Level Reset Gomi Skill da to Kanchigaishita Keredo Jitsuha Tondemonai Cheat Sukiru datta – Chapter 45

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Nina was walking.

Alone, with despair.

She wasn’t going anywhere, she just wanted to go south.

No reason. It was just that her feet were pointing in that direction.

She walked from town to town.

None of them were in pristine condition after the onslaught of the Lisbet.

She scavenges what little food is left from what used to be a warehouse

Select what she thinks she can eat and bring it to her mouth.

The slight scent of burning made her chest tighten.

As she did so, she passed through the land that was once called Logimel and found herself in the Kingdom of Asualev.

However, a miscalculation occurs here.

Before long, she was spotted by Lisbet’s soldiers who were waiting for her.

She thinks it’ll be easier if she gets caught here.

But more than anything, Nina doesn’t like being taken advantage of by the hated Lisbet.

From there, Nina struggled to escape.

She found herself fleeing deep into the Ecute forest.

At the base of a large tree, there is a hole dug in the ground where a person could fit.

Nina walked over to it without hesitation.

Since there are no lights inside, she proceed with the magic of the torchlight to light the way.

Nina then reached the iron door.

She willfully opens the door.

Inside was a space a bit large for a single person to live in, complete with tables, chairs, and even a bed.

Nina decides to hide in the space seems it were someone’s hideout.

How many days or weeks have passed?

Food could be procured by getting out of the hole and picking nuts or hunting wild animals.

However, she’s still not positive about life.

One is the loss of family members, one is the loss of an important country, and one is the loss of an important name.

“What am I supposed to do with my life?”

Every day, Nina thinks in her depressing room.

But if there’s one thing to live for, it’s hate.

Hatred for Lisbet, hatred for the world.

Hatred for something that took everything away from her.

Eventually, the two words of revenge appear in her mind.

Yes, I have to.

Retribution for those who took her precious father, mother, and country from her.

The black feelings that have grown in her amplify with each passing day.

The boiling hatred took over Nina’s mind.

“Kill Rone …….”

Finally, she makes up her mind.

She leaves here tomorrow for Lisbet.

And she will burn all of his country with blue flames.

Yes, just like she did in Yuresh…..

Nina went to sleep with these thoughts in her mind.

“Remember your mother word’s and your promise to her.”

She wakes up. It was a strange dream.

Some kind of woman stood in front of her, told her just that, and then disappeared.

For some strange reason, she couldn’t dismiss it as just a dream.

Mother’s words, my promise …….

――Make a country where everyone is happy, a country where no one feels like us, a country full of smiles ――

“I’m …… I’m ……”

Standing up, Nina holds her head.

She’s losing her footing.

She manages to walk to the wall in staggered steps.

It reminds her of her mother’s smile and the promise she made to her as a child.

And – the promise she made in her last moments, the words she gave her.

— I love you, ……, always —


Nina then slammed her head into the wall.

Many times, many times.

Red blood flows from her forehead, down the bridge of her nose, and into her mouth.

The unique taste of iron spread over her tongue.

Instantly, her vision, which had been a haze, opened up, and clear thoughts gradually led her to calmness.

How silly of me …….

She forgot the wishes of those she cared about and tried to act on her impulses.

That’s just a betrayal.

It’s just a betrayal to someone who believed in her and gave her words of hope even when that person were dying.

Something hot spills out of Nina’s eyes.

She thought it was long dead.

But as she regains her light, more and more of it is pouring out of her eyes.

Nina sobbed for a while, then slowly wiped her tears away with her cuffs.

Do you hate the God who gave you this fate?

Do you hate the world for leading you to this fate?

I hate them. Of course I hate them.

That’s why I’m not going to be what God, or the world, says I should be, I’m not going to do it.

If God, the world, wants me to live in hatred.

I will resist it and live by your mother’s words.

To make a country – no, a world – where everyone is happy and everyone can smile.

I’m going to change this world that I hate.

“Mother, Nina will fulfil her promise.”

And when the promise is fulfilled, I will say to the heavens.

“Fuck off!!”

Her vendetta begins here.

(ざまぁ= https://tinyurl.com/4ebyhryx)

She walked through the room in the big tree and out.

First, let’s find my people.

She doesn’t know if they will cooperate, but it should be important to take one step at a time.

Go through the forest and find the exit.

But she was unlucky enough to be spotted by a soldier.

Just when she thought she was going to do my best, the world seems to be very unhappy with her.

She runs away.

Run, run, run–

Then the girl met a boy.

The boy seeks the Skill Crystal, and the girl seeks her allies.

In order to achieve their goals, the two make a contract.

Their encounter forms the core of a story, and that core connects various people and grows.

Eventually, those people will cause a major incident that will shake the world, but that’s a little further down the road.

“That’s all that happened.”

When she finished speaking, Nina smiled, looking refreshed

“I feel bad about what I did to you Ragnus. I have bound you with the chains of a slave contract because I could not trust you.”

“Can I ask you something, Nina?”

“What is it?”

“What made you decide to talk to me about it?”

I ask a simple question.

She answered without pause, with a look that said she didn’t need to think about it.

“Because you stood by me to the end.”


“Yes. The reason for what I want to do is as I explained earlier. But I think that for Ragnus, who doesn’t know my past, there were times when my actions were unpleasant. But even so, you stayed on my side.”

Well, there were a lot of things that made me uncomfortable.

Now that I know about her past, though, I see her a little differently.

“But I think I left you once, didn’t I?”

It’s about at Scarlet’s mansion

I told her I couldn’t keep out with her anymore.

As a result, she broke up with me and went to Wish Side alone, but looking back, I can see that Nina wanted to stick to her beliefs even if it meant cutting me out.

Then she suddenly turned her face down and blurted something out.

“It’s not true… …”


I ask her back as her voice suddenly becomes quiet.

“You came to me. To help me.”

She looked away, blushing faintly.

Eh, what’s that reaction?

“No, that was at Scarlett’s instigation. ……”

I explain, flabbergasted and flustered.

Yes, that was because Scarlett threatens to save Nina or else she’ll destroy the world …….

I mean, why is she in such a hurry?

“Still, in the end,… it’s your decision…. isn’t?

“Well, …… I can’t tell me it isn’t.”

“I was happy. The thought of being alone again made me heartbreaking. Even though I had no choice, it was reassuring to know that Ragnus was by my side. But ……”

When Nina said that, she raised her eyebrows and stare at me.

“You can’t understand my feelings, Ragnus. Because you’re insensitive. And by the way, you’re not delirious either.”


“That’s what you do! You say hurtful things without knowing people’s feelings, and you also take off my clothes without my permission!”

“How long are you going to hold on to that? It’s like I’m a pervert!”

I thought I was forgiven a long time ago, but it’s not fair to dig it up at a time like this.

I mean, it’s not like that’s relevant right now.

“You’re a pervert! echi, dirty!”

I sigh at Nina, who rolls up her sleeves.

And after cursing me a lot, she turned away with a pui.

I wonder what this time is. Ah, I want to go home and go to bed.I want to go home and sleep.

As I was scratching my head thinking about that, she turned to me again.

“Hey, Ragnus.”


“You don’t need this stuff anymore.”

She says, and then closes her eyes quickly.

Then, a magic circle began to unfold in front of her.

“I, Nina Yuresh, command you to release this man from my name!”

Instantly, the magic circle clings to my neck and I feel a searing heat.

A few seconds later, the pain recedes from my neck.

That meant, immediately, the cancellation of the slave contract.

“What the mean of this?”

I ask her as I touch her neck.

Then she looked away, embarrassed.

“I think that’s a very nasty question. ……”

Well, you could be right.

I’ve been told I’m insensitive, but I know what it means.

“I can leave you tomorrow, you know?”

“Ragnus would never do such a thing.”

Nina then gave me a big smile and said.

“I believe you.”

“……, that’s a nasty way to put it.”

“I accept it. Besides, it’s the truth.”

Nina is smiling and staring at ne the whole time.

I wonder, was Nina ever this strong?

I don’t know if it’s in my heart, but the way she talks to me has changed over time.

“I thought maybe I wouldn’t have to be a pussy in front of Ragnus anymore.”

……, can you please stop reading my mind so abruptly?

“That’s why.”

Nina walks up to me as I remain silent, with no words to reply.

“Keep up the good work, please. Rox!”

Then she bowed her head.

“Ah….umm! I understand, let’s keep a good work, Earlv!”

I tell her as I scratch my head.

Does this mean we’re at a reconciliation for the time being?

But even though the issues with Nina have been resolved, there are still a lot of problems.

Leon will still be looking for us, and I don’t know if Fourlock will continue to cooperate with us.

“What’s wrong?”

She smiles innocently at me as I think about many things.

…… Well, that’s all I’m going to say today.

“It’s nothing. I’ll just go back to my room then.”

“Alright. Good night.”

She sees me off and I head back to my room.

We’re leaving here tomorrow for Scarlett’s mansion.

We should at least come to a conclusion about our future plans on the road.

I crawled into bed and drifted off to sleep with a groggy Fourlock at my side.

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