Level Reset Gomi Skill da to Kanchigaishita Keredo Jitsuha Tondemonai Cheat Sukiru datta – Chapter 58

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“Haa…. haa…”

Euryaleis takes a rough, white breath.

And the stone sword, which is unknown how many times it was smashed, was refined again and held forward.

“It’s to boring.”

Ahead, a red-haired young man shrouded in a wispy white haze approaches her with a wavering gait, like a ghost.

In his left hand is a lush, shining, frozen sword.

The cold air emitted from it instantly changed the space, which was surrounded by the heat of the flame sword, to below freezing.

“Why don’t you entertain me more? I will make it easy for you.”

Hearing those words, Euryaleis bites her back teeth hard.

No matter how much Euryaleis glared at him, her skills would never be activated.

“If not, I’m afraid I’m going to slip up and kill you.”

He keeps both eyes closed and the corners of his mouth lifted.

Euryaleis shivered at that sneaky smile.

The young man uses a sword enchantment “Livid”.

It is paired with crimson and can only be used by the other him.

Sweat trickles down Euryaleis” forehead.

He understood that if he took even one step back, Euryaleis would fall prey to the ice sword.

The ice sword he uses freezes the wound from the point of the slash.

The frozen wound does not bleed, and the person who was cut does not even feel pain.

However, the slash gradually freezes the body from the wound, and eventually it stops moving altogether.

And in the end, life comes to an end with the disintegration of the body.

But it’s not the effect that she fears, it’s his brutality.

The speed of the freezing is at his will, and he can even dare to freeze it slowly.

When the person who is cut understands this, she feels as if he is holding her life in his hands.

He deliberately creates such a situation and enjoys the process of his opponent’s death.

There is absolutely no way that he could accidentally slip up in front of such a drool-worthy show.

Fourlock Alexandrite.

His other personality, known as “Keith”, is the real reason why he was selected as the captain of the Seven Star Squadron.

His absolute obsession with killing and pure insanity has ironically brought out his true prowess.

The ability to be called a sword saint, which cannot be brought out by Fourlock who hates killing, can be found at him …….

Euryaleis kicks the ground and closes the distance to plunge the stone sword into his heart.


However, the stone sword was shattered again by the slash that was released with Keith’s deep sigh.

Euryaleis quickly back steps to get some distance between him and the rest of the crowd.

Where she was standing, several ice needles, lower level magic 『Ice Needles』, were stuck in the ground.

Unlike the time of Fourlock, Euryaleis feels strongly irritated by the situation that she cannot even put in a single slash.

And on top of that, she’s the captain of the Seven Star Squadron, just like Keith.

The captain of the third squadron, feared as Medusa, is being played with as if he were twisting the hands of a baby.

She had never crossed swords with Keith before.

Although she had only heard rumors about his strength, she had completely underestimated his strength because he was based on that Fourlock.

Now she regrets her lack of discernment and conceit.

“Your movement is monotonous…… And you can see the death in front of you…… But I guess that’s enough.”

Keith said, and pointed the wavering tip of his sword at Euryaleis.

“It’s over.”

She didn’t know what had happened.

Only, now Keith is standing in front of her with a fearless smile on his face.

And the sword held in his left hand, the tip of the cut was thrust into her own left chest.

A line, a drop of fresh blood, runs from Euryaleis’ mouth to her chin.

“See you later. Euryaleis.”

The ice sword was slowly withdrawn.

Euryaleis is not in pain.

However, the sword wound on her chest immediately froze and instantly consumed her entire body.

Without even the sensation of being cold, Euryaleis fell to the ground.

“And now…”

Keith is saying something in an unusually gentle tone of voice, but it no longer reaches Euryaleis ears.

As it was, Euryaleis’ consciousness faded.

“I crossed sword to see what would happen, but it looks like I was right.”

Keith glared at the fallen Euryaleis.

Keith’s cold eyes flickered quietly.


Then he slowly remembers the words that Fourlock had said to him before he replaced him.

“She’s my precious sister. Please don’t kill her……”

Keith huffed and sighed.

“You think I that stupid?”

He mutters this in a tone of voice that says he is truly dumbfounded.

Then he gently approached the fallen Euryaleis and lifted her up.

“What precious to you, it’s also precious for me.”

Keith’s face contorts ugly.

Instantly, a crack appeared in the crispy, frozen ground.

“There’s only one person who could do this to her. I’ll never forgive you.”

He turned around and gently walked over to Ragnus, who was now a stone statue, with his eyes on Luriel, who was still fighting.

“I’m sorry, but you’ll have to do the rest. I’ve got what it takes.”

Keith continues, whispering something in Ragnus’ ear, and he turns his back on the battlefield.

His feet headed directly under the hole they had jumped down.

“Arnetzak, God of Victory. Please give us victory.”

Then he slowly kicked the ground and disappeared into the darkness with Uleris.

– Don’t ever forget what I was born to do.

“This time… I want to see the real you.”

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