Level Reset Gomi Skill da to Kanchigaishita Keredo Jitsuha Tondemonai Cheat Sukiru datta – Chapter 61

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Lucy turns back to me at the sound of my voice.

It’s definitely Lucy.

It’s that Lucy!

I couldn’t stand to be there, so I just held her close.

“‘I’ve missed you ……. I’ve always missed you!”

“Rag …….”

Lucy gently rests her body against mine.

“‘I’ve been by your side ……. I’ve been by your side for a long, long time.”

“Sorry, I didn’t notice that..”

My voice gradually becomes faint with tears.

“No. Rag had noticed me. You called me Lucy.”

That day when I ran away from the Zweig mansion.

I named the horse that had been snuggling by my side for so long with Lucy.

The horse resembled my former childhood friend too much for that reason.

“Thank you. For finding me, and for putting me back together.”

Lucy slowly pulled her face away from my chest and looked up at me.

“Rag.. I like you….”

The smile on her face as she told me this was still the Lucy of my childhood, the one I thought would never come back.

“Excuse me. I’m sorry to interrupt your lovemaking, but do you think it’s time?”

Suddenly, I heard Scarlett’s voice and I came to my senses, embarrassed and rushed away from Lucy.

I noticed that Lucy showed a lonely expression and felt a little guilty, but when I thought about it, me and Lucy are no longer children like we were back then.

After all, excessive skinship is not good, right? Yeah.

“Ragnus. Have you noticed anything different about Lucy than in the past?”

“The difference, huh? Oh, that’s right….”

I was so happy to see Lucy that I forgot about it, but there was definitely one thing that didn’t feel right.

“Lucy. What’s wrong with your left eye?”

As I recall, Lucy’s eye color was blue, the same color as her hair.

Her right eye is still the same as it was, but her left eye has clear white eyes.

Yes, the shades are just like …….

“No, wait a minute.”

I walked up to Lucy, gently grabbed her cheek with both hands, and looked into her left eye.

Lucy blushes a little, but no, no, no, I’m embarrassed too, but now I want to make sure I can bear it.

Hey, could it be… …….

“Skill Crystal……?”

Her left eye.

Its coloration was very similar to the Skill Crystals he had seen so far.

Lucy takes my words and shakes her head cockily.

“Why is Lucy’s eye a skill crystal?”

“When the war with Lisbet began, a skill crystal was implanted in my eye. Rone wanted this Logimel skill crystal so badly that he ……”

“Did he want the Skill Crystal?”

“Yes. Originally, Lisbeth declared war because Logimel refused to give up the Skill Crystal. That’s why I had to hide the Skill Crystal to make sure it would never fall into Rone’s hands. And when it became clear that we were going to lose the war, I used Scarlett’s magic to transform myself into a horse and succeeded in making this Skill Crystal disappear.”

“Stop for a second.”

I had to stop the conversation because I couldn’t comprehend some of Lucy’s explanation.

“Did Scarlet’s magic turn you into a horse?”


I had to stop the conversation because I couldn’t comprehend some of Lucy’s explanation

“Yes, it is, though, isn’t it? Fucking loli vampires.”

“Who the fuck is loli vampire? You’re so rude, you’re so rude. ……”

I instantly activated the Peerless, grabbed the chest of the shitty vampire and lifted her up, and put a hand knife to his throat.

“Enough of this nonsense. If there’s anything you’d like to leave unsaid in this life, I’m all ears.”

I’m gratitude for you to have been taking care of me so far.

I’ll at least let you have the last word.

“Wait, wait! It was Ludence and Lucy’s wish that I turn her into a horse!”

“Lucy’s wish?

I turn my head towards Lucy to see if she’s telling the truth.

“‘I asked Scarlett to do it for me. Because if I didn’t, I probably would have died.”

Hearing that, I take my hand away from Scarlett for now.

Scarlett fell directly to the ground according to gravity and fell heavily on her buttocks.

“Ah! I think I’m being treated far too harshly.”

Scarlett complains as she mumbles and glares at me resentfully.

But for me, there was still something I couldn’t agree on.

“Why did you use magic that you can’t dispel yourself?”

The magic of the curse system can only be dispelled with a magical power that greatly exceeds the magical power of the art.

The way I see it, Scarlett is quite the magician.

You know that it is not easy to find a magician who can surpass her.

“It’s because Rag capable enough to turn me back ……”

Then Lucy stepped in front of me and told me so.

“Miss Scarlett said it would be all right because Rag would turn me back…”

I’m capable enough to turn her back?

“I am a vampire with a magical eye. I am a vampire with the evil eye, and how could I not know that this day was coming?”

Scarlett says to me as she rubs her butt.

You mean you foresaw a future where I would get the elixir and ……turn Lucy from a horse back into a person?

“You have a look on your face that says, “Why didn’t you tell me ……?””

“You’re right”

Yes, that’s why you should have explained everything to me from the beginning.

Or are you saying that you didn’t explain yourself to me because it’s not interesting again?

If that’s the case, I’d say it’s time to stop making fun of people for it.

“For the record, I don’t have a definite future for you. All I can do is provide you with guidance. This is for your future, Ragnus…”

“For my future ……?”

“Honestly, I don’t know what the future will be like if I choose to tell you the future. But I am doing this because I believe that you will be saved, rather than because I choose to tell the future.”

“Wait, I don’t know what you mean ……”

“That’s all right for now. In return, I promise to tell you everything when the time comes. More than that. ……”

As if to end the conversation, Scarlett cut it short and quickly pointed towards Lucy.

“Are your new skills any good?”

I huff and turn to Lucy.

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