Level Reset Gomi Skill da to Kanchigaishita Keredo Jitsuha Tondemonai Cheat Sukiru datta – Chapter 44

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“Okay, soldiers. We will now begin the execution of the Fool King Julius Yuresh.”

The soldiers erupted at the sound of Ludo’s voice.

The crucified Julius is limp and shows no signs of resistance.

No, he had also lost that kind of energy, that kind of hope, when Olivia raped.

“The method of execution is skewering. It was my idea to let you go to your loved ones at once. You have me to thank for that, Julius Yuresh.”

Ludo threw the words to Julius, who smirked and didn’t answer.

What kind of warmth is that for killing one person, Nina thinks.

But there’s nothing Nina can do about it now.

The only thing she could do …… now was to watch her father being killed in front of her eyes.

And not long after, the execution of Julius was carried out.

The spear shot from the rude pierced Julius’ right chest and he hung his head helplessly.

The death of King Yuresh. This was the moment when the year-long war between Lisbet and Euresh came to an end.

“This is a complete victory for my army! Well done, all of you!”

At the sound Ludo’s voice, the soldiers all shout, “Whoa!” The soldiers all raise a yell.

Surrounded by these voices, Nina closed her eyes in despair.

My father is dead.
My mother died.
Everyone in the magic squadron is dead.
Monica betrayed us.
Ludo betrayed us.
Malvis betrayed us.
No, these three were not on our side from the beginning.
No one is on our side anymore.
No one, not even him …….
The enemy.
They’re all enemies.
Everything but me is the enemy.
No one is going to save me.
What’s the point of me being alive anymore?

“Now, after a light feast, we shall return.”

There’s no hope for this world anymore.

“Ludo-sama, can’t we have a little taste of this one?”

――If so, let’s just make it all go away. ――

“You can’t. It’s been decided that it will be Rone-sama at first. …… Although, I wonder if some of it won’t be obvious?”

— Such a world …… should just disappear —

“I command you in the name of Nina Yuresh.”


“Eat it all, blue end.”

A short chant released from Nina’s mouth.

That short chant she had deciphered from the ancient script was a common trait of certain magic.

Nina had no more hesitation in using it.

Because with despair in front of her eyes, the repercussions of her magic have nothing to do with her.

“Blue End Nova.”

Instantly, she felt a tremendous amount of magic power disappear from her.

And the first thing that happens is that the soldier who was about to reach out his filthy hands to her falls prey.


Blue flames overflowed from within him and enveloped his body.

Then, in the blink of an eye, it turned its form to dust.
At the same time, several soldiers in the surrounding area are also struck by an inexplicable ignition phenomenon.

The soldiers were being burned up by the blue flames as they screamed their death throes.

“What’s …… happening, what’s happening?”

Ludo, who was watching the scene, has sweat on his forehead.

Then he glared at the girl who had started it all.

“What the fuck did you do?”

Nina slowly stands up and looks at Ludo with a face devoid of emotion.

“A flame that indiscriminately devours everything in its path. The forbidden magic [Blue End Nova]. Since it was activated, it will not stop until it eats everything around it, and I cannot stop it.”


“There’s no reason I need to stop it.”

Nina tells him coldly.
Ludo felt sweat pouring out of every hole in his body.

He felt in his gut that this magic was a bad news.

While the two were exchanging such words, the blue flames spread like a contagious disease to the surrounding soldiers, and then ate them up.

In addition, the flames that emerge from within the body do not foretell who will be the next prey.

“Oh, my God, help me!”

A soldier flees the scene out of fear.
However, the blue flames ate the soldiers one after another, as if they would not let them escape.

In a brutal instant.


That blue flame finally catches even Ludo.

“Please spare my life… I’m begging you!!”

Ludo pleads in tears.

But Nina looked down at Ludo with eyes that had lost their expression.

“I told you. I can’t stop it, and I have no reason to.”

“Ah, no ……, no!

And Ludo, with a decisive demon, turned to dust in a daze.

Nina sighs at the lack of too much of a response.


Next, one of the women wrapped in blue flames crawled over and grabbed Nina by the ankles.

“Monica… ……”

She, too, turns her body to dust and is buried in the white snow.

And all the lights of life went out from around Nina.

Nina stood in the center of the long silence.

“It’s over.”

Everything is over.

The only thing left to do is to wait for her own life to end.

――Not enough to eat ――

Suddenly, someone’s voice echoes in her head.

―― I’m still hungry  ――

The word alone is enough to understand who or what is uttering it.

“If you can’t eat enough, eat me.”

Nina mutters to the void.
But there is no reply from that figure.
Silence envelops the area once again.

— I found it —

Suddenly the figure utters this.

――I found a lot ――

What did you find?

A moment later, the trees in the area were engulfed in blue flames.

Next, blue flames erupt from the ground, turning everything around them blue.

“What do you mean?”

Nina looks around, upset.

And she has come to one conclusion.

The Blue End Nova is a forbidden magic that indiscriminately devours all living things.

In other words, the subject is not only human beings.

The land that supports the country of Yuresh and the trees that sprout there are full of life.

“Wait. Wait.”

Nina realizes the gravity of the situation and tries to stop the figure.

However, as if it didn’t feel like listening to Nina, it didn’t reply and just dyed the surroundings blue

Gradually, the color of the earth smoldered and the trees, like humans, turned to dust.

The blue flames swallowed Snowden whole, devouring everything in its path.

How much time has passed?

Nina looked around.


It’s not a metaphor or anything like that, it just means what it means.

The area is unobstructed, far into the horizon.

The earth is black and stagnant, and it doesn’t feel alive.

Yes, it was all gone.

She certainly wanted the world to disappear.
But now that only the country she loved has disappeared, it goes against Nina’s true intentions.

In any case, it would have been nice if it had eaten up Lisbet, and eventually this entire world.

Why, why should Yuresh be the only one who has to go through this?

Even though she had started it herself, Nina felt indignant at the absurd ending.

— I’m full —

The figure utters this happily.

— Then there’s a price to pay–

The price? Oh, I see.

Finally, it’s her turn to be eaten.

— I’ll take what’s most precious to you —

The most important thing to me. That kind of thing I don’t have anymore.

Just take it whatever you want.

Then blue flames began to erupt from Nina’s body.

Oh, finally, I’ll be free of this loneliness.

Father, mother …… Nina are coming over there now.



However, no matter how long she waits, Nina’s body does not seem to be replaced by dust.

And the blue flame went out in a huff, leaving Nina’s body unharmed.

“What it means?”

For a moment, she doesn’t know what happened.

However, it was short-lived, and Nina felt a huge amount of magic power slipping away from the depths of her body.

“What, wha are you doing? ……”

――I got a part of the other most important thing to you, “name” ――


Nina hurriedly checks her status screen.

Nina Yuresh.
Lv: 17
Muscle strength: G
Physical strength: G
Intelligence: C+
Magic power: CC
Speed: EEEEE+
Luck: D
Skill: [Magic Boost].

Nina Yuresh. …….

It’s true that my name is Nina, but that’s a nickname, not my real name.

My real name is …….

“My real name is …….”

My real name is ……, what is it?

No way. No, no, no, no. It’s impossible not to remember.

And what’s with the status?

The level is less than half of what it should be, and all others are significantly lower.

— See you again —

“Wait. Wait!”

Nina rushes to stop it.

But there was no response from that figure, and the presence faded and disappeared.

Thus, Capital Snowden disappeared in a single day, involving Lisbet’s soldiers.

This is the truth of “The Bad Day of Yuresh”, which will be told later.

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