Level Reset Gomi Skill da to Kanchigaishita Keredo Jitsuha Tondemonai Cheat Sukiru datta – Chapter 30

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“Hey, damn boar. I need to talk to you about something.”

The decision to break into Wishside was made at midnight, when the soldiers were probably asleep.

We decided to go to bed to let our bodies rest a little.

But then my current skill of quiet listening would be lost due to the level reset.

There was something I really wanted to ask this fucking boar before I did.

Piggy Piggy? (What’s wrong? I’m sleepy.)

“Don’t say that. Let’s just go outside and enjoy the breeze and talk.”

As I said that, I grabbed the fucking boar by the scruff of the neck and lifted him up in a heap.

Piggy Piggy! (What are you doing?)

“Where are you going?”

Nina asks me from the bed.

“What? I’m thinking of deepening my friendship with this guy, so I want to be alone with him.”

“Oh! That’s a good thing. Go on.”

Nina smiled and sent us on our way.

I simply didn’t want Nina to hear what I was about to tell him.

Feeling a little guilty, I left the room with the fucking boar.

Me and the fucking boar sit down at the base of a big tree, next to a hole that looks like a big animal nest.

Piggy Piggy. (So, what do you want to talk about?)

This fucking boar snorted in a troublesome manner.

I looked him in the eye and asked with a serious expression.

“Hey, why did you decide to follow that girl?”

Piggy? (What do you mean?)

The fucking boar sniffs with a look that says he doesn’t understand what I’m asking.

“That’s what it means. We killed your parents, and we are like the target of your revenge. Why are you working with us?”

Piggy Piggy. Piggy-piggy. (We you say…? It’s you the one who killed my father and mother, not my master.)

“Don’t try to deny it. Me and Nina were a tag-team. I may have had the final hand in it, but I’d say we killed it. You’re not dumb enough to not see that, are you?”


The fucking boar doesn’t answer anything.

This is probably fine if he knows it.

“I’ll ask you again. What’s the reason you’re working with us?”

To my question, the fucking boar showed a little thought and then quietly snorted.

Piggy. (To avenge my mother and father.)

“Avenge? You mean you’re going to take revenge on me?”

Piggy! (No, it’s not!)

The fucking boar looked at me excitedly.

Piggy, piggy. Piggy-piggy! (Sure you killed my mother and father. I hate you for that. But the only reason my mother and father started attacking the village was because someone was manipulating them!)

“They were manipulated ……? What do you mean?”

My mind goes blank at the sudden confession.

Piggy Piggy. Piggy Piggy. (Think about it. I was pissed that the villagers attacked me by mistake and my parents chased them off, but my parents wouldn’t vindictively attack them over and over again.)

“Is that how it works?”

I don’t know the world of divine beasts or how they feel, but wouldn’t they be angry if someone tried to kill them?

Piggy Piggy. Piggy Piggy. (After that day, my father and mother were always attacking the village as if they were possessed by something. No matter how many times I tried to stop them, they wouldn’t listen to me at all. ……)

So they were manipulated …….

I can’t be sure because I haven’t seen things from his point of view, but if that’s true, something smells fishy.

Piggy Piggy. Piggy Piggy. (So I thought that someday someone stronger would come along and get me. That was you and my master.)

“I understand why you’re working with us. But why do you claim Nina as your master?”

If it’s just to cooperate, it shouldn’t need to be a master and servant relationship.

Pigiggy. (Actually, I’m not sure either.)


Piggy. Piggy. Piggy. (She hugged me and it was so warm. I felt so safe. I felt like I could trust her with everything.)

“Is that why you gave yourself to her?”

Piggy. (I had nothing else to fall back on.)

It’s like brainwashing.

For lack of a better word, I thought that might be the most accurate.

I can’t talk about it because it’s bad for the fucking boar.



Piggy, Piggy.

“What the fuck are you talking about?

I huff and open my status panel.

Ragnus Zweigte.
Lv: 1
Muscle strength: G
Physical strength: G
Intelligence: GG
Magic power: G
Speed: GG
Luck: GG
SP: 42
Skill: [Level Reset].
[Random Skill] [Peerless]

I clicked my tongue.

I should have chatted with this guy sooner.

Using a random skill doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get a quiet listening, and that’s it for today.

“Time’s up.”

I say and grab the fucking boar by the scruff of the neck.

He was sniffing excitedly, beeping something, but I didn’t know what he was talking about anymore, so I ignored him and walked to my room.

“Ragnus? Is there a problem?”

“No, it’s nothing.”

The door opens and I walk in.

Why does it now remind me of my interaction with the fucking boar?

I shake my head, saying it’s none of her business, and dispels the chatter.

“Where is he?”

“He’s upstairs at the end of the hall.”

I have investigated all of Fourlock’s rooms.

I took Nina and walked slowly to the second floor, carefully checking for traps.

It was a groundless fear, or nothing of the sort at all, and we arrived at the room where we thought Fourlock was.

“Nina, please.”


Nina does a ‘magic search’ as well as an entrance.

As I expected, there was no magic key on this one either, and it was easy to unlock it with “Unlock”.

I slowly open the door, being careful not to make a sound.

The bedroom inside was a little larger, with one man lying on a large bed.

The red-haired man is still sleeping and shows no signs of waking up.

“Redhead ……. Is this guy has Lisbet blood?”

I heard a story when I was in Zweig’s house that all people with Lisbet royal blood have red hair.

Considering the color of this guy’s hair, and his status as captain of the Seven Star Squadron, that may be true.

I don’t know why he called himself an Arekright, though.


A moment later, the Fourlock’s eyes snapped open.

He raises his upper body in a second, standing up to jump on the bed, and holds the dagger at his hip.

I also immediately took out a longsword from the item box, pulled out the scabbard and held it ready.

I was actually going to wake him up after I made sure he couldn’t move, but I had no choice.

“Who are you?”

Fourlock has murderous intent in his veins, and he’s got us in his sights.

At that moment, I activated my Peerless and struck Fourlock’s abdomen with the speed of sound.

“Ughhhh. ”

His consciousness flew away, and he falls towards me with a dull thump and no strength.


As Nina chanted this, something like ivy grew from the ground and wrapped around Fourlock as if to restrain him.

I make sure the restraints are complete and use my longsword to separate the ground from the ivy.


Just after the work was finished, Fourlock regained consciousness, but it was already too late.

Fourlock is trying to tear the ivy off by force, but the earthbound strengthened by the magic boost will not be so easy to break.

“What do you want?”

Fourlock glares at us with hateful eyes.

“We’ll talk later. We’re just here to kidnap you.”

I told him just that and dropped my handkerchief on his neck in a very tame manner.

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