Level Reset Gomi Skill da to Kanchigaishita Keredo Jitsuha Tondemonai Cheat Sukiru datta – Chapter 55

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“Because he’s the one who’s going to be dealing with you.”

She grinned, and I shivered at the look on her face.

The same cold smile as before.

That’s not the kind of smile a person would have.

It’s just like that of the devil.

“I asked Captain Valencia to change this boy to my liking.”

“So that person was in on it, too. No wonder it would have such a hideous appearance for a divine beast.”

“Saying he’s hideous is so cruel…. He was reborn stronger and cuter than before.”


You think that’s cute?

I even feel sick at the out-of-the-ordinary statement of Euryaleis.

Those glaring, multiple red eyes.

It reminds me of fear, fear, and fear.

Just looking into its eyes makes my back sweat profusely.


Keith called my name again.

“Please. Just hold on until I join you.”

“In front monster like that….”

I can’t.

There’s no way I can compete with that.

“Don’t worry, he doesn’t have the ability to petrify.”

“No ability to petrify? How is that even possible?”

“The petrification is due to Euryaleis” skill. So you can fight to the fullest without fear.”

No ability to petrify.

I feel a little relief at that one word.

But …….

“You’ll be fine. I’ve watched you fight along the way and I can vouch for you. You’re the one who crossed Ragnus in a state of unparalleled strength for a few seconds. ……”

“I can’t!”

A loud voice pops out of my throat.

So if it didn’t have the ability to petrify, I could fight it? No way!

I’ve come this far because of Rox-san.

When I saw how strong Rox-san was, I was convinced that he would be able to compete with Hydra.

I never got over my own trauma and stood up for myself.

This body that still trembles speaks for itself.

The enemy before me is a divine beast.

The Divine Beast is an unbelievably strong monster that protects the land.

They don’t usually attack people, but once their fangs are pointed at you, there’s no way to escape.

And that Divine Beast is even being tamed by Euryaleis now for some reason.

There’s no way to win anymore …….


Keith’s rough voice echoed in his cold brain.

“If you don’t stand up here now, neither Rox, nor your sister will be saved!”

“Sister ……”

I slowly turn my gaze to my sister.

When I saw my sister still lying on the ground without strength, I felt like my heart would be crushed.

“I’ll say it again. You’re strong enough, you can fight. Have confidence in yourself, Luriel!”

Keith shouts this to me while still keeping his gaze on Euryaleis. “Confidence is a trigger for competence!”

“Unleash your potential ……”

I can feel my brain slowly heating up.

“You don’t have to beat it. All you have to do is hold on. Can you do that, Luriel?”

A gentle question from Keith.

I took a deep breath in and then let it out.

Calm down, remember again what I have been taught this martial art by my master for.

The thorny path I’m on, the mighty enemies that stand in my way, that’s why I’ve honed this fist.

If I don’t wield it now, when will I?

“The Hydra–I’ll take care of it!”


As I stand up, I whip my still shaking body into shape.

If I don’t take a stand, I can’t help anyone I care about, or anyone else I’ve gotten involved with.

“I hope that’s not overconfidence.”

Euryaleis, who was listening to the exchange between me and Keith-san, laughs quietly.

It’s okay, be myself, I can do this!

“You are a terrible person, Nii-san. Seducing an innocent girl with baseless sweet talk.”

“Wouldn’t it be worse to send a hideous monster against such an innocent girl?”

Hearing those words, Euryaleis raises her eyebrows with a look of displeasure.

Then she snapped her fingers as if she had nothing more to say.

Then, Hydra, who had been quietly waiting order, made a loud groan and headed toward us while shaking the ground.

All of the red, glistening twin eyes on each of the multiple heads were staring at me.

The shaking of the body becomes stronger.

It makes me want to cry.

I feel like running away.

I shook off all of those emotions – no, all of those distractions – and just stared back with a single-mindedness in my eyes.

“Guh ……”

For a moment it felt as if Hydra had been frightened.

Maybe it’s just my imagination, but if Hydra is going to attack me, let me dance while I still can.

I stepped to my feet and muttered in my mind at the same time as I unwrapped the bandage around my left arm.

“Battle Dance –Hazy Mist Chaotic Shadow–”

And from Hydra’s sight, my main body disappears.

(Keith’s pov)

I check the petrification ring that I secretly left with Rox so that Euryaleis would not notice.

The ring has been petrified to assimilate with his finger, and I realize that it is impossible to retrieve it.

It’s unavoidable. It’s a bit of a disadvantage, but I have to fight like this.

“I, Fourlock Alexandrite, Captain of the Seventh Squadron of the Seven Star Squadron of Lisbet. I will use the name “Sword Saint” to defeat you!”

“Ex-captain, you should say so.”

Facing each other, the brother and sister do not take a step back from each other.

The distance between them closed at the same time that Hydra roared loudly and attacked Luriel.

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