Level Reset Gomi Skill da to Kanchigaishita Keredo Jitsuha Tondemonai Cheat Sukiru datta – Chapter 36

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Six years have passed since the warm voice of birth resounded in a country covered in white snow.

Inside the Blue Hall of White Ice, located in the center of the country.

A girl was running fast down a long corridor with a bright red carpet that was relative to the blue of the exterior walls.

“Oh, please wait, Lady Nina. ……”

The old woman who shouts so is chasing the girl while holding her chests as if she was out of breath.

“No! I don’t want to study!”

The girl didn’t look back, but continued to run and only said a few words to the old woman.

Why did Nina-sama grow up to be such a jerk?

The old woman wipes off her sweat and leans against the wall with her hand, thinking.

Although she looks exactly like the brilliant Queen Olivia, her personality is completely different.

It’s all because the king spoiled Nina-sama.

Nina-sama is getting upset because he’s always telling her how pretty she is.

In the back of her mind, the old woman thought of the current king’s face and beat him to a pulp in order to to vent her anger.


“What’s the matter, my king?”

“Someone must be gossiping about me. It’s hard to be popular. Ludo.”

“Yes, my king.”

After managing to get rid of the old woman, Nina slowly stopped walking and looked back.

No one is chasing there. It’s a complete victory for Nina.

Nina wiped the beads of sweat that were beginning to appear on her forehead and huffed.

“Lady Nina. Don’t trouble the court too much.”

It was only a short time before she felt relieved, and suddenly a voice came from above her head.

When she came to, Nina was grabbed by the back-collar and suspended in midair.

“Ma, Malvis!”

When she looked, there was an old gentleman there.

The swallow-tailed man with the snow-white hair and beard that covered the castle smiled grimly when he saw Nina.

“Good day to you. Lady Nina.”

Surely there was no one else around.

When did he get so close?

Such a question crosses her mind, but for now, her first priority is to escape from his hands.

“Get off me!”

Nina flails her arms and legs, trying to escape Malvis’s grasp.

But no matter how violent she gets, there’s no sign that Malvis will accidentally let go of his hand.

“Hahahaha. Nina-sama is doing well today.”

On the contrary, Malvis smiled broadly, seemingly unconcerned with Nina’s resistance.

“But you mustn’t be so energetic that you cause trouble for those around you.”

Malvis slowly sets Nina down on the ground and says this in a slightly stern tone.

Nina was a little amused, but there was no point in backing down now.

“Malvis is my mother’s aide! You have no right to tell me what to do!”

She tried to escape as best as she can.

“Oh, you know a difficult word such as ‘have no right’. This is also the result of your regular study.”

(越権 = going beyond authority; unauthorized; unauthorised; ultra vires, have no right)

But Malvis didn’t budge at all and dodged Nina’s verbal attack with a flutter.

“Oh, Malvis ……, and is that Nina there?”

As Nina ponders what to do with this old man, a gentle voice that she has heard since she can remember caresses her ear.

“Well, well, well.”

Malvis responded and turned his body towards the direction of the voice.


Behind Malvis, who bowed reverently, Nina’s expression clouded.

Seeing her expression, the owner of the voice, Olivia, also clouds her face a little.

“That’s strange. I thought Nina was supposed to be studying ……”

“Yeah, um. That ……”

It’s bad, if it keeps going like this, she’ll know I’ve been sneaking out of my studies.

Nina doesn’t like to study, but she loves her kind mother.

It was not in Nina’s nature to make such a mother look sad for what she had done.

What should I do… what should I do….

“Nina-sama. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to this old man.”

“Eh, …….”

Nina looks at Malvis with a surprised expression.

What the hell is this old man talking about?

I thought Malvis had shown up here to condemn me for slipping out.

But Malvis, whether knowing or not Nina’s agitation, smiled kindly and turned to Olivia.

“Olivia-sama, I’m very sorry. I have a lot of free time on my hands. I selfishly asked the princess to have a chit-chat.”

Malvis puts his hand on his chest, kneels down, and shows Olivia his apologize.

No, you’re not. I’m the one who’s sorry. Malvis has nothing to apologize for.

She tries to speak up, but it’s stuck in her chest and she can’t get the words out like she wants.

“Yes, I understand. Malvis has always been good to me, and I’ll close my eyes for a few things. Nina.”

“Yes.” (Nina)

Suddenly her name is called and she responds reflexively.

“You have to study hard.”

Olivia smiles flirtatiously and tells her so.

The remaining Nina grabs the hem of her skirt tightly.

In the end, she couldn’t tell her the truth. In addition, she made it seem like Malvis was at fault when it was her fault.

She feels like her heart is being crushed by that guilt.

“Lady Olivia. I will escort Lady Nina to make amends.”

“Yes, please.”

“Well, Lady Nina. Shall we go back to your room?”

With that, Malvis held out his hand to Nina.

Nina nodded cockily and grabbed his large hand.

I want to get away from this place as soon as possible. In that one mind, she squeeze Malvis’s hand tightly.

Then she slowly walked towards her room.

“…… I’ve gave you a hard time.”

Olivia murmurs so in a voice that no one can hear.

Then Malvis turned to Olivia and smiled gently as if he was facing Nina so that Nina wouldn’t notice.

The hallway leading to her room.

Nina steps on the red carpet laid out there with slow steps.

“I’m sorry.”

The words she couldn’t say earlier finally pop out of her chest.

I really should have said it in front of my mother.

She said she was sorry for running away. She said he was sorry for blaming Malvis.

One of her favorite mother’s teachings is to always apologize when you do something wrong.

The fact that she had disobeyed her mother’s teachings tightened Nina’s heart more than anything.

“Good work, Lady Nina.”

At these words, Nina looks at Malvis’ face with a flash. Malvis was still smiling as kindly as before.

“I’m surprised you apologized so openly.”

Nina’s eyes are burning at the words of Malvis.

“Ma, Malvis.”

“I like Nina-sama, who can apologize honestly, more than the eloquent princess.”

Malvis then gave Nina a big smile.


Nina unintentionally jumps into Malvis’ chest.


“Oh dear. Well, well, well. ……”

Malvis does as she is wanted and lends his chest to Nina.

Malvis slowly stroked her beautiful golden hair like her mother as he felt his shirt slowly become wet.

“Hey, Malvis!”

Nina, who has completely recovered, calls out to Malvis in front of her room.

“What is it, Princess?”

“I want you to teach your sword arts.”

“My sword arts?”


Nina knew.

Malvis used to be called the best rapier user in all of Yuresh.

As proof of this, Malvis still carries a slender sword at his left hip.

“With all due respect, Nina-sama, I think you have more talent with magic than with the sword. ……”


Nina looks at Malvis with a strong willed face that says she will not back down one step.

At this rate, she would not give up no matter how many times she was told. It’s like looking at the Olivia-sama of old in a place like this.

Malvis couldn’t help but smile out of nostalgia.

“Alright… I’ll confirm it with the two of them first.”

The two of them here are the king and queen.

As for Nina’s education, Malvis can’t make any decisions on his own.

Well, it’s the king who is a foolish parent. It is obvious that if Nina had suggested it, he would have given his approval.

“When my father and mother give you permission, you will definitely teach me the sword! Promise!”

“Yes, I promise. I swear it by my sword, Silvella.”

Malvis slowly touches the sword at his waist and kneels down.

Nina was satisfied with that and slowly returned to her own room.

“Well, well, well.”

Malvis mutters to himself as he slowly stands up.

Let’s try to convince the easy ones first.

Malvis thought to himself, and walked to the King’s office.

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