Level Reset Gomi Skill da to Kanchigaishita Keredo Jitsuha Tondemonai Cheat Sukiru datta – Chapter 8

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“Message for you. I’ve just received word that the First Princess of Yuresh, Nina Yuresh, has escaped.”

In the dimly lit audience room, a soldier who was riding a fast horse to deliver a message announced with a pale face.


The elderly man, dressed in luxurious armor, responded briefly, and when he thought he had drawn his sword at his waist, he sheathed it.

Instantly, the head of the soldier who came to deliver the message is blown backwards, spraying a spray of blood.

The body that lost the organ that sends electrical signals laid down helplessly, staining the silver tiles red.

The well-dressed aristocrats around gulped down their saliva and turned pale as they watched.

Some of them turned their heads back and let out what they were feeling.

In the midst of all this, a rotund man sitting in a gleaming chair rises with a loud clatter.

Then he pointed at the elderly man and growled loudly.

“Julius, when will Nina be mine? You know I spent so much time dropping Logimel, Diain, and Yuresh for nothing!”

The elderly man, called Julius, turns toward him and kneels reverently.

“With all due respect, Your Majesty, Rone. The command of this army was in accordance with your instructions.”

“How dare you blame me!!”

The man called Rone threw the cup in his hand at Julius.

Julius didn’t even try to prevent it, he just took it in the head. The sharp point of the cup hit his forehead, cutting it and causing blood to start flowing.

“I’m sorry, Your Majesty. I behaved in an unbecoming manner.”


Rone responds to Julius’ acknowledgement by sniffing.

In response, Julius’ expression didn’t change, but a blue streak rose up on his forehead.

“This is the last time. If you fail next time, you’ll be dead!”

Without realizing it, he spat out a discarded line at Julius, and Rone looked into a slightly larger paulownia box that had been placed beside him.

“Almost there. In a few moments, your daughter will be mine. I’m looking forward to it, Olivia.”

Rone grinned, lifted the paulownia box, and walked back to his room.

Silence envelops the audience hall.

“It is you who must behave yourself. You ugly, mad pig!”

Julius mutters this in a whisper so that no one can hear and stands up.

“Call Fourlock.”


In response to Julius’ call, a soldier responds.

The soldier ran out of the audience hall.

A few minutes later, a young knight appeared, accompanied by the soldier.

“Fourlock Arekright. I am here to serve you.”

The man, who introduced himself as Fourlock, knelt reverently before Julius.


Julius confirmed this and nodded in satisfaction.

“Fourlock. Order your men to search for Nina Yuresh. This is a royal decree. Life or death, I don’t care. I want to see this done.”

Then Fourlock’s face lit up with a gleam.

“Yes, thank you very much. In the name of the Lisbet Seven Star Squadron, I will definitely live up to your expectations. Captain Julius!”

Fourlock replied with a hand to his chest and sashayed out of the audience chamber.

“There’s nothing easier to use than a straight, obedient young man.”

It’s a whisper that no one can hear

The trading city of Jorgen is a short distance from Wisheside.

That’s where Ragnus and Nina were.

Nina was lying on the bed in one of the inn’s rooms, and Ragnus was beside her, lost in thought.

“After all, why did my SP go to zero?”

No matter how many times he thinks about it, there is one answer he would come to.

All lost in exchange for a rainbow skill called [Peerless]. This was the only explanation.

“But the normal consumption is 100, right? Even 100 is quite a bit, how can 3000 SP disappear in an instant?”

Originally, he was going to get about 30 skills, but they were all taken by [Peerless], a skill with limited use.

Nevertheless, it was also true that they were able to escape from the soldiers thanks to this [Peerless]. Ragnus, who judged that even Wishside was dangerous, kept running as long as the effect lasted, to the limit if he wanted to escape, and as a result, he arrived at this Jorgen.

“It’s okay, I can increase the SP again. If I use this [Peerless], I might be able to raise levels that were previously difficult.”

A skill that improves your status for one minute. The math is that if you use this in front of a terrifyingly strong monster, for example, and beat it, you’ll level up quickly and your SP will go up faster than ever.

It used to take me 50 to 100 days to accumulate about 100, but if I do well, I think 10 days or even 5 days will be enough.

But the first question I want to check is my status. What’s going to happen to it?

I opened the status screen and checked my status.

Ragnus Zweig.
Lv: 3
Muscle strength: GG
Physical strength: G
Intelligence: G
Magic power: G
Speed: GG
Fortune: G
SP: 1
Skills: [Level Reset] [Peerless].

Thanks to the fact that I’ve been running at probably ridiculous speeds, my level has gone up by one. However, my status has decreased overall. This is probably the result of the half reduction. And even now, after several hours, it has not returned, which means that the status that was reduced by half will not return to the original.

Normally, this would also qualify as a trash skill, but if my hopeful notion is correct, I’m almost there to prove it.

I counted down, looking at the clock on the wall.

The long hand and the short hand overlap each other at the place of Ⅻ.

At the same time I opened my status.

Ragnus Zweig.
Lv: 1
Muscle strength: G
Physical strength: G
Intelligence: GG
Magic power: G
Speed: GG
Luck: GG
SP: 2
Skills: [Level Reset] [Peerless].

…… Good.

I take a gut pose in secret. I knew I had the right idea.

The effect of level reset has reset the status. This means that the debuff effect of [Peerless] has been canceled.

If you’re an ordinary person, halving your status is a bad idea. But not me. For me, the status halving for one day doesn’t affect me much, as my level returns to 1 every day.

Furthermore, the [Peerless] skill hadn’t disappeared either. After all, the skills I get are not reset.

The answer that has been hypothesized for five years is now clear, and hope suddenly overflows in me.

“No. ……”

While I was alone with my joy, I heard Nina’s voice from the bed.

I looked over at her and saw that she had gotten up from bed. It seems that she is awake.

“Hello, sleepyhead. You’re finally awake.”

I turn to Nina and call out to her.

“Rag …… Nus? Where am I?”

With vacant eyes, Nina scurries around.

“This is Jorgen’s inn. At any rate, we’re a long way from the forest, so I think we’ve got our pursuers covered.”

“I see.”

Nina looks relieved at my reply.

Then she froze when she saw her own reflection.

“Oh, your clothes? You must have been running around in the forest for a long time. You were all sticky with mud and sweat. It was a hindrance to wiping your body, so I gave them to the landlady to be washed.”

“What the hell are you doing….”

Nina suddenly ticks over and speaks in loe voice. What’s going on all of a sudden?

“No need to say thank. By the way, I also wiped your body. You should be grateful to have a reliable slave like me.”

I puffed out my chest and told her. I’m a very clever guy. The two years I spent as a slave were not a waste.

“Go to….”


“Go to the hell!!! You pervert!!”

The moment she shouted that out loud, my neck snapped hot and electric shocks ran through my body.


“I can’t believe it!”

She wraps herself in a blanket and distances herself from me.

I don’t know why, I did it for goodness sake. I was brought to consciousness by the electric shock while holding such a question.

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