Level Reset Gomi Skill da to Kanchigaishita Keredo Jitsuha Tondemonai Cheat Sukiru datta – Chapter 60

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I was in a carriage that was taking me from Londerd to a village near Scarlett’s mansion.

“So, where did Keith go?”

After that, I used the elixir on Luriel and healed her.

I was fortunate that I didn’t gain much damage against Hydra, and as soon as I took on Luriel’s wounds, my super recovery kicked in.

As it is, I carried Luriel’s sister with the motionless Hydra on my back and left the crystal cave.

I went back to the city to look for Keith, but in the end I couldn’t find him, and I decided that I couldn’t spend any more time on him, so I decided to go back to Scarlett’s mansion.

“I’m pretty sure he said he had something to do…”

His words and actions as if he had changed, and his sudden disappearance.

The more I think about it, the more I get confused, but there’s no point in thinking about it any more.

The first priority should be Lucy’s recovery.

But I didn’t expect Luriel to want to follow me the day I left Londerd.

“Please let me accompany Rox-san!”


The day after Luriel woke up.

When I was having breakfast at Rondo Inn, I saw Luriel packing up her things and asked her what was going on.

“Why are we talking about that ……?”

I let out a sigh as I run my hand over my head.

“I told you about the hero.”

“The hero thing? Oh, you mean that old thing about the hero and the dancer?”

As I recall, a dancer who stood beside a hero with divine power, that seems to be Luriel’s ancestor.

That ancestor created a dance that mimics the divine power used by heroes, and the effect is exactly like my Peerless.

And so, over time, it seems that she wants to be by the side of the hero and fight with him in the same way.

“You know. I think I said it at the time, but I’m not much of a hero, and the reason I’m doing all this isn’t very complimentary either.”

Yes, my purpose is still the same.

It’s about revenge at those people who treated me like a slave.

I can’t involve Luriel in something as self-satisfying as that.

I’ll say it again, I’m never a good hero.

“Besides, Luriel’s just a kid.”

Even though she had a great battle against Hydra, she was still a child.

I don’t know how many more dangerous bridge crossings like this one await us.

“That’s rude! I’m already 14 years old!”


I couldn’t believe my ears.

Did you just say you’re 14?

“I’m already fourteen years old! I don’t think Rox-san that much older than me!”

Luriel is angry while puffing up her cheeks.

So you’re only three years younger than me? What, are you kidding me?

“Coug, cough. But still. You have to be at least the same age as me first.”

“So, am I not?”

“No, you’re not!”

I know it’s a bitter excuse even for me.

But it would be a disservice to her future if she broke down here.

I have to say no even if I have to be devil here.


Luriel shows a pretense of thinking for a while.

I hope she’ll just back off.

“So that’s your condition?”


“I’ll be allowed to accompany Rox-san when I’m the same age as you, won’t I?”

She asks me, staring straight at me.

As the main reason is that I don’t want her to get involved with me, so the age itself doesn’t matter …….

“Yeah, that’s right.”

At any rate, if I don’t take care of things around here, it doesn’t look like she’s going to back off anytime soon.

And at the same age, that’s three years from now.

By that time, I’m not sure, but I’m sure it will be somehow.

“It’s promise.”

“Alright. It’s promise.”

Three years from now, I’ll take care of the rest.

I get off the place in a village near Scarlet’s mansion.

The sun had completely set and the stars were shining in the sky.

I activate my Peerless, thinking that from here we’ll arrive soon.

After confirming that I was surrounded by a rainbow aura, I started to race towards Scarlet’s mansion.

As I make my way through the trees, a familiar lake appears in front of me.

At this point I kicked the ground and landed right in front of Scarlett’s mansion.

“Indeed. It’s a rough return.”

I turned my head in the direction of the familiar voice and saw Scarlett standing in front of the door.

“You can go outside?”

“It doesn’t matter, as long as the sun isn’t up. Lucy is waiting for you inside.”

After telling me that, Scarlett disappears into the mansion.

I hurriedly followed Scarlett.


The usual audience hall.

When I got there, Lucy came running up to me, looking happy to see me.

“Sorry I’m late, ……. I mean, how are you?”

Lucy rubs her face while sniffing.

“Now, regarding Lucy’s curse, the day changes just in time. Even if the curse bounces back on you, it will soon be undone by a level reset.”

“I knew you knew about the disadvantages of the elixir. That and the level resetting condition removal.”

I muttered to myself with a sigh.

I no longer feel like going in hard.

“‘Isn’t Lucy well already? Is there really a curse on her?”

“Lucy’s weakness was simply because she was trying a little too hard. The curse is separate from that.”


“Use the elixir and you’ll see. Now, hurry up, or the day will change.”

Looking at the clock on the wall of the audience room, Scarlett was indeed correct.

Well, whatever the curse was, it wouldn’t matter if a level reset would solve it.

I gently reached out to Lucy and activated the elixir.

The white light that emerged from my hands enveloped Lucy and eventually …… transformed her from a horse to a human form.

Hmm, what? Human form?

Just as I thought this, I was suddenly struck by a sensation of heaviness in my body.


I can’t talk ……?

No way, I’ve became horse!!

And then, when I thought that, maybe the level reset was activated, I returned to my original body.

“Hey, what the hell is going on……?”

When I was about to approach Scarlett, Lucy, who had transformed from a horse to a person, was staring at me with her hollow eyes wide open.

If you look, you’ll see a girl with lapis lazuli-colored hair that extends to her waist.

She was dressed in a thin white dress, and one of her eyes was a clear white, and the other was a beautiful blue.

I think she’s probably about the same age as me ……based on the shape of her face and figure..

Then, unexpectedly, I felt warmth all over my body.

A pale, sweet scent that rode the gentle breeze and caressed my cheeks.

I noticed that her face was right next to mine, and then the fact that she was holding me.

This girl ……, no, no way ……, no way …….

“How are you? Are you feeling all right?”

Scarlett asks the girl in a soft tone of voice when I’m confused.

The girl took it and gave a small nod, cocking her head away from me.

“Can you speak?”

“…… Yes.”

The girl replies in a fading voice.

A voice like a rolled bell.

Although she was a little more mature than she was back then, the tone of her voice convinced me.

“Good. Now, can you tell me your name?”

The girl gave another small nod to Scarlett’s question and answered.

“I’m …….”

I missed you.

Since that moment when I was told she was dead.

I missed you.

Since that time when I blamed myself for not being able to help.

Wipe the tears that overflow without stopping with the cuff.

Why was I so close to her and I didn’t notice her?

Since that time when I was treated like a slave.

I mean, she was the only one who was nice to me from the start.


I’m so sorry I didn’t notice you …….

– Ragnus, I like you.

“My name is …… and I’m Aerilusia Logimel …….”

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