Level Reset Gomi Skill da to Kanchigaishita Keredo Jitsuha Tondemonai Cheat Sukiru datta – Chapter 56

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“Clothe with fire. Sword enchantment “Crimson”!”

“The gravel beneath us, gathered and mixed together, has become so large that it dances and forms as it pleases. “Geocreation”!”

In my hand is a sword that burns red, and in Euryaleis’ hand is a fine gray sword formed of stone.

“Do you really think you can take my sword with such a soft blade?”

“We’ll see if it’s soft or not when we get together.”

A moment, a roaring sound echoed from the right.

At the same time I leap.

The flames and the stone sword, each clashed with a dull sound.

I put all my strength into my sword, trying to shatter the stone sword as it is.


However, the sword is not broken.

“It isn’t soft, it is?

Euryaleis mutters in a mocking tone of voice.

I clicked my tongue lightly and backstepped away from her.

“Not good, Nii-san. Your eyes mustn’t stray that far.”

The unseen expression on Euryaleis’ face as she says this in slightly irritated.

Euryaleis’s skill is “Eyes of the Masonry”.

The condition for triggering petrification is to look into her eyes.

In other words, if you don’t look at the eyes, you won’t be petrified.

I know this, which is why I look away so wide to avoid eye contact.


I couldn’t avoid Euryaleis’ stone sword, which instantly closed the distance between us, and a red line was etched on my cheek.


With that voice of Euryaleis, ivy grew up splitting the ground.

“With kind of low level magic like that…..”

A dull ache ran through my abdomen as I avoided it as it tried to entangle my leg off.

When I looked at it, there was a big clump of earth.

“Earth Bullet.”

It was just a feint attack?

I’m dragging my staggering body and readies my sword.


Then Euryaleis sighed in boredom.

“Is this the ability of a person who used to be a seven-star captain..? Should I not use my skills so you can fight normally?”


The hand that grasps the sword is strained.

No, no, no. Don’t let myself be swallowed up by he words.

I breathe again and kick the ground to close the distance between me and Euryaleis.

Then, I swung my flame sword down with a large swing.


However, the tip of the cut does not touch anything, it cuts through the air and lands on the ground.

“You’re slow.”

A cold word from Euryaleis.

A moment later, I’m struck by a burning pain in my left shoulder.

I looked and saw that her stone sword had pierced my left shoulder.


When she pulls out her stone sword, she launches another stab as a follow-up attack.

I managed to catch it with my flaming sword, and it stabbed another part of my body.

After repeating it several times, a stab that I couldn’t prevent pierced several places on my physique.

If I continue to receive them, I’ll be in disadvantage.

Fighting back the pain, I managed to keep my distance from her.

“I didn’t think that the swordsmanship I learned so lightly from Captain Schoenhausen would come in handy here.”Euryaleis said as she shook off the blood on her stone sword.

“Captain Schoenhausen?”

Perhaps Euryaleis is referring to Malvisk-san.

But he was my predecessor.

I thought he retired from the squadron at the same time I was named Captain of the Seven Stars.

“Ah, you didn’t know that Nii-san. You may have already understood that you are no longer the captain of the 7th Squadron, but Captain Schoenhausen has returned to the now vacant captain’s seat. Although it is for a limited period of time until a successor appears.”

“Is that so?”

I had a thinly veiled sense that I had been expelled because of what Euryaleis had said earlier.

But I didn’t realize that Malvisk-san, who wanted to leave the Squadron so badly, would be reinstated …….

“Captain Schoenhausen deserves the title “Sword Saint” than you, Nii-san. Because he is far more skilled with a sword than you.”

But, Euryaleis added.

“But if it’s Keith-niisan, it might have been a little different.”

My body reacts involuntarily to those words.

“It’s thanks to you, Keith-nisan, that Nii-san had become a captain. Come to think of it, that kid called you Keith, Nii-san….What on earth are you planning to do?”

(Note: I guess Fourlock has double personalities, the other personality named Keith)

As if to ask a question, Euryaleis’ words become stronger.

“You’re Fourlock-niisan. Never Keith-niisan!”

I know that.

But on that day when Rox asked me to give me an alias, the name that came up on the spur of the moment was Keith.

It wasn’t what I intended … it should be.

“You’re not talking? Well, okay.”

As if dumbfounded by my not returning the words, Euryaleis sighs.

“But more importantly, isn’t it time you change positions?”

And a casual word released.

For a moment, I couldn’t understand what was being said, but the processing of my brain, which was catching up, began to indicate a choice of refusal.


It jumped out of my mouth reflexively.

“I can’t do that! I’ll never do that!”

“Then you will continue to be skewered by me, Nii-san, are you sure? If that’s what you want, fine.”

I’m at a loss for words.

It’s true Euryaleis has more chance of winning at this point.

That said, doesn’t that mean there’s no way to defeat her.

However, I couldn’t let that “that person” kill my own sister.

What … should I do?

“Well, in the meantime, it looks like the other side will be settling.”

I huff back to myself and look at Luriel.


Where I shouted, there was a figure of Luriel floating in the air with his whole body full of wounds.

In order to pursue her, several heads attack her at once.

When I saw this scene, something inside me popped.

I thrust my sword into the ground without saying anything.

Instantly, the flames on the sword fizzled out.

That would mean removing the Sword Enchantment.

I can’t afford to be lost anymore!

“You’re finally ready.”

Euryaleis murmured happily.

Once it releases, there’s no turning back.

“She’s my important sister. Please–please don’t kill her.”

I hope so, and–

―― I guess it’s finally my turn. ――

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