Level Reset Gomi Skill da to Kanchigaishita Keredo Jitsuha Tondemonai Cheat Sukiru datta – Chapter 57

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Hydra’s multiple heads, all of them roaring loudly, attack my alter ego.

Fighting Dance -Hazy Mist Chaotic Shadow-

This dance creates a temporarily shaped alter ego, and I myself, the main body, become invisible.

In the meantime, it can’t attack myself, but I can’t attack it either.

However, while my alter ego is fighting, I myself can dance the next dance.

“Fighting dance –Razor Claws–”

Immediately after I finished dancing, the nails on my hands were coated with pale blue nails.

A moment later, my alter ego is chewed to pieces by one of Hydra’s heads.

At the same time, my invisibility was lifted.

“Tiger and Dragon Forty Lotus —Cutting Dance—.”

Without pausing, I unleash a barrage of blows from behind the Hydra.

“It’s hard..”

However, the continuous slashing with my claws was blocked by the hard Hydra’s scale armor and did not tear the flesh.

I clicked my tongue lightly and moved away, avoiding the attack by Hydra’s tail.


Hydra turns to me with a relaxed expression

I quickly set my hands both around my right hip.

And when I create a mass of chi in my hand, I condense it and shoot it forward.

“Dragon air bullets!”

A small air bullet released from my hand speeds through the air and heads towards Hydra.
And it landed with a crushing sound on the chest of Hydra.


Perhaps angered by the attack, one of Hydra’s heads stretches out as if to say it will bite me to death.

When I avoided it by flying to the right, another head immediately appeared, and when I avoided it, yet another head appeared.

A total of nine heads predicted where I would land and attacked me.

While I managed to avoid them, I concentrated my dragon air bullets on its chest.

As I do so, I gradually closes the distance and eventually approaches Hydra until the scales on its chest are visible.

If you look, you’ll see a crack in one of the scales on its chest, where it seems to have landed.


I closed the distance between me and Hydra while making a gut pose in my mind and avoiding the attack one step at a time again.

The scales are hard. I won’t able to damage it even it I use my best attack.

That’s why, I am aiming for a one-point breakthrough.

If I peel off even one piece, my attack will go through.

Believing this, I avoided Hydra’s attack with a forward roll and slipped under its chest.

“Dragon Palm!”

I then gave a palm strike to it with the mass of chi he had created in my right palm.

A moment later, the compressed chi explodes between my palm and scale, and that scale that was cracked shatter into pieces.

And my right hand was filled with shock, as if it had been struck by lightning.

Even though it was on the verge of shattering, it was still hard.

I can tell by the paralyzing in my right arm.

My right arm will be useless for a while.


And once again, this time, the chi that was stored in the left palm was slammed into the body of Hydra, which now has nothing to protect it.

“Dragon Palm!”

The chi explodes in Hydra’s chest again.

This time, however, the response was clearly different from the previous time.


Hydra gave a screeching cry.

Its screeching high-pitched sound pierced my ears.

Finally, the damage is done.

I am elated by this fact and go into a backstepping motion to regain my stance.


The feeling of excitement caught me off guard.

In front of me, before I know it, it’s not a mouth, but a large paw of Hydra.

The next thing I knew I was kicked wide open and crashed into the wall.


The impact from my back causes me to stop breathing for a moment.

Then he fell straight to the ground on my back.

I can’t think straight because of the pain.

I can’t even sort out what happened.

But if I don’t get up, it’ll probably come after me.

My instincts were telling me so.

Immediately I stood up on my staggering legs and flew to the right side, protecting my immobile right hand with my left.

The place I was standing it’s Hydra’s head now.

It looks like I got around it in time.

But when I stay here, another head attack is coming.

I need to avoid …….


But contrary to my prediction, there is no attack from another head.

Instead, the head that I had just avoided rushed at me in a side-swiping motion instead of returning to its original position.

Unable to cope with the sudden change in attack methods, I am left vulnerable to the attack.

The scenery flowed sideways as it was, and I crashed into the wall from my right shoulder.

Thanks to the paralysis, there is no pain in my right arm.

I shake off the crystal shards that fall over my head and glare at Hydra.

Perhaps the pain running through my body has numbed even my thoughts, but the fear I felt before the battle is not there in the slightest.

I just felt a deep-seated annoyance at Hydra’s expression, as if it was certain of winning.

I can feel the blood rushing to my brain.

“Don’t fuck with me!”

I shouted as I did so, and foolishly attacked straight ahead of the Hydra.

Then one of the heads went under me and I was flung back into the air without a second thought.

Instantly, the air around me felt as if it had been frozen.

It was cold ……. It chilled my hot head rapidly.

No ……, I can’t win like this …….

And that’s what went through my brain.

I managed to get a hold of myself with all my strength.

And I think. This is no longer a time for hesitation.

If I continue like this, I will continue to be attacked and become jittery.

Then I must at least put my last hope on this dance.

I used my left hand to remove the bandage from my right arm, which still showed no signs of moving.

Remembering the words of the master who taught me Tiger Dragon Fist and Dance, …….

“Let me show you. This is my ultimate technique…”

– Engraved on the right arm is the crest of a dragon, and it fascinates is a glamorous dance that invites you to an illusion…

There was once a hero in this world who carried the power of a god.

– Engraved on the left arm is the crest of a tiger, and it brings out the fighting dance that makes you sublime.

Beside her is a dancer who yearns to be a hero.

– When the crest of the tiger and the crest of the dragon intersect…

She says that her admiration for the hero led her to imitate his power in that dance.

– They lead a heavenly dance clothed in iridescent winds.

Thinking about it, the reason I wanted Rox-san to help me was because I witnessed that skill of his.


The Hydra, which had been stiff from the cold, managed to move and attacked me again.

I had already finished dancing and easily dodged the Hydra’s attack.

Everything was so similar.

The greatness of the skills that Rox-san uses, and the fact that the power I can gain from my dance is not far behind that.

Like the hero and the dancer once.

“Heavenly Dance —Heavenly Style—.”

And my body is surrounded by rainbow-colored light.

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