodded in the affirmative to Lim’s question.

“Why did Your Highness try it then?”

“When I held the staff in my hand, I knew how to use it for no reason. It was as if the staff itself was telling me to use it this way. As for how it told me, I said it was a voice, but it wasn’t so clear.”

Tigle thought to himself that this part was different compared to the Black Bow and the Dragon-Tool of Ellen that Lim had said. What exactly does this difference mean?

Although it might be useless to think about such things, at this moment, I would like to gather as many clues as possible to free the power of the Black Bow.

“Your Highness, can I borrow that short staff of yours?”

Tigre borrowed the staff from Guinevere with the mindset of a dead horse.

And like she had done before, he pressed the tip of the staff against the dragon scales.

Nothing happened.

With Guinevere’s permission, she gave the staff to Lim instead.

“Huh? Me?”

Lim took the staff and tried to swing and stroke it, and then pressed the tip against the scales as well.

Still nothing happened. That’s all she got.

Guinevere watched with great interest as she went through the process.

“Your Highness, I’m very sorry, but it didn’t work.

“Don’t say that. It’s a very meaningful result. It’s almost a certainty that I’m the only one who can use this staff, after all the attempts.”

Guinevere took the staff from Lim and showed them both how to melt the dragon scales again.

The staff will only work in the hands of the princess.

“Could it be that only a limited number of people can use this artifact?”

Lim put her hand over her mouth and whispered to herself.

“At least we know that Zhcted’s Dragonic Weapons chooses its user at its own will. If the Dragonic Weapons are a type of artifact, then it is not surprising that other artifacts have the same characteristics. In other words – only those who are approved by the artifact can use it.”

Tigre looked at his Black Bow.

Could it be that one must first obtain the approval of the Black Bow to use its power? Is it because the bow hasn’t been approved by him yet that Tigre can’t use its power freely?

Anyway, at least Tigre succeeded once. So it’s not like he completely unsuitable. It’s a pity that he can’t remember what happened at that time…….

Given the opportunity, the trio decided to descend from the dragon’s carcass first, and then let the knight and hunters who were waiting below try Guinevere’s staff.

As expected, neither of them were able to melt the dragon scales with the staff.

Then all of them tried again with Tigre’s black bow. Again, there was no response.

These attempts were all initiated and actively pursued by Guinevere. After all, it was Her Highness’s order, and no one dared to resist.

“These experiments are meaningful.”

The Princess said with a smile. Her expression seemed to be overflowing with genuine happiness, so much so that she forgot her current situation.

“Okay, let’s peel off some dragon scales and take them home. Normally, it is impossible to process dragon scales, but now that we have this short staff, it will be an invaluable help.”

Under Guinevere’s guidance, Tigre was given a piece of dragon scales, about the size of a smaller shield.

Tigre picked it up with one hand and found it to be very light. He thought that it would make an excellent piece of defense. It would be handy for hunting.

However, since Tigre is an archer, he prefers a fighting style that allows him to move his body deftly… This would be more suitable for a fighting style like Lim’s, and she would feel much more at ease with this type of equipment.

The dragon scales might also be used as weapons. If you sharpen the scales and use it as a short sword, you might be able to pierce the dragon scales.

“To be honest, I was thinking of bringing back some more dragon scales, but I’m afraid it’s not going to be easy. The problem is that we don’t have enough time.”

“Yes, the problem is that we don’t have enough time,” said Liam, as Guinevere spoke leisurely.

“It’s all about how many weapons we can have before the enemy sends their next troops. Your Highness said it took you a month to get to that village…”

Lim then asked.

“How long would it take an army of average size to travel from the royal capital, Colchester, to this village?”

“It takes about 20 days to get here,” she said. “However, it would take half a month just to get to the entrance of the mountain range, and once inside the mountain, we would have to pass through narrow roads and sometimes form a single column to advance. The larger the army, the slower it should be.”

That’s why she chose that village as a temporary refuge.

Guinevere is the only direct heir to the late king. Generally speaking, the usurper will not let her go, and will send an army of thousands of people to kill her immediately. It is not difficult to anticipate this.

The problem was that the army under the impostor who called himself Artorius was not acting in accordance with the ordinary theory of military operations.

The most unreasonable thing would have been to invade Zhcted before settling the situation at home.

This led to Leitmeritz’s resistance and the arrival of Tigre and Lime on the island as they are now.

“Perhaps it’s important to understand the enemy’s motives for their actions,” he says.

Tigre’s mind was filled with the thought that it was important to understand the enemy’s motives.

At first glance, the actions of the imposter Artorius seemed nonsensical, as if they were being scrapped together. But they must have had a good reason in mind. Perhaps this reason is the key to victory.

It’s just an instinct.

But it’s a hunter’s intuition.

Tigre may be young, but he’s a seasoned hunter. He has the experience of hunting deep into the mountains, spending days chasing down his prey, and he has been lucky enough to have defeated a dragon once.

Therefore, he understands how important it is to read his opponent’s movements when hunting. The beast’s physical strength was greater than that of a man, and even if a man could use tools, hunting a beast was not an easy task.

However, beasts have their own reasons for their actions. As long as the hunter understands their reasoning and uses it to their advantage, they have a high chance of killing their prey.

“In any case, there is still not enough information. Maybe we’re overreacting and the Importer Artorius are just acting on a whim. If that’s the case, there’s a lot we can do.”

“Is that really the case? I don’t think there’s anything to be gained by making light of the enemy.”

Lim pointed out. Tigre nodded, thinking she was right.

“That’s why it’s important to know who you are and what you’re up against, and then… what goes? I think a strategist once said something like this.”

“Know your enemy and know yourself, and you’ll never be in danger. That’s what an Eastern strategist said hundreds of years ago.”

Lim glared sternly at Tigre.

“Then, let’s go back to the village first.”

Guinevere said and turned her back on the dragon’s remains. It was at this moment…

Without warning, a strong wind blew.

In a moment of desperation, Tigre leaned in to protect Guinevere, pushing her body toward the trees. A scream could be heard from behind.

Tigre saw the slender body of Lim, a short distance away, being blown away by the wind and disappearing into the shadows of the other side of the tree. The lead hunter lets out a stifled scream and ducked behind another tree.

The lead hunter suppressed a scream and ducked behind the other trees.

At that moment came the tragic scream of Guinevere’s entourage of attendants. Tigre turned around and saw that the man was covered in lacerations, blood spurting out of the cracks in his armor.

The man’s last words were “Your Highness Guinevere”, and he remained a loyal knight to the monarchy until the very end.

In the end, before Tigre had a chance to learn his name, Guinevere’s sidekick fell to his death.

Tigre continued to shield Guinevere behind his back, looking slowly around him.

The sun was setting over the remains of the dragon. Light began to come in where it was once dark and surrounded by tall trees.

All the trees on the west side had been blown down.

The cause of this strong wind was blocked by the burning sunset and floated in the western sky.

A black dragon was flapping its wings at an altitude of twenty Alsin (about twenty meters).

A human figure was riding on the back of the dragon.

Because of the backlight, it was impossible to see the man’s face. The figure is slender and wears leather armor, so it is difficult to tell if it is a man or a woman.

The figure riding on the dragon’s back held a bow in its hand.

Tigre placed an arrow on his black bow, and the other side placed the arrow on the bow with the exact same motion as in a mirror.

The two bowstrings are fully drawn and the arrows are released.

Two arrows clash in the center of the bow, and both arrowheads shatter at the same time.

Fragments of the arrows fell down on Tyger. He realized – the man had just seen the trajectory of Tigre’s arrow and had hit it accurately.

The opponent reloaded his bow again.

From the atmosphere, it seemed that he was looking for a laugh. He seemed to be saying, “You’re next.”

“Okay, I’ll show you.”

Tigre also took out his second arrow and loaded his bow. They both shot at the same time. Tigre’s arrow struck the Dragon Rider’s arrow with precision.

Both arrowheads rammed again, then shattered.

“Amazing, what a skillful bow stroke!”

Guinevere, who was at the back, took a breath.

“There are two archers with such great skill!”

Tigre was also surprised, this was the first time he had ever met an opponent whose archery was a match for his own.

It seemed that his opponent was thinking the same thing. Although he couldn’t see its face, Tigre could feel it – it was quite happy.

At almost the same time, the two of them brought the third arrow to the bow.


Both arrowheads ruptured again and burst. Shards of the arrow scattered from their heads, and Tigre stared at the figure on the dragon with a menacing expression.

He felt as if he were laughing.

The bow in his hand began to glow red, and Tigre felt a great power gather around it.

Something told him – it was an artifact.

It was the same kind of thing as the dragonic tools, Guinevere’s short staff, and Tigre’s black bow.

The archer was about to unleash the power of the artifact.

I have no choice.

That’s all Tigre knew. He knew that the only thing he could do now was to use the power of the Black Bow, or else he would die.

There was no way to escape. If they can chase him from the air, he will either become a target or be eaten alive by the dragon.


Tigre tightened his bowstring and prayed at the same time. The wound that was created when he was clinging to the flying dragon opened up, as if due to excessive force, and blood was stained on the black bow.

At that moment, the black bow sprang to life.It was an unprecedented feeling.

“No, that’s not it.” Tigre remembered. He knew it himself, remembered the feeling, remembered it clearly. When he was riding on the back of the dragon, Tigre understood it exactly once.

He understood the heart of the bow.

The figure on the back of the flying dragon shot an arrow at Tigre.

Almost at the same time, Tigre also let go of the bowstring. Both arrows shot out with a dazzling flash of light and collided head-on with a roar in the air.

The impact caused a massive explosion, followed by a deafening bang.

Tigre’s body was blown away by the wind, but someone grabbed him by the shoulder. It was Guinevere. The woman who had been hiding behind Tigre, raised her short staff as if to protect him.

Without realizing it, the tip of the staff glowed with a blue-white light.

The blue-white glow spread, spreading like an umbrella in front of Guinevere and Tigre. As soon as the umbrella-like blue-white light hit, the leaves and dirt were blown away by the blast and fell to the ground.

The scene was dusty, nothing to see.

The dragon and the man on it were nowhere to be seen, nor did they know where Lim and the hunter were.

“Lord Tigrevurmud. This short staff has suddenly glowed as if echoing your bow. Let’s get out of here while we still can,” Guinevere whispered.

Tigre nodded, then took her hand and ran off at a run.

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