Level Reset Gomi Skill da to Kanchigaishita Keredo Jitsuha Tondemonai Cheat Sukiru datta – Chapter 59

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One of the heads of the Hydra, it leapt into the sky, spraying blood splatter.


I take a breath and kick the ground some more, aiming for the other neck.

“Tiger and Dragon Forty Lotus —Cutting Dance—”

A slashing dance with claws.

The power strengthened by the heavenly style, it easily crushes the hard scales of the Hydra.

Hydra’s scream immediately roars in the cave.

The second head, detached from the torso, flies through the air.

As I watched, I left a rainbow-colored trail and landed right in front of Hydra.


The remaining heads of the Hydra, they glare at me with a low roar.

Glittering red, they were clothed in an obvious rage.

The remaining heads stretch out to catch me all at once.

I easily dodged them and cut them one by one, then another.

While I was fed up with the high-pitched screams of the Hydra repeatedly, I was elated by the steadily decreasing head of the Hydra.

Heavenly Dance -Heavenly Style-

This dance, which temporarily improves one’s own physical abilities, is one of the ultimate dances, created by my ancestor, the dancer.

Although I was concerned about whether it would be able to compete with the Hydra, the effect was obvious.

The divine beast was no better than a baby in front of this dance.

It was as if it was a lie that I had been struggling so much, and Imut was able to overpower me.

I can win.

Although it inspires an extraordinary amount of confidence, this power is limited in time.

If I don’t decide the game quickly, it’s clear I will be outclassed again.

I set up a cutting dance stance to drop all the heads–.

“No…. way…”

As I tried to catch Hydra, I saw an unbelievable sight.


The heads that should have been dropped remains on the ground.

However, Hydra had all the heads that it should have dropped.

Hydra resumes its attack to catch me with all the heads that are once again aligned.

I managed to drop one of the heads with my gritty claws while avoiding it.

However, the break in the neck, when some kind of red foam gathered there, the neck regenerated like a lizard’s tail.


I bite my back teeth.

No matter how much I cut off those heads, they would keep regenerating again and again.


A moment later, the feeling of strength draining from my entire body.

I collapsed to my knees, paralyzed and powerless.


Fresh blood shoots out of my mouth.

And as I fall to the ground, I come to one conclusion.

“Time …… up ……”

Heavenly style is a dance that raises one’s physical abilities.

Due to its overly strong effect, the recoil that is brought about when a physically inexperienced person dances this dance.

The difference between the pulled up force and the original force is so great that when the effect wears off, the original body that could not endure collapses.

The reason why I danced this dance knowing that is because I believed that even if I am not good enough, if I buy enough time, Keith-san will surely kill the Hydra.

But I’ve seen him.

The back of his head as he carries Euryaleis away from this place.

Why won’t you help me?

Why are you going?

There are a lot of thoughts going through my head right now, but Hydra doesn’t seem to let me indulge in such sentimentality.


As if to tell me it’s over, the elated Hydra howls loudly.

You don’t have to be so upset.

I don’t have any strength left to resist.

I wonder how long it’s been.

The time is probably only a few seconds.

But Hydra has no sign or feeling of attacking me for any length of time.

You’re impatient?

If that’s the case, how clever and woxked this divine beast is.

In any case, I’m dying, and I have nothing to do with any of this. ……



A sound like a burst of air.

With that, Hydra’s scream echoes out.

What’s going on?

With that question, I was lifted up by someone.

Warm …….

A faint sensation transmits such thoughts to the brain.

“That’s not good….. You’re in tatters like that..”

A voice I’ve missed.

I look at the owner of the voice with slightly opened eyes.

In my eyes, I saw the face of a hero surrounded by an iridescent aura.

A single tear spills from Luriel’s eye.

How pathetic am I?

Luriel has been hurt so much by my lack of thoughtfulness.

The only I could do was to wait the change of the date before I could back to normal.

The petrification is reset by the effect of level reset.

“I’ll take care of the rest.”

I told Luriel that shortly.

She hears my words and bobs her head up and down slightly.

“Well, ……”

I laid the battered and bruised Luriel down beside her sister and glared at Hydra.

“This my turn, you monster snake!”

I shouted and kicked the ground, closing the distance between me and Hydra in an instant.

– I have one piece of advice for you– (Scarlett)

What kind of advice is that? You disappear at the most crucial moment!

I dive into Hydra’s chest, with the dull heads trying to catch me.

– The ones whose souls have been rewritten, they all have the same two hearts–

I put all my strength into my right hand and punched it in the chest as hard as I could.

“She’s right. ……”

Two pulsating hearts in front of me.

One is the same light pink color as the body.

The other is dyed a disastrous jet black.

– Destroy that black heart, and your soul will be cleansed and restored–

When I was petrified, I was still conscious in a gray world.

I could see their eyes, I could hear their voices.

I could also see Keith and Luriel fighting.

In the midst of all this, Keith’s situation changed drastically.

– That hydra is a divine beast. You’re smart enough to know what to do.-

“Wake up, Hydra!”

I reach for Hydra’s black heart and hold it in place.

In my hands, my heart turned into a black mist and disappeared as if it were melting into the air.


Hydra lets out a scream that’s a little different from the one we heard earlier.

As it was, I felt Hydra’s chest closing in on me, and I hurriedly retreated from the scene.

With a loud sound, Hydra’s torso landed and shook the ground greatly.

And the multiple heads also fell in all directions without power.

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