Level Reset Gomi Skill da to Kanchigaishita Keredo Jitsuha Tondemonai Cheat Sukiru datta – Chapter 39

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“In the name of Nina Yuresh, I command you. Red is the true flame, the heart clothed in sunlight, the heavens, the seas, the earth, the dissolution of justice beyond blackness for all fools who avenge God! [Red Prominence!]”

Whitefield, an icy plain a short distance from the royal city of Snowden.

Nina’s crystal-clear voice echoed there.

A moment later, a small red sphere seemed to arise in the air, swelled many times, tens of times, hundreds of times, and silently dropped its body to the ground.

Super class magic “Red Prominence”.

A magic that is literally beyond advanced magic. The pseudo-sun that emerges from it sinks into the earth, melting the plains shrouded in snow and ice.

Then it exploded with a red light and disappeared, leaving behind a huge crater.

“I did it…..”

Nina fights the urge to fall.

In general, when you can handle advanced magic, you are an elite wizard.

In addition, only a handful of them reach the super level magic beyond that.

Nina had reached that summit at the young age of only 12.

“It’s amazing, Nina-sama! I’m impressed.”

“Yeah, thanks.”

On the way back to Snowden, in the carriage.

Next to her, Nina sighs at Monica Brantall, a frolicking maid and escort.

It has taken four years since she started practicing super-level magic.

At the same time, those years were just the years since Nina had run away from her sword training.

Four years ago, when Nina heard about the fall of Logimel, she changed her mind.

She decided that she could not continue to dabble in so many different things.

If you are poor in dexterity, you should concentrate on what you are good at.

“I’m sorry.”

Nina hangs her head and apologizes to Malvis.

That she volunteered and ended up in a half-hearted state, and that she wasted my time on Malvis.

“No, it’s okay.”

Malvis smiled gently at Nina.

“As I said before, Nina-sama is a woman with a talent for magic. I’ve been meaning to make a suggestion to you sooner or later.”

“What bothers you, Nina-sama?”


Suddenly her name is called, and she comes to herself.

In front of her was the face of Monica, who was looking at her curiously.

“No, I just thought you didn’t seem too happy about it.”

“There’s no …… such thing.”

Reaching super level magic has been my goal since that day. How could I not be happy?

But there’s something that’s stuck in her chest. Nina knew what it was.

“Is that so? Oh, I can see Snowden now.”

Monica points out the window of the carriage.

Nina looked in that direction and saw the White Ice Blue Hall, where she lived, in the distance.

When I get back to the castle, I’ll tell my father and mother first. Also, I’ll tell Ludo and – and Malvis, who are always good to me.

Nina thought to herself, slowly stroking the fine sword at her waist.

The basement of the royal castle.

Nina was in that one room called the library.

This is because when she reported her super level magic to her father, he was so impressed that he allowed her access to the library.

It’s about the same size as her room. However, the books stored here are all national treasures.

She immediately visited to see if there were any magic-related books that could help her.


The covers of all the books she picks up are tattered, and she’s not sure if the writing is ancient or not.

Do I need to study ancient script first to read this …….?

Her head gets a little heavy thinking about that.


The place where she unexpectedly turned her eyes.

She can’t stop looking at the book with the binding I’m interested in.

Nina takes it and looks at the cover.

The relatively clean cover has a title that, like the rest of the book, appears to be written in ancient script.

However, even Nina, who is not deeply versed in ancient letters, understood the title.

“Forbidden …… magic?”

A blue tome with the words “Forbidden Magic” written in ancient script.

Nina pulls back on the memories she learned in Basic Magical Studies.

The order of magic is, from the bottom, lower level magic, intermediate magic, advance level magic, and super level magic.

She was told that there is a magic that was banned from use in ancient times due to its efficacy among the super level magic that is at the top of the list.

Out of awe, they were generally referred to as “forbidden magic” …… and also.

“I’m pretty sure the power wasn’t the only reason it was banned.”

What she was taught then was the disadvantages of “forbidden magic”.

The power is so great that there is a violent reaction to the caster.

The teacher at the time told her that some of them could lose their lives just by chanting one shot.

He also said that it was said that it was more because of the intensity of this backlash that it was banned.

Nina gulps and swallows raw.

If you learn this, there is no one who can match you in magic.

And if it were known to other countries, that alone could possibly make them wouldn’t dare mess around.

If you mess with Yuresh, the user of the forbidden magic will not be silent – such.

Nina slowly opens the book.

If only I could master the magic in this book…

However, she was indeed unable to read the words written inside.

Phew, she takes a breather.

“Ancient script, I still need to learn ……”

Nina made up her mind to do so and closed the blue cover.

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