Level Reset Gomi Skill da to Kanchigaishita Keredo Jitsuha Tondemonai Cheat Sukiru datta – Chapter 43

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“Sigh, who is Ludo Leier? I’m Rubeld Leier, Captain of the Third Squadron of the Lisbet Seven Star Corps. I think you may have mistaken me for someone else.”

So, he also the one of Lisbet Seven Star Squadron?

How long and how many spies had been lurking in this country?


Was that smile that he had shown me since I was a child a lie?

He was all ……that supported me in the hard times.

“Hmm. I thought your heart would be a little stronger, but you broke it surprisingly easily.”

When Ludo saw Nina’s expression that was drained of life, he let out a sigh as if to say that he was not amused.

“I’ve even prepared this entertainment for you.”

Ludo said and flicked his fingers with a snap.

Hearing this, some of the soldiers brought two men and a woman from the burning castle.

“Father ……, Mother!”

Nina sees clearly that they are her parents, the King and Queen.

“Nina, is that you ……?”

Julius heard the voice and replied in a fading voice.

“Run away…. if it’s you….”

“Shut up!”

Ludo slaps Julius to stop him from continuing his words.

“Who said it was okay to talk? You just sit there and watch.”

Ludo said, and walked towards Olivia, the queen.

“Originally, I wanted to do this to Nina too… but that girl is a gift for Rone-sama. If she’s tainted, I could be killed by Rone-sama, but you’re different…”

“What… no!!”

Rude walked up to Olivia and, with a sneaky smile, slashed her across the chest with the dagger he was holding.

The thin dress parted in two without effort, revealing skin as clean as snow white.

“Your life or death is not in question. In other words, it doesn’t matter in what condition I offer you.”

He puts away the dagger he was holding and extends his hand to Olivia’s chest.

Nina, who was watching, bit her back teeth grimly and turned her hands to Rude.

“Don’t you dare touch my mother with your filthy hands!”

A moment later, several fire balls are shot from both hands in a straight line towards Ludo.

But as soon as one of the soldiers intervened, he cut off all the fire balls with his sword.

“Tsk, keep her down!”


The soldier ordered by Ludo replied shortly and closed the distance to Nina.

Nina fights back with fire balls and lightning spears to keep him from getting too close, but the soldier easily avoid them.

Then, in a flash, he closed the distance to the tip of her nose and delivered a powerful blow to Nina’s dove tail.


An unspeakable pain shot through her body.

At the same time, the stuff in the stomach causes reflux and pops out of the mouth.

There was blood in it, and it dyed some of the pure white snow red.

Nina collapses to her knees and falls to the ground in a prone position.

She felt a ruthless coldness in her cheeks.

“Hmmm, now there’s no one in the way. Now let’s have some fun, shall we?”

As he said this, Ludo inserted his hand through the gap in her dress and touched her skin.

“Ah, this is Olivia… The soft skin of the beautiful queen of Yuresh. Even though she has aged somewhat, it is still quite.”

“Stop… ah!”

Olivia shows her rejection in a fading voice, but Ludo ignores her.

Her arms are restrained by the soldier, unable to resist.

“Get your hands off my wife!”

Julius also tries to fight back, but his hands are bound by the soldiers as well and he can’t move.

“You bastard!!”

“Shut that buzzing fly up!”

Unable to bear it, Rude orders his soldiers to do so.

The soldiers who were ordered to do this violently attacked Julius’ face, chest, stomach, and every other part of his body.

Next, Julius’s voice becomes quieter and quieter.

In the meantime, Ludo continued to play with Olivia’s body.

Breasts, hips, lips.

He devours her as if he were a hungry beast.

Nina couldn’t help but look away at the sight.

Who could bear to see their father beaten and their mother raped?

But the soldier who was holding Nina would not allow it.

When he saw that she had turned her face away, he turned her face back to that direction, as if he was forcing her to see the scene.

If she tries to close her eyes, she’ll be forced to pry them open.

Nina had no choice but to just sit back and watch it happen.

How much time has passed?

Before she knows it, Julius, who is breathing his last, and Olivia, who is almost naked, are lying in front of her.

Rude, on the other hand, looks down at her with a satisfied look on his face.

“Well, I’ll be merciful to you, and give you three minutes. In that time, you can say goodbye to your beloved mother and father.”

As he says this, the soldiers disperse from Julius and Olivia’s side.

She’s not sure what kind of mouth he’s talking about when he said “mercy”, but Nina still called out to them.

“Father ……, Mother …….”

“Nina ……..”

Julius was the first to react to her voice.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry it had to come to this.”

“No! It’s not father’s fault, you didn’t do anything wrong. ……”

Nina responds to her father with tears in her voice.

“At least…. you should alive… And the crystal I gave you that day. Keep it safe as the last of the …… Yuresh bloodline. ……”

“Father ……”

Nina runs her hands over her chest.

There was the national treasure of Yuresh, the Skill Crystal, which she had received for her birthday the other day.

“Nina ……”

Olivia is the next to speak.

“Moother: ……”

“One last request from me……”

She says “last” like she’s about to die. ……

“Make …… a country where everyone is happy, a country where no one feels the way we do, a country full of smiles.”

Nina’s chest tightened at her words.

She made a promise to her mother once when she was a child.

The scene is recalled on the back of her eyelids.

“Yes, I’m royalty and I’ll do my best. So. ……”


“Yes, I promise, so!

Just as she was about to say, “Don’t die,……,” someone thrust a sword into her mother’s back.

Nina’s eyes widen, and the sight of that guy burns into her vision.

“Don’t give her false hope, Olivia.”

A man who comes across like a gentleman.

The man slowly pulls out a fine silver sword.

Why, why are you even …….

“It’s too much for a girl whose fate will be worse than death.”

Then he slowly pointed his sword at Olivia’s neck.

“Nina …… my sweet Nina ……”

Olivia calls out Nina’s name, even though her mouth is bleeding.

Nina turned her attention from the gentleman to her mother again.

“Mother…. mother…”

“I love you, ……, always.”

And Olivia smiled.

At the same time, her smile flies through the air.

Instantly, something popped out of Nina.

“You too….. Malvis!!!”

Nina glared at the old gentleman who wielded a silvery fine sword.

hat old gentleman shook off the blood on his fine sword with a cold expression.

“Malvisk? I thought I didn’t ask for reinforcements?”

“It was taking longer than expected. I figured you’d be playing something boring anyway, so I came to rush you.”

“You can’t say it a boring game. The Captain of Seven Squadron, Malvisk Schönhausen.”

“Captain of…. seven squadron…..”

Oh, not again. Another Lisbet Seventh Star Squadron, another captain class.

It’s not surprising that he has such a high position, as he himself was revered as a sword master.

So, in order to bring down Yuresh, Lisbeth had two elite troop captains undercover.

But Ilit’s been a few years ……!

“It’s a boring game, indeed. I’ll take this one and go back to Lisbet first.”

Malvisk grabbed it, which was Olivia, and placed it in a nearby white box.

“Make sure you’ll back as soon as you’ve finished cleaning up. If you’re too late, you’ll incur Rone-sama’s wrath.”

That’s all he tells him, and then he turns to leave, looking like he’s no longer interested in the place.

“Why ……, why ……?”

Nina can only mutter tearfully in anger, astonishment, and confusion.

Malvisk took one look at Nina and without saying a word, jumped on his horse and hobbled away from the scene.

The remaining Ludo sighs and looks at Nina.

“Well, I’ve completed all my immediate goals. All that’s left to do is bring this girl home ……. Oh, I forgot one thing.”

He then turned his attention from Nina to Julius.

“I’d forgotten about your execution.”

Nina felt that Ludo’s voice was like the whisper of a demon.

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