Madan no Ou to Seisen no Carnwenhan – Chapter 1

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Tigrevurmud Vorn is the son of the Earl of the Kingdom of Brune. The first time he saw Limalisha was a year ago.

Tigre was fifteen years old and Limalisha was eighteen.

Just as the snow was beginning to melt and the sun was getting stronger, that day, with several horsemen at her side, Limalisha visited Alsace, where Tigre lived, as an emissary of the Duchy of Leitmeritz

Although Brune was a great kingdom, the Vorn’s territory was so small that no matter how hard they tried to mobilize, they could only muster three hundred men to fight the war. In contrast, the Duchy of Leitmeritz is one of the seven duchies of neighboring country, Zhcted, with more than a thousand cavalrymen and infantry conscripts, it can form an army of several thousand soldiers. The difference in strength between the two sides was as vast as the difference between the two sides.

On the other hand, Limalisha was appointed by the Vanadis, the lord of duchy, and she came here to propose the formation of friendship, which confused Urs, Tigre’s father, at first.

“I appreciate your offer. But why now, at this time…?”

“The relations between Brune and Zhcted are now stable. In order to promote trade and enhance the development of Leitmeritz, we need to deal efficiently with some of the conflicts that are currently occurring throughout the Vosges Mountains. Therefore, Therefore, we hope to cooperate with your consul.”

“The offer sounds good, but it would be remiss of a lord to accept what he is told without thinking about it. For example, if roads were improved, the invasion would be easier.” After Urs responded in polite way, Limalisha thought for a moment and then replied, “Then, how about building a small fortress with a surveillance tower at the end of the Vosges Mountains? Of course, the management of the fortress will be left to your consul.”

After hearing this, Ursus replied, “I was questioning your sincerity,” and apologized for his disrespect. He then accepted the proposal of Limalisha. Tigre heard this from Limalisha later on.

Urs summoned Tigre and asked him to greet Lim as an envoy from a neighboring country.

He said, “If you don’t mind me asking, how are bows and arrows treated in the Zhcted?”

“Like spears and swords, knights and soldiers used bows and arrows as their normal weapons. Those who were good with the bow were appreciated by all.”

Since he was child, Tigrevurmud Vorn was not good with a sword, and his only skill was with a bow. However, in the aristocratic society of Brune, the bow was despised. The people of this country thought that a bow and arrow could not be the key to victory or defeat in battle. To be a nobleman or a knight, one should wear heavy armor and charge with a sword or a spear on a horse as an act of courage and honor. As a result, Tigre suffered from social ostracism and was always lacked confidence.

That is why he asked such a question. When he heard his neighbor’s ambassador’s reply, Tigre made up his mind.

“Forgive me for making such a sudden request, but…. may I ask you to see my bowing skills? If you think I have potential, can you take me to Zhcted?”

Tigre could clearly feel how surprised his father, Ursus, was. But Ursus didn’t say a word, silently acknowledging the determination of his only son.

Afterwards, the group headed out into the wilderness. Tigre shot an arrow in front of Limaliaha and beautifully hit the target, which was about three hundred meters away.

Limalisha looked genuinely surprised.

“Your skill with a bow will certainly be a good incentive for my soldiers in Leitmeritz,” she said. “And it will certainly be useful for you to see the skills of other archers. Earl, I beg you to allow me to bring Lord Tigrevurmud to Leitmeritz for a short stay. I promise to treat him as a VIP.”

Urs was surprised by the attitude of Limalisha, but on the spot he said, “I would be very grateful to you for that.” He agreed to let Tigre go to Leitmeritz. For Tigre, as the only son of a nobleman, despite his family’s modest means, he never imagined that his father would allow such a capricious request.

“I intend to let him in inherit this land of Alcase eventually. Please train my son in the ways of Zhcted so that he will understand what it is like to rule.”

When Urs finished speaking, he decided to send Tigre on his way.

However, he had to go to the capital of Brune first, as he had other important business to attend to. Therefore, Tigre left Alsace half a year later, in early autumn.

Just as Urs had requested, Limalisha taught Tigre many things in the Duchy of Leitmeritz. As a teacher, she was strict, but not only strict. She would teach patiently until Tigre understood. She would praise the answers that Tigre had thought through with her heart, even if they were still inadequate.

Although her facial expressions are often emotionless and unpleasant, she smiles on the rare occasions when she is not. Without realizing it, Tigre began to actively engage her in conversation in order to see her smile.


It was at that moment that Tigre sought her permission to address her by such a nickname.

Her title was that of Princess’s Adjutant, but she was carrying out official duties as, in essence, a representative of Leitmeritz. Tigre was puzzled by this and asked her about it. He also learns that Eleonora and Limalisha are close friends, and that they call each other “Ellen” and “Lim”.

“Ellen is currently in the Duchy of Legnica. Following the will of deceased Vanadis, Alexandra Alshavin, she stayed there to resolve the remaining issues. So for the time being, I am protecting Leitmeritz as the princess’s representative.”

As she spoke of Eleonora in such a way, she seemed happier than usual and even proud of herself, so Tigre envied Eleonora a little.

She finally agreed to let Tigre call her “Lim”, but she still addressed him as “Lord Tigrevurmud”. She said that this was her character. So Tigre decided to wait for the day when nicknames would come naturally to the two.

There are seven duchies in Zhcted Kingdom, and their Lords are called “Vanadis.” Vanadis wasn’t hereditary, and people believe that they were chosen by King. However, Vanadis actually chosen by Viralt, a Dragonic Weapons that had been handed down from generation to generation in Zhcted, and they have consciousness. Only the Viralt themselves know the standard of choice. According to Lim, Eleonira Viltaria was a mercenary before she became a Vanadis.

In the early spring of this year, about a month ago, Eleonora, the original master of Leitmeritz, instructed to form an elite army and head for the Duchy of Legnica. As the navy of Asvarre was approaching, the reinforcements of Leitmeritz were needed.

Brune was located to the west of Zhcted, and the kingdom further to the west was the Kingdom of Asvarre. Asvarre was originally an island nation, and its territory was limited to one island, Asvarre. However, under the reign of Queen Zephyria, the kingdom was extended to the mainland and gained vast territories.

There are numerous small islands scattered in the sea between Asvarre and Zhcted. The fishermen who came to Eleonora for help were the ones who were based on those islands.

Therefore, it was only natural for Eleonora to ask for reinforcements in order to fight against the intruders.

Limalisha immediately organized a force of a thousand elite soldiers. Tigre also took the initiative to ask for reinforcements.

At that time, Tigre’s skill as an archer was well known in the palace of Leitmeritz, and he was on good terms with the soldiers and the inhabitants of the neighboring towns, so he considered himself practically a member of Leitmeritz.

Lim, who was impressed for a bow that could hit targets beyond three hundred alsin, agreed to let Tigre go with him as a guest general.

In Legnica, Limalisha was reunited with the Vanadis Eleonora. It was at this time that Tigre first met Eleonora Viltaria. She has silver hair and red eyes, she waa sixteen years old, the same age as Tigre. The first time they met, she was curious and kept looking at him.

“You’re the man Lim brought here? What does she see in you, with your silly face?”

She looks as if she’s found an interesting toy, making Tigre rather confused and tense to the point of incoherence. Lim intervened and made up some excuse to keep them apart.

A few days passed after Tigre boarded the boat. It was on this day, shortly after the sun rose, that the Asvarre’s navy was spotted.

Surprisingly, there were a few flying dragons, Vyfal, in their side.

The dragons are said to dwell deep in the mountains and forests, far away from people. Their scales are strong enough to block steel, and nothing can harm them. They are fierce carnivores, highly intelligent, and will never come close to humans. There are many stories and legends of dragon slaying, but it is generally believed that it is not something that humans can do. At least that’s the case in normal people.

It should be impossible to kill a dragon by normal means. The desperation of looking up at a huge dragon from a rocking ship at sea was enough to demoralize the soldiers.

However, the soldiers of Leitmeritz knew–

“Watch it, Tigre. We have a Vanadis with us.”

As Tigre climbed the mast to shoot arrows from above, a soldier om watchtower told him so.

One of things that makes Vanadis so powerful are their Dragonic Weapons (Viralt). Eleonora’s Viralt is a longsword called Arifar, which has winged blades and is so graceful that it could be mistaken for a work of art.

The Vanadis are able to use the true power of the Dragonic Weapons, a power that can shatter the dragon’s scales.

When Eleonora raises her Viralt, a blast of power that could shatter boulders is immediately followed by a loud bang that shoots at the flying dragon in the sky, and then…

As soon as the attack touched the chains wrapped around the dragon’s neck and torso, it dissipated like cloud. As it turns out, Asvarre knew of the existence of the Viralt and its killing techniques, and had prepared a strategy in advance.

Even the elite Leitmeritz soldiers were confused when they saw that the power of the Vanadis would not work. Eleonora desperately ordered her troops to regroup and dodged the incoming dragon’s claws.

After that, it all comes crashing down.

Tigre jumped on the dragon’s back because Lim, who was commanding from the other side of the ship, was caught by the dragon.

Tigre doesn’t remember much of what happened after that, except for the fact that he was desperately trying to catch the dragon. And soon afterwards he saw land – the island of Asvarre. Tigre heard a strange voice, and then…….

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