Level Reset Gomi Skill da to Kanchigaishita Keredo Jitsuha Tondemonai Cheat Sukiru datta – Chapter 37

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The basement of the Blue Hall of White Ice.

In that one room, which was larger than any other room in the royal castle, the sound of steel mingling echoed.


The girl, holding a slender sword, thrusts a sharp thrust toward the old gentleman in front of her.

But the old gentleman twists his body and easily avoids it. He then leapt up at her sword with the equally slender sword in his right hand.

The sound of swords being crossed again echoes through the room.

Then it left her hand and was thrown into the air, spinning and falling to the ground without power.


The girl clenches her fists in frustration.

Two years.

It had been two years since she had begun to receive instruction from the old gentleman.

The first step was basic training, such as holding and wielding a sword.

A sword made of iron, albeit a slender one.

It was all the young girl could do to compose herself.

That basic training lasted a year.

Only when she could wield a sword to a certain extent was she allowed to have a hand-to-hand combat.

The arrangement began, and the first task was to get him out of a small circle drawn by the old gentleman.

She has been diligently carrying out the humble basic training as the old gentleman said, even though it is tiring.

She can swing a sword normally now compared to the first time. He also taught her type and stance of the sword.

Although she was still no match for him, she was proud of the fact that she had mastered swordsmanship to some extent.

That’s why she was so confident. She said she would finish such a task easily.

“Haa, haa.”

The result was a disastrous defeat.

No thrust could hit him.

Just as she was sure that her thrust would hit him, it was caught between two of his fingers and stopped.

Moved her feet a step, she couldn’t even do that

One year on.

She couldn’t complete the task.

If there was one progress, it was in getting the old gentleman to use his sword.

The sword flashes that were initially caught by his bare hands are now being played by his sword.

She was progressing little by little. But she was getting frustrated with the too-slow pace.

She had heard at first that she had no talent for the sword. She knew and understood this, and yet she begged him.

She asked him to teach hwr how to sword.

It was the first time she wanted to learn something from someone, and I wanted to keep that feeling.

“Nina-sama. The sun is going down. It’s time to call it a day.”

Malvis Hausen, the old gentleman who called the girl Nina, said that to the girl with the same smile as a few years ago.

The training started in the afternoon after her studies were over, and has continued to this day without a break.

He appreciated her sincere attitude toward the sword, but do not overdo it.

And she was only eight years old. Even letting her use a sword on herself was awesome enough.


A faint voice is let out with a broken breath.

He felt a little sadness in his ears, which have become a little distant with age.

“I can still do it!”

She spoke the words again, despite the fact that she had out of breath.

Her eyes staring at him were lit by a hot flame that seemed to melt even the snow that covered the whole country in an instant.

Yareyare, Malvis sighed.

This egoistic personality. Does this resemble the king or the queen ……?

In any case, any further training is poisonous to her body.

“No, that’s all for today.”

He tells her so in a slightly stern tone.

Then she understood, and the flames in her eyes suddenly disappeared.

“All right. If Malvis says so.”

She picked up the sword from the ground and put it in the sheath at her waist.

Malvis saw to that, and sheathed his own sword, the Silvella.

“Nina, I heard. I heard you finally got to use some advanced magic today.”

Nina was called into the king’s office and was greeted by her father, King Julius Yuresh, with a big smile.


But Nina responds shortly with a complicated expression.

“What’s the matter? Something you’re not happy about?”

Her father’s worried voice. Feeling a little indignant, Nina opens her mouth.

“With all due respect, Father. I’ve heard that in the royal family of the neighboring country of Logimel, there is a girl of the same age who has succeeded in summoning a spirit. And in the neighboring country of Lisbet, there is a boy who is a child prodigy with powers that surpass even a knight.”

“Yeah, well. That’s right.”

“I’ve only been able to use advanced magic in comparison. I’m still far behind.”

Nina said to herself, annoyed with herself.

Nina is the princess who has the destiny to carry Yuresh from now on.

In spite of this, she’s inferior to boy and girl of the same age in other countries.

This was also one of the reasons why she was in such a hurry to learn the sword.

“Well, that’s another thing. Nina can go slowly.”

The king speaks softly to Nina.

A word of concern for her. But for the current Nina, even that one word stimulates her frustration.

“I can’t go slow!”

She can’t help but raise her voice.

When she looked at her father’s face, she saw that he was looking at Nina like a pigeon who had been hit by a peashooter.

(Here’s reference https://sp.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm26078685)


Nina became bummed and left the place, running away from her father.


She thought she heard her father’s voice calling from behind, but she ignored it and cantered off to her room.

What a diminutive person I am.

I disregarded my father’s words, who had taken the trouble to praise my efforts.

I’m disgusted by my own stupidity.


Nina arrives at her room and as she puts her hand on the door, someone calls her name from behind.


When she turned around, there was a man who was out of breath.

“Ha…ha… ha. Yes, it’s Ludo.”

A little savvy, it’s her father’s aide.

The Prime Minister, Luso Leyr, was there.

“What do you want?”

It’s a complicated state of mind that made her speak a little harshly.

“I happened to pass by the King’s office and saw Princess Nina running out ……. What happened?”

Ludo said as he looked at her face in surprise.

“No, nothing.”

“Nothing, huh?”

Ludo sighs and takes Nina’s hand.


“I’ve got some rare tea leaves from the East. Come and join me.”

“But ……”

“Nina-sama, sometimes it’s important to let go of your breath. Come on.”

Nina goes straight to Ludo, who takes her by the hand and follows him.

Perhaps she will be taken to Ludo’s room.

Ludo has always appeared in front of Nina when she is depressed, as if he planned it, and invites her to tea like this.

And he’s always encouraging Nina.

“Come in, please.”

She found herself in front of Ludo’s room.

She wonder what kind of tea he will make for hed today.

Nina felt her heart jump a little as she followed him into the room.

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