Level Reset Gomi Skill da to Kanchigaishita Keredo Jitsuha Tondemonai Cheat Sukiru datta – Chapter 4

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I’m 12 years old.

Normally, this would be the year I would graduate from the elementary school. However, after that day when I was treated like a slave, I was expelled from the school. My father decided that it was a waste of money to attend. Yeah, I think it’s a waste of money, too.

But now I’m at the school where I was expelled. And the reason is…

“It’s time for you to go home, young lady.”

“I told you to stay away from me, you stinker!”

With that, Lady Felicia sent a small fireball towards my face. It was a beginner-level magic called “Fireball”. The fireball hit my cheek, creating a burn. It didn’t hurt. I haven’t felt pain for a long time.

“I’m sorry.”

I lower my lightened head towards her. It’s easy to lower your head.

She took one look at me and sniffed and walked away.

“Hey, doesn’t he look pathetic?”

“I remember the days when he was still called the Child of God.”

“The fallen Child of God. That’s the right term for him.”

My former classmates, who were watching, laugh at me, whispering in the distance.

I can hear you. But I don’t care.

“Hey, I heard he doesn’t get hurt by anything, you know.”

One of these classmates shoots a beginner-level magic “Ice Needle” at my leg.

A few sharp sticks of ice pierce both my legs. The places where they pierced me began to heat up and blood started to flow. But I don’t feel any pain. If I could feel pain like this, I would have been dead a long time ago. No, when you don’t feel pain, you’re probably already dead.

I’m extremely calm and pull out the ice stuck in my feet one by one. Then, after pulling out everything, I started walking in the direction that Lady Felicia had left, with a fluttering gait.

“Welcome back, Lady Felicia. Now, Georg-sama is waiting for you.”

“Yeah. Thanks, Belvedo. But please don’t bring that filthy thing. You’ve embarrassed me in front of everyone.”

Lady Felicia glared at me and then said as she poked at Belvedo.

“I’m sorry, my lady. That slave wouldn’t listen to me when I said I would come and get you.”

I didn’t say that. You’re the one who said you’d skip dinner if I didn’t go.

“What a nasty smell. It’s disgusting.”

She glared at me and went back to her room, spitting out a discarded line.


Then, in a stern tone, Belvedo called me.

“What do you think you’re doing, displeasing our lady!”

I don’t know what you think you’re doing. I was just following your instructions.

“I’m sorry.”

“This is not a matter of apology! As punishment, there will be no food for you today and tomorrow!”

Belvedo said and punched me out with a bashin’ and then followed the young lady with an indignant look on his face.

Huh, you’re in the habit of saying that you were going to skip meals from the start anyway.

I’m leaving the mansion and going back to the stable.

This corner of the stable is where I sleep now. It’s just a crude bed made of straw, but after using it for two years, I’ve gotten used to it.

Having lost the energy to sit up, I lay down on the bed.

Maybe it’s worried, the horse licks my wounds while saying burururu. You’re the only one I can trust with my heart.

I thought so, and when I gently patted the horse’s head, it neighed happily with a hiss. I don’t know why she missed me so much, but thanks to her presence, I never felt lonely.

The relief makes me feel sleepy. I surrendered myself to it and left for the world of dreams.

“Realize the true meaning of skills.”

I wake up with a start. It was some kind of strange dream.

Some sort of woman stood in front of me, told me just that, and then disappeared.

The real meaning of skill? What does that mean?

For some strange reason, I couldn’t dismiss it as just a dream, so I checked my status, which I hadn’t seen in two years. It’s always the same, no matter how you look at it. What does it matter now?

Ragnus Zweig.
Lv: 1
Muscle strength: G
Physical strength: G
Intelligence: GG
Magic power: G
Speed: GG
Luck: GG
SP: 822
Skill: [Level Reset].

I don’t know if the day had changed or if the level hadn’t been raised, but it was still level 1.

The status is also initial. See, nothing’s changed.

What’s the point of realizing the true meaning of a skill? After all, a garbage skill is a garbage skill–.

Just when I was about to give up, I realized one thing.

Isn’t the SP value the only thing that’s jumping up and down.

I’m sure the numbers weren’t this high back in the day, but …….

Realize the true meaning of skill.

The words ruminate in my brain.

No, wait, no way!

And I reach one reasoning. If I’m not mistaken, this level reset skill is a skill with tremendous power. At first glance, this effect only has the disadvantage of returning the level to 1, but what if it was misleading?

My hands started to shake. No, my reasoning is not wrong. Otherwise, there would be no explanation for this high jumping SP.

Already dominated by despair, I had become a living corpse, but the flame of hope was lit again.

Why, why couldn’t I see this fact for two years? I feel hateful to myself.

No, change your mind, it wasn’t that I couldn’t figure it out in two years, it was that I only had to spend two years to figure it out. I’m pretty sure I’ve got a part of the answer that even the most famous scholars in the kingdom couldn’t get to.

I can be strong. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been before.

The fallen child of god? Screw you. You can say that while you still can.

When it comes to that, good things come in haste. I stand up gallantly.

The horse next to me looks at me with an expression of what’s going on.

“I’m leaving now. You are the only one who has been so kind to me. I promise that one day, when I have proven my strength, I promise that only you I will come to pick up. Yes, I’m sorry for calling you a horse all these years. As a promise to come back for you, I’m going to name you now. Since you’re a girl, how about Lucy?”

The horse responded with a neigh and a good mood.

Apparently, she liked it.

“I’ll miss you, Lucy, but I’m leaving you now.”

With that, I slipped out of the stable.

From afar, I can hear the neigh of what I think is Lucy.

Apparently, she’s giving me a boost too.

My father, who either doesn’t care what happens to me or doesn’t have the slightest idea that I’m trying to escape, doesn’t keep an eye on me.

Therefore, for me, who knows the entire premises of the Zweig family, escaping from here was a trivial matter.

Then I left the grounds in the clear and ran through the Liesbet Kingdom under a star-spangled night sky.

All those people who gave up on me, you should know.

I will use this power to revive me once again as a Child of God.

I took that budding feeling and carved it deep into my heart.

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