Level Reset Gomi Skill da to Kanchigaishita Keredo Jitsuha Tondemonai Cheat Sukiru datta – Chapter 50

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“Jumdaret. I knew it…..”

I think it was possible because she had something that looked like a skill crystal, but I didn’t expect to meet the person I was looking for in this way. ……

“Yes. This skill crystal is also inherited by the royal family. It’s broken in half now, but ……”

“Despite the circumstances, it appears that our interests are aligned.”

Keith, who had been keeping a low profile until now, interrupts our conversation.

“Our interests are…. aligned?”

“The reason we’re here is also to find the descendant of the royal family. And for that person’s skill crystal, ……”


I hurriedly stopped Keith.

What is this guy trying to say with all his energy?

“I don’t know if I can trust her yet. We’ve got enough to talk about after we hear what she has to say for now.” (Ragnus)

“I’m sorry. You’re right. I guess I got a little carried away.” (Keith)

“Um, about our interest are aligned….”

“No, we don’t talk about that, continue your story.”

“Uh, okay.”

Luriel nodded obediently and began to speak slowly.

“Besides me, there is another who has royal blood in her veins. That is my sister, Liriel Jumdaret. Our parents died when we were young, and we were picked up by the leader of the Rondo troupe, and I was raised as a dancer and my sister as a singer. After that, there was nothing special about us, and we lived happily ever after. ……”

Having spoken to that point, Luriel’s complexion begins to cloud over.

“It was until about three months ago ……. A plague called petrification disease began to spread here in Lawndard. As the name implies, those who contracted it turned to stone in less than three days. ……”

“Another petrifying disease. …… No, no way. ……”

Then Keith starts mumbling something in a quizzical way.

“What’s up, Keith?”

“No, …. it’s nothing, I’m sorry to break up the conversation, I’d like you to continue.”

Keith shook his head as if to dispel something and urged Luriel to continue.

I feel something is wrong with the way he looks, but I decide that it is more important to listen to the rest of the story now, and I also silently urge Luriel to continue.

“It seemed to be a disease of unknown cause, and the doctors in this town couldn’t do anything about it. Fortunately, the probability of contracting the disease was low, about one person per month. However, petrification disease can occur suddenly inside or outside the house, so everyone was forced to live in fear of it. That’s when a woman came to the city.”

“A Woman ……”

Keith mutters again as if he is still concerned about something.

Luriel seemed a little bothered by that from Keith, but she made sure he didn’t say anything and began to continue.

“The woman described herself as a traveling fortune teller. She used that divination of hers to determine the cause of the petrification disease. It was caused by the Hydra, a water serpent that nests in a crystal cave not far from here in Lawndard. It is this Hydra’s curse that has brought the petrification disease to Lawndard.”

“The curse of Hydra the water serpent? Hydra is a divine beast, right? I don’t think they’d do smething like that. ……”

Keith mutters doubtfully.

That’s also what Guildmaster said when I and Earlv were in Asualev.

He said that the Divine Beast, the guardian god of the land, rarely attacked people.

“That’s what I thought at first, too. However, before the petrifying disease became prevalent, I heard from someone that there was an incident where a skilled adventurer went into a crystal cave without knowing anything about it and killed a child of the water serpent Hydra. ……”

“So it got angry and sprinkled a curse on this city….”

It got mad and out of control…

I listen to Luriel’s story while thinking about how the situation is so similar to that of the fucking boar.

“Yes. That’s when my sister and I came up with the idea of going to the Crystal Cave and appeasing Hydra’s anger with song and dance. Since it was a direct request from the Lone Guild, we couldn’t just turn it down, so we agreed to do it and headed to the Crystal Cave alone.

“How could they let just two girls head to such a dangerous place ……? What the hell is the guild thinking?”
Keith pounded on a nearby wall, putting all the strength in his fist.

The dust falls from the ceiling with a thumping sound.

“Keith. I know how you feel, but it’s midnight.”

“Oh, yeah, you’re right. Sorry.”

Luriel chuckled when she saw us and thanked us, “Thank you Keith-san,” and resumed talking.

“The crystal cave was unusually quiet and we were drawn by something to the far end. There was a huge Hydra waiting for us, as if it had known we were coming.”

When she had said that much, a shadow appeared on Luriel’s face, and she stopped talking.

“If it’s too hard for you to talk, I won’t force you.

“No, I’m fine. ……”

She took a deep breath and opened her mouth, seeming to make up her mind.

“We were about to perform a song and dance for Hydra. That’s when it happened. Suddenly there was a scream, and in an instant my sister was petrified.”

Then Luriel slumped down, cradling her trembling body in her arms.

“I don’t remember much from there. All I remember is the feeling of desperately running away in fear, but when I came to, I was on my bed. The Leader told me later that a passing adventurer found me when I collapsed at the entrance to the city of Lawndard.”

Then Luriel breathes heavily and manages to look up.

Seeing how pale she clearly was made me feel that she had been through a considerable amount of trauma.

Luriel spoke slowly from there as well.

When she told the guild leader about what happened, the guild felt responsible and asked for a rescue team for Luriel, which was formed, but none of them returned.

That it had been done several times, all unsuccessfully, and that eventually no one would accept the request.

The Rondo Art Troupe was so frustrated with the situation that they began to search for collaborators on their own, traveling around the country in the name of traveling entertainment.

In that case, it was a dance that put Luriel in a state of charming.

As a result, there were no adventurers who were resistant to the state abnormality, and that they returned to Lawndard at a loss.

That’s when she realized I’d been escaping from her charm when I went to a no-good show at Lawndard.

After that, she launched a night raid to test my strength.

“You’re the only one …… who can help my sister. Please lend me your power!”

With tears in her eyes, she appeals to me.

From her eyes, it doesn’t seem like she’s lying.

Perhaps what she has told me so far is true.

In any case, the petrification ability of Hydra is also all true.

But the problem is that this girl is under the misconception that I’m resistant to abnormal conditions.

The only thing that kept me from being mesmerized was the effect of the level reset due to the date change.

So it’s not like that petrification isn’t effective on me, so there is still a risk.

Still, knowing that…. I might have to take that risk to help her.

“Hey, Luriel. I have a question.

“Yes, …….”

“You still haven’t told me about the skill crystal. I see that the skill crystal is split in half. Where is the other half?”

Yes, my original intent was for this skill crystal.

If my guess is right, it’s probably …….

“The other half belongs to my sister.”

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