Madan no Ou to Seisen no Carnwenhan – Chapter 1

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He sighed as he lay in bed, remembering what had happened so far.

So many things have happened in quick succession, and it’s amazing how bad it’s gotten.

Lim brought him his original clothes, so he got out of bed and put them on. The spots where the dragon scales had protruded had been repaired.

“The villagers were very generous and repaired it. Would you like some water?”

“Yes, thank you.”

Tigre took a drink from the wooden cup, the cold well water he had picked up this morning was very thirst quenching and he felt his brain clearing up.

“By the way, what about that dragon? What happened afterwards?”

“What happened? You knocked it down, didn’t you?

According to Lim, when the villagers saw the dragon on the hill, they sent the hunters to check on it and found it dead. The hunters found a collapsed Tigre and a confused Lim, who had just come out of a coma, and carried them back to the village.

“The dragon is dead?”

Tigre tilted his head in puzzlement. He had encountered a dragon in the Vosges Mountains when he was fourteen years old, and had managed to defeat it by running and dodging and taking advantage of the terrain. It was pure luck then, and if he were asked to do the same thing again, he would never have agreed. He knew better than anyone else that it would not be easy to slay the dragon. All dragons have scales that are invulnerable to weapons, and their vitality is extraordinary.

“Well, if it had fallen with that force at the time, it might have died. And that flying dragon’s condition suddenly changed on the way… Oh, I remember now… The bow emitted green… Oh, right, where is my bow?”

“It’s over there. The villagers brought it back for us.”

Looking in the direction Lim pointed, a black bow was standing up against the wall. Tigre breathed a sigh of relief and reached out to pick up the bow. Despite the critical situation, there was not a single flaw left on the bow’s surface. It was an important family heirloom. To lose it would be a shame to his father and his ancestors, and he would be ashamed to return to Alsace.

“Lord Tigrevurmud always carried that bow with him.”

“It was only for a moment, but I was so shaken by the situation that I forgot about it… Lim, what are these arrows?”

And beside the bow stood the quiver with about ten arrows in it.Tigre remembered that he had shot the last arrow in his fight against the flying dragon.

“A hunter in the village gave it to us. He said a bow isn’t a bow without arrows.

Tigre thought to himself, “I’ll be sure to thank him later. But before that, we must find a way back to Zhcted, right?”

“Lord Tigrevurmud, there is another matter I must report to you. It is beyond my power and I wish to speak with you.”

“What a surprise that there is something you cannot resolve on your own.”


As Lim hesitates, a commotion occurs outside the hut. Could it be a bandit or a wild animal attacking the village? Tigre picked up his bow and quiver of arrows and walked out the door. A damp wind was blowing.

The smell of the air was indeed different from that of the mainland.

A faint nostalgia arose in his heart and he looked around him.

The village seemed to have been built on a corner of the forest, and the number of households was about twenty, making it a large settlement.

Assuming that there are seven to eight people in each household, the total population of the village is about 150 people. The village is surrounded by a wooden fence, which is used to prevent the invasion of wild animals.

On the east side of the fence there was a simple gate and a watchtower, and there were a dozen or so men with weapons in their hands. Although they were weapons, only two of the older men were holding crude bows, while the others were armed with hoes, axes for chopping wood, and sticks.

They were shouting loudly, and their voices sounded very uneasy. Although they were speaking in Asvarian, their accent was very strong.

Even so, Tigre couln’t understand what they were saying.

“The enemy is coming.”

That’s what they’re saying.

At that moment, a middle-aged woman noticed that Tigre was leaving the hut with a bow. She shouted “Long” or something, and then ran away.

Tigle didn’t know what to do, so he stopped. Lim followed afterwards and patted the back of his head lightly. The sword she had previously held on the battlefield was lost when she was caught by the dragon, and now she has a hoe in her hand. It seems she intends to use the hoe as a weapon for now

“Although I know Asvarian, but I can’t get the deeper meaning. She just asked you to go the village chief.”

Lim first checked the surroundings, and then continued in a low voice:

“They say the soldiers are coming and they have to protect something. It looks like something big is going on.”

“It’s very unsettling.”

Tigre and Lim ran towards the village gate.

“Whoa, Dragonslayer, you’re awake at last.”

An elder man stood near the village gate and shouted exaggeratedly at the sight of Tigre and Lim, spreading his arms wide. He was holding a plain axe in his hand, and as he threw his arms wide open, the man standing next to him ducked out of the way.

The man who ducked out and the first elderly man who carelessly swung the axe seemed to be unaccustomed to using weapons. It’s not surprising, this is a remote village in the mountains. But what matters is what he says. If Tigre’s understanding of his Asvarre language was correct, he had just said….


“They seem to believe that we killed the dragon.”

“That’s quite something.”

Lim glared at Tigre, who returned the shrug.

“Please tell us, why are soldiers from this country attacking this village?”

“That’s because…”

The chief had a bitter look on his face. At this moment, the man on the watchtower shouted, “It’s coming!” Tigre decided it was not the time to ask questions, but to change his mind.

“How many soldiers do they have?”

“There’s about 20 of us. And we have about forty men to fight.”

The number of households in this village is about twenty, which means that there are two men per household who are ready to fight.

He said they could fight, but Tigre guess they were all just waving their weapons around.

“Dragonslayers. We’ll fight too. Can you help us, please? As you can see, we don’t know how to fight, but we will certainly fight like hell.”

Tigre quickly exchanged glances with Lim.

He said, “The villagers here have been kind to us, they’ve saved us, they’ve given us food and shelter.”

When a benefactor asks for help, it’s a no-brainer for him.

“Are you going to act on your feelings?”

“I’m just trying to do what makes sense.”

Lim stared blankly at Tigre before nodding and replying, “Okay.”

After a few moments of discussion, it was decided that Lim would take command. She was experienced and skilled at commanding regular soldiers, and it was unlikely that she would let the men of the village die in vain.

As for Tigre, he was given a task that only he could handle. He took his bow and climbed up to the watchtower, which seemed to have been built only in the last few years and was solidly constructed, that it is hard to believe it is from a village deep in the mountains.

Looking out from above, he can see that the area beyond the wooden fence is all virgin forest, so vast that you cannot see the end of it. Only a small part of the east side of the village has been cultivated into farmland.

There is a small path that extends out from the farmland. At the other end of the path, a line of figures appeared, moving towards the village. They were armed, carrying spears and shields, the regular soldiers of Asvarre.

The soldiers trample through the fields. Some of villagers said, “How dare they trample on our fields!” angrily.

The man at the front of the troop, his helmet adorned with feathers, stopped a dozen paces from the fence.

This man must be the captain.

The man raised his hand. With a raised wave of his hand, the soldiers in the rear passed on either side of him, coming forward and lining up to the left and right.

“His Majesty Astorias, who founded the kingdom of Asvarre in this land, is the rightful king of this country! In His Majesty’s name, hand over the traitor you’re harboring immediately! Or today will be the end of this village! If you resist, the ruins of this village will become your tombstones!”

“Astorias? The current king should not be called by that name.”

Astorias was the name of the founding king of Asvarre. What is the point of threatening the villagers with the name of an ancient people from so long ago?

The villagers, armed with weapons, kept threatening. The tension between the two sides is high.

Finally, the man in the feathered helmet became enraged and instructed his men to move. The soldiers, shields up, rush to the fence.

“Are they really going to do it?” they said.

Tigre made up his mind, put the arrow on his bow, filled the string, and shot it.

The arrow pierced the helmet of the foremost soldier and struck him in the head. His body spun around and he collapsed. But the rest of the soldiers, who were in high spirits at the rear, did not stop and kept coming. The soldiers rammed the wooden fence and the villagers ran away from the fence.

The villagers ran away from the fence. “Throw stones! Throw the stones!”

Lim’s sharp bark rang out. No one on the enemy’s side possessed a ranged strike weapon. Although the stones thrown would presumably be blocked by the shields and armor, it would be enough if it could achieve a slight traction effect. It would be nice if the enemy could be afraid of getting hit in the thighs and hands that are not protected by armor.

The soldiers, frightened by the stoning, backed away from the fence.

“Now! Hold the fence! The man with the long weapon will thrust out through the gap in the fence! Do not let the enemy approach!”

Lim gave precise instructions. The chief then shouted out to the villagers to do as she said and hand them over to the Dragonslayer to kill their enemies.

To motivate the villagers, Tigre drew three arrows at a time from the quiver, placed them on his bow and shot them in succession. The arrows were fired from the top down at the soldiers trying to knock down the fences with their great shields, it pierced their unprotected hands. And the men recoiled backwards with cries of anguish.

The soldiers in the rear scattered to the sides to avoid the repulsing attack.

The formation broke up. The villagers together threatened the soldiers with their crude spears so that they could not approach the fence.

Only then did the captain look up in horror at Tigre on the watchtower.

Tigre took out three more arrows and shot them at the same time. Each arrow hit the helmets of the soldiers with unparalleled precision. Suddenly the soldiers felt a cold sensation in their heads, let out a stifled scream and fell on their asses.

Tigre took another arrow from the quiver and stared at the man in the feathered helmet from the watchtower. The two men looked at each other.

“There is a sniper! And the arrow is quite accurate. Staying here would only be a target for him!”

Thinking that he might be the next victim, the captain shouted the order. As soon as the soldiers heard this, they fled in confusing manner. It is pity that it was the soldier with the feathered helmet who ran ahead first

After observing the situation for a while and decided that it was safe, Tigre lowered his bow and stepped down from the watchtower

As soon as he arrived, he was surrounded by the villagers. The villagers wildly blessed him, patting him on the back, patting him on the shoulder, and even nudging him on the chest with their elbows. Tigre smiled, knowing they meant no harm.

Tigre held the rest of the arrow in his quiver and asked.

“Who gave me these arrows?”

A man with the build of a bear walked out of the crowd. He wasn’t there a moment ago. Tigre thanked him with a smile on his face.

“Your arrows were a great help. These arrows are really good. Can I have some more?”

“Sure thing, Dragonslayer.”

The crowd was in an uproar, chanting the man’s name and shouting “Long live the Dragonslayer” in a celebratory mood.

“Well done, Lord Tigrevurmud.”

When the villagers’ welcome was over, Lim spoke to Tigre.

Her face was usually blank, but now it was even more so.

Because she knew it would never end there.

Of course, Tigre knew that when he shot the arrow, too. He had left the captain alive because he judged it would be easier to force the enemy to retreat.

“I wonder how many troops will be sent next time?”

“That depends on what’s behind this village….”

Lim shook her head with a confused look on her face, “If what I just heard is true, there will be at least a hundred people out there. Maybe even 200, or even 500.”

“You heard that from the sidelines?” Tigre stared at Lim, whose expression remained unchanged. What she probably meant was, “If you want to know, there were better people to ask.”

“I think they were talking about traitor or something like that.”

“Yes, they did. We are aware of that,” the one who replied was chief.

Tigre tilted bis head.

“This village will defend the Queen with its life.”

“Queen?” Tigre was puzzled by these words.

“Although it’s a bit hard to believe, do you mean to say that Her Highness the Queen of Asvarre is currently in this village?”

Lim asked. Tigre remembered what Lim had taught him in class. There were queens among the successive kings of this kingdom of Asvarre. Compared to Brune and Zhcted, where women had no right to inherit the throne, the female royals had a higher status. However, among those who had the right to inherit the throne, it was probably the male who had the higher rank…….

“Yes. We are guarding Her Highness Guinevere. The only member of the royal family who escaped from the despicable usurper.”

From the words of the village chief and the shouts of the soldiers, it is certain that a coup has taken place on the Asvarre Island.

“Please tell us the details.”

“Then, let me explain.”

A clear female voice rang out. The men, who had been chatting with excitement after the battle, quieted down.

A woman made her way through the crowd and stepped forward. Her black hair was waist-length and her eyes were like rubies. She was wearing a loose dress that concealed her slender body.

Her eyes were sharp and clear, and as soon as they met Tigre’s, they drifted downward.

With a melancholy beauty, Tigre felt like being inhaled. It was as if it was not from this world, or like a fairy from a fairy tale.

The woman lifted her thin lips and said.

“I’m Guinevere Colchicum Ophelia Bedivere Asvarre. I am the Queen of this kingdom of Asvarre.”

She did not speak in Asvarian, but the Brune language with which Tigre was familiar.

Tigre had the illusion of seeing a white lily in bloom and drew a breath. And Lim who was standing beside him seemed to have shaken her body. Could it be that she was also shocked by Guinevere’s noble aura?

It was unbelievable that Her Highness would appear in such a mountain village. Generally speaking, it was unbelievable, but judging from the reactions of the people around her, it seemed to be true.

Then, the words that came out of her mouth were – Please.


With tears in her eyes, she continued in a pleading manner.

“Please help me, Sir knight. Sir Knight of the Dragonslayer. It must be God’s plan to meet you here. Because if you don’t have ability to slay the dragon, you can’t even stand against that.”

So – Guinevere continued.

“Please, please, please, please help me.”

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