Level Reset Gomi Skill da to Kanchigaishita Keredo Jitsuha Tondemonai Cheat Sukiru datta – Chapter 42

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Nina fights back with lower level magic while avoiding the flying fire balls..

The lightning spear that she immediately refined rushed towards Monica in a straight line.

But Monica easily dodged it, once again levitating a fireball around herself and pointing it at Nina, as if to give her no time to breathe.

“What’s wrong, Nina-sama? What is the ability of someone who holds the title of captain only this much?”

Monica laughed happily.

Nina had seen her laugh many times before.

However, her smile has never looked as disastrous as it does now.

“Monica …. Why are you doing this ……”

Nina asked Monica with a confused look on her face as she dodged the flying fire bombs.

Then Monica looks dumbfounded for a moment.

“Oh, so you haven’t noticed yet. Then let me introduce myself again.”

And when she told her that, she went back to smiling.

“My name is Armonica Blanche, Vice Captain of the Third Squadron of the Lisbet Seven Star Squadron. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

“Lisbet Seven Star Squadron……”

She has never heard of this unit before, but with a name like Lisbet, there’s no doubt that she’s probably soldier of the enemy.

When Nina realized that the attack was Monica, she bit her back teeth together.

“Yes. The Lisbet Seventh Star Squadron is a battle group led by seven knight captains that Lisbet is proud of. The mission that the third squadron was given was intelligence, or ……”


“Good answer.”

Monica…… no, Armonica crackles and claps and smiles.

Nina was even more annoyed by her disrespectful attitude.

“Don’t mess with me!”

Nina puts the maximum power she has into her lightning spear.

“Magic Boost!”

Then, she activated a skill she had gained from a skill crystal a few years ago

The lightning spear that sucked up Nina’s magic power grew larger and larger, swelling to about three times its original size.

Nina threw it towards Armonica.

The enlarged lightning spear is clothed with a purple current and rushes towards Armonica with a speed that is incomparable to that of the previous one.

In one-on-one combat, the power of the magic boost is best demonstrated by lower level magic.

Nina believes that the strength of this skill is its ability to unleash high-firepowered low-grade magic that does not require chanting.

But even Armonica found it annoying and clicked her tongue, she drew her sword from its sheath at her waist.

The sword accurately caught the center of the thunder spear, causing it to disperse.

The lightning spear that failed to catch its prey crashed directly into the surroundings of Armonica, leaving four holes in the ground.


A moment later, Nina, who had drawn her sword and released it, made a charge attack on Armonica.

Caught off guard, Armonica instantly unleashed a fireball to check her, but Nina dodged it lightly and gave Armonica a precise thrust that she hadn’t seen in years.

Armonica managed to avoid it with her well-honed reflexes. But she couldn’t avoid it completely and got a red line on her cheek.

When she sees Nina out of the corner of her eye, she instantly leaps and retreats, distancing himself from Nina.

Nina confirmed this and released her stabbing stance.

“I see. Does that mean your skill with the sword hasn’t dulled?”

“Not really. Because if it had been when I was being taught by Malvis, I would have certainly pierced your heart.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me. ……”

Armonica wipes the sweat from her forehead.

She regretted that she had misjudged Nina’s ability and that she had been too lax in her assessment.

Since when did Nina become so powerful?

At least when she himself became a part of Nina’s entourage, she would have been a few steps stronger than her.

From that point on, she never left her side, not even for a moment, and she was watching her.

But, Armonica thinks.

Aside from magic, she doesn’t find the difference in sword skill to be that overwhelming.

If there’s a chance to win, it’s a sword fight.

As she took a step forward to switch to melee combat, she noticed a strange feeling.

But it was already too late, and a flash of purple electric current came from beneath her feet, piercing the ground and striking Armonica.


With Nina’s voice, a tremendous electric shock rushed through her body.


As she was thrust upward with an electric shock, Armonica gritted her teeth and held on to keep her consciousness intact.

Then she glares at Nina as she falls.

But then she realized.

The scabbard and purple thread are connected to make it look like a bow, and a thin sword covered with purple light aiming at her as an arrow.

“Penetrate, [Flash of Purple Saber].”

The fine sword from Nina’s hand became a flash of purple and caught and pierced Armonica in midair.

Once again, a tremendous electric shock strikes Armonica’s body.

This time, Armonica let go of her consciousness and shot down to the ground after a free fall.

“Haaa…. haaa….”

Nina checks her out and kneels on the ground, puffing out a ragged breath.

There is still some room for magic power. But even though it is a lower level magic, she used too much magic in a short time in a row.

She manage to raise her wobbly head and visualize Armonica’s condition.

A puff of black smoke rises from her, and she doesn’t even twitch.

Is he dead, or is she just passed out ……?

“Yareyare. You asked me to leave it to you, so I did….. It’s hard for a boss to have a useless subordinate.”

As she stood up and was about to check on her condition, a man appeared from the burning castle with a familiar voice.

And behind them, several soldiers in full body armor come out of the castle as if they were following them.

“Hmmm, she’s not dead yet ”

The man approached Armonica and checked her condition and said so as he spat.

“Hey, somebody get some healing magic to Armonica.”


One of the soldiers ordered by the man replied and started the treatment towards Armonica.

“Well, ……. Well, well, well, this is Nina-sama, isn’t it? What’s wrong with you? You look as if you’ve been betrayed by two people close to you.”

The man told Nina with a lowly smile on his face.

Nina puts her adjective painful emotions into the words.

“So you’re …… too.”

Nina thrust her fist, trembling with anger, into the ground and glared at the man.

“You’re one of them! Ludo Leier!”

Even with the screams from Nina’s soul, the man known as Ludo still had a sneaky smile on his face.

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