Madan no Ou to Seisen no Carnwenhan – Chapter 1

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After a brief moment, Tigre and Lim gathered together with Guinevere and her accompanying knight in one of the rooms of the chief’s house.

Guinevere Colchicum Ophelia Bedivere Asvarre. According to the information that Lim has just provided in whispers, she was the first princess of Asvarre and will turn nineteen this year.

This small room is too shabby for a queen to be in, but her presence alone seems to make even the humble walls shine.

Sunlight streamed in through the only window in the room and shone down on Guinevere, who stood upright. Even when she was asked to sit down, she insisted on not doing so because she was on the demanding side of the equation.

Guinevere’s attendant knight stood a step behind her, unarmed but seemingly wary of Tigre and the others.

“Please help me,”

Guinevere repeated thus.

Her voice had a compelling charm to it. Born a princess of Asvarre, the pinnacle of nobility, she’d spent her entire life learning how to drive people with her words and actions, and her voice was irresistible.

But it’s what she says that’s the problem. What did she mean when she said, “If you can’t even slay a dragon,” what does she mean?

Tigre shook his head and looked over at Lim, who was beside him. Lim looked at Tigre with the same confusion.

Their attitude infuriated Guinevere’s knight attendant. But Her Highness immediately stopped him and said, “I am the one who is asking the two of you.”

“One moment, Your Highness. I have no idea what’s going on, so let me get my bearings first.”

So asked Tigre.

At that moment the attendant knight shouted again, “Watch your mouth!!”

“No problem. If you make any more noise, get out.”

Guinevere’s words confused the knight quite a bit, and now Lim took the place of Tigre and apologized for his rudeness. Tigre bowed, but Guinevere shook her head and said again, “That’s fine.”

“Your Highness, I’d like to ask you something. What exactly is this ‘that’ you speak of?”

“Alright, I have not yet explained to you the circumstances under which my father and brothers were killed, the reasons why our knights died bravely, and the reasons why our soldiers obeyed “that”.”

Father, brothers… What is she talking about? Have the king and princes of Asvarre been murdered?

Rebellion-that was the first word that came to Tigre’s mind.

He recalled the words of the soldiers who had attacked earlier. It seemed that the most of Asvarre’s royal family had been killed in a rebellion, ruthless and brutal, like weeds that have been cut down. Lim seemed to be of the same mind, except that she raised one eyebrow.

However, it didn’t seem to be your average rebellion, at least not as things stood. Guinevere’s next words immediately confirmed this.

“The dead have returned to life.”

It’s hard not to wonder if she’s gone crazy.

The legend tells about the story of the founding of the Kingdom of Asvarre three hundred years ago, the ancestor Astorias and twelve knights of the Round Table joined forces to conquer the island of Asvarre.

The Knights of the Round Table who followed Astorias were special beings who were blessed by the Red Dragon, and each of them had their own unique story to tell, adding a lot of color to the legend.

When Tigre first read the story, he thought, “This is just like the legend of the founding of Zhcted.”

As part of his studies at the court of Leitmeritz, he had been asked to read various stories under Lim’s guidance. The founding sagas of Zhcted and Asvarre were also part of the material.

In Zhcted’s Founding Saga, the story also begins three hundred years ago, when warlord ruled. A man who called himself the Black Dragon gave seven weapons to seven women from each of the seven clans and led them and the clans under their leadership to overrun the surrounding area, establishing the foundations of the nation.

Together, the seven war princess and twelve knights of round table served their founding kings three years ago.

They were the chosen ones who were inspired by the gods and given special powers to assist the king.

The difference was that the Twelve Knights disappeared from history, while the Seven War Princess still have their successors today. However, the people of Zhcted were unaware that the dragonic weapons have a will of its own, and that it had chosen the warrior princess of its own accord.

“That man appeared only three months ago. He claimed to be the ancestor Artorias, and led his knights, claiming to be the rightful ruler of Asvarre, and that he was about to conquer it. They first appeared in a town southwest of our capital, Colchester, which fell in less than a month, killing most of the Asvarian royalty.”

At this point, Guinevere’s expression turned sorrowful.

“My father, my brothers, and even my younger siblings were all killed. I’m the only one left alive.”

At least she wasn’t lying to Tigre and the others. Tigre stole a glance at Lim, who was blinking her eyes frequently with her usual expression.

Tigre understood that Lim was confused too. She didn’t know how to react to what she had just heard.

As Eleonora’s adjutant, Lim had a lot of experience in dealing with high ranking nobles on her behalf. That’s why she didn’t know how to react when such a noble person said such a ridiculous thing in front of her.

“At first, no one took them seriously, because there were only a few of them. However, in less than half a day, they had captured the first town. Most of the soldiers in the town were inspired by the charisma of the man who called himself the Patriarch Artorius and joined to the enemy camp. In addition … they have multiple dragons in tow.”

Lim drew a breath. Having fought the dragon with her, and finally arrived on its back on Asvarre, Tigre knows how terrifying dragons can be.

The dragon’s scales were invulnerable, and its arms were strong enough to shatter walls. If there had been an army in the history of the world that could tame dragons, it would have been easy for such a nation to dominate the continent.

In fact, there is no such country in history, because there has never been a human being who could tame a dragon. Therefore, the fact that the Asvarre army manipulated the dragons to confront Tigre and Lim was in itself an extraordinary event.

Is it possible that the Asvarian people who came to Zhcted were……..

“Although I haven’t seen it with my own eyes on the battlefield, I’ve heard that our country’s army is losing ground due to the ravages of the dragons, and that the betrayal of the soldiers has lowered their morale. And so…….”

“The king and his sons and daughters were all killed by the man who called himself Arterius the Patriarch. Except for one – the woman named Guinevere, who was killed by the man who called himself Artorius the Patriarch.”

Guinevere’s escape seems to have been the result of a combination of chance and good fortune. It happened just as she was leaving the palace on a journey with a handful of her followers. She herself described the trip as a “personal hobby”… but now would not be the time to ask such questions.

“Why are you telling us this?”

That’s all that matters to Tigre.

Tigre and Lim are just strangers who happened to be rescued by the inhabitants of this village. And Guinevere is said to have escaped to this place by chance as well. So, why did she seek a help from them?

“I heard from the villagers that someone beat down a dragon.”

Tigre and Lim looked at each other. Then Tigre spoke up.

“Your Highness, I’m sorry to disappoint you. We only defeated the dragon by chance.”

“I don’t think dragons are opponents can be defeated by chance. I have been led by villagers to see the remains of the dragon you defeated.”

At this point, Guinevere’s face suddenly turned pale. What exactly did she see? “Your Highness, please sit down.” Her attendant knight came over to care for her, but she interrupted the knight from going on, looking directly at Tigre.

“The condition of the remains was horrific. The left wing had been uprooted, and the fellow hunters found a piece of spattered bone lodged deep in a distant tree. I’m told that you two were clinging to the dragon, so I’m assuming that you were the cause of it.”

Tigre was puzzled as to how the arrow could have pierced the dragon scales. He began to ponder….

Then he recalled his memory of the time when he forgot to fight for his life.

That’s right, I did do it himself. No, it was hard to say whether it was my own power or not… but if she insists..

Tigre looked at the bow he had just used to repel the enemy.

The black bow was a family heirloom that had been passed down from generation to generation, but nothing unusual had ever happened to it before. In Tiger’s eyes, it was just a strange but durable bow, that’s all.

That time, it was different. Only that time when he fought the flying dragon.

Tigre remembered. There was an incredible sound coming from the black bow.

After jumping down from the back of the flying dragon, Tigre pulled the bowstring as hard as he could, and an unknown force emerged from the black bow.

“Lord Tigrevurmud.”

Someone called out to him.

Tigre quickly turned around. Lim was staring at him with an indescribable expression.

Was what had happened between me and Blackbow really real?

Is it okay to talk about this now? In the first place, I don’t think she would believe me if I told her….

Guinevere didn’t know what Tiger was thinking, but she shook her head slowly.

“Of course, you don’t believe me yet, but as long as I stay in this village, they will attack again.”

“With all due respect, why did Your Highness flee to this village?”

Teigel asked. He asked because he wanted to change the subject a little.

“Because I know the people of this village are grateful to me.”

Guinevere began to explain. Although she was a princess, it seems to be a well-known fact in Asvarre that she likes to wander around.

In fact, she often took a handful of her followers to various parts of Avarre to collect local legends. She only travels to areas where the legend of the Knights of the Round Table still exists, so the people around her do not interfere with it except as entertainment.

“But that’s what my brother used to make fun of me for,” she says.

Guinevere said. Even little things like that seem to make her nostalgic.

And when she traveled to towns and villages, there were times when the local authorities would ask for the royal family’s help through her.

This village was no exception. At the time of Guinevere’s previous visit, it was plagued by bandits.

These bandits attacked during Princess Guinevere’s stay in the village and threatened the villagers. At the time, Guinevere had only a few followers, but the bandits numbered around thirty.

However, Guinevere’s men were able to defeat the bandits and restore peace to the village.

After all, they were the Princess’s escorts, and they were very skilled, if not outnumbered. The bandits were defeated easily because of their low morale and the fact that they underestimated the villagers.

In this way, the village and other nearby settlements were saved from the bandits. As the nearby lord refused to send an army to fight the bandits, the inhabitants were left desperate and with no future in sight, their gratitude to the princess grew even stronger.

Guinevere is being hunted down by the usurper’s army, and the village is willing to take her in for these reasons. The villagers are determined to protect the princess, as they have saved her life before.

The village has a new watchtower, and it’s very well-built, so the perimeter has been reinforced to keep the bandits away.

Tigre nodded, clearing his mind.

“But why would a princess like you go on a trip like that?”

Tigre asked her that. Although he had knowledge that the Knights of the Round Table, who founded this Kingdom of Asvarre with the founder Artorius, became the object of belief and even had their own temple. But why would a princess of the kingdom visit a place where knights are worshipped? That’s ridiculous.

“That’s because…”

Guinevere hesitated for a moment before answering. The random attendant interrupted her with a short “Your Highness”. Guinevere probably felt that she had almost strayed from the topic, so this time she honestly accepted the knight’s advice.

“I’m sorry, let’s get back to business.” He said, and asked Guinevere how she arrived at the village.

It took her about a month to reach the village after the fall of the capital, and she spent the next month writing letters and checking on the situation outside the mountain range.

As a result, the soldiers found this place before the lords came to protect her.

“I knew it,” pondered Tigre.

Essentially, that she needs now is not a hero, but an army to fight against the usurper. Rather than begging Tigre and Lim here, it would be more meaningful to contact the lords who haven’t fallen into enemy hands yet.

“Your Highness, I have two things are bothering me.”
This time it was Lim’s turn to ask.

“First, what is the origin of the man who calls himself Artorius? Your Highness, you said that the dead man was resurrected. Do you know his track?”

Following her intuition, Lim decided that this was something that needs to be clarified right now, whether or not Guinevere is hiding something else from her.

Guinevere’s friendly smile disappeared.

A brief moment of silence passed before she whispered something to the knight. The knight bowed respectfully, then went to the next room to fetch a carefully sealed box, long and slender enough to fit a sword.

The knight laid the long, slender box on the table, tore off the seal and opened the lid.

Inside was the bone. It seemed to be the bones of a man’s right hand, which was quite old.

“May I ask what this is…?”

“Before I came here, I dug up the tomb of the ancestor Artorius.This is the only bone I found inside.”

Tigre was astonished. The other reason for his surprise was that there was only one bone left in the tomb.

What Guinevere sais next was even more shocking to Tigre, who says, “After all, it was three hundred years ago.

“No matter how carefully it was preserved, it will inevitably be damaged,” she said.

No matter how carefully it was preserved, it was bound to get damaged. “The biggest problem is that according to the rumor, the person who called himself Artorius and usurped the throne was a one-armed man who lacked a right hand.”

Tigre gasped.

“Is it true that the deceased was resurrected?”

Even the normally cool-headed Lim stared at her. Guinevere calmly shook her head and replied, “I don’t know if it’s true or not yet.”

“You can’t tell the world about this. I’m afraid I’ll be blamed for digging up the tombs of my ancestors,” said Guinevere. “It is enough to assume that the usurper is an impostor of Astorius,” she said.

Tigre thought that she was right, and that it would be easier to convince the lords and the people in this way. The unreasonable story of the resurrection of the dead is not what politics wants.

What they need is a more realistic story.

“But those of us who confront them need to know that. Assuming that the dead really are the living dead, the legendary characters, they may have powers beyond those of ordinary people. Therefore, Lord Tigrevurmud, I need your strength.”

Tigre was confused, but he nodded.

The facts were unconventional, but the evidence of the situation was overwhelming. In that case, perhaps the possibility of the deceased being reanimated must be taken into account.

“And then the second question.”

In the first place, the reason that Tigre and Lim are here on Asvarre is that Leitmeritz’s army is at sea fighting dragons.

“Your Highness must be aware that we are from Zhcted.”

Tigre and Lim explained briefly how they had come to the island. As for Guinevere’s reaction, even at the unbelievable news that she had come on the back of a dragon, she just stared and said, “So you both defeated the dragon, and now everything makes sense.” And she believed them right away.

“But that was not the point.”

“No declaration of war had been issued before Asvarre’s arrival, and there was no response to Zhcted’s warnings. The Zhcted’s navy met the Asvarre’s fleet off the coast of Legnica. Your Highness, is it possible that the command of the Asvarre’s fleet that attacked Zhcted had already fallen into the hands of the fake Artorius?”

“What? Did our army send troops to Zhcted?”

Guinevere looked quite traumatized and hung her head with a sorrowful expression. It was only after a moment that she lifted her head and said in a trembling tone.

“Until then, I had never heard of an invasion of Zhcted by the Asvarre navy. I am not well versed in politics, but at least I have heard my father say that he wants to maintain friendly relations with Zhcted. How could it be that he is now attacking?”

Her Highness shook her head.

“It was three months ago that the imposter Artorius and his army appeared. The capital was sacked two months ago. The ship that fought Zhcted’s generals must have been sent by order of the Imposter Artorius.”

Tigre and Lim looked at each other. Guinevere’s situation was indeed pitiful. By the time Tigre jumped on the dragon’s back, the Zhcted army had already suffered damage and even have sinking ships. Although the outcome of the naval battle is unknown, Zhcted will surely consider Asvarre as an enemy and will soon send his troops against it. In other words, Asvarre was about to be confronted with an internal and external dilemma.

However, if the Asvarre navy defeats Zhcted navy so badly to the point of can’t resist, that is the different story.

“Having said that, there is one thing I don’t understand. Why would they send an army to attack Zhcted before hunting me down? I don’t mean to think highly to myself, but isn’t it generally the right thing to do to calm down the situation at home first?”

“The fact that there were only about twenty soldiers pursuing His Highness may be a matter of rather alarming concern.”

That’s what Tigre said. Even if they’re the first squadron, there are too few of them. That’s the reason why he so uneasy. He couldn’t understand the meaning behind it.

“Your Highness, why is Imposter Arterius so eager to invade Zhcted? What reason do you think of?”

Guinevere shook her head. Then she re-emphasized that her late father, in his life, was trying to establish a friendly relationship with Zhcted.

Tigre stole a glance at Lim and noticed that she was staring at Tigre, as if she had something to say. It was obvious that she wanted to bring this intelligence back to Zhcted right away.

“Your Highness, we understand what you’re thinking. But it’s not a question that can be answered right away. Please, Your Highness, give us a moment.”

Tigre suggested, feeling that he had to discuss it with Lime first. And Guinevere simply agreed.

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