Level Reset Gomi Skill da to Kanchigaishita Keredo Jitsuha Tondemonai Cheat Sukiru datta – Chapter 27

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“Isn’t this Ecute forest?”

It was an hour’s walk, with the fucking boar leading the way.

I was standing at the entrance to that forest where I met Nina.

“Is Nina here?”

I ask the fucking boar.

But he didn’t answer anything and walked on as if to say, “Shut up and follow me.”

He doesn’t answer me, I have no choice but to follow behind him.

It takes several tens of minutes to go through the forest.

As I scrambled through the trees, I saw a tree about two sizes larger than the rest.

(This way)

Where the fucking boar turns his eyes, a large hole has been dug at the base of that large tree.

The hole, which can accommodate a single person, seems more like the home of a monster than a human being.

I’m led down that hole by the fucking boar.

It was dark inside, and as I continued on, illuminated by the magic of the torchlight, I reached a single iron door, not unlike a wall covered in tree roots and dirt.

“Is she here?”

I ask, and the fucking boar shakes his head in affirmation.

I put my strength into that door and slowly opened it.

It opened up to a room that was a bit larger than the rest.


I look in the direction of the voice.

Four chairs were placed around a wooden table. Nina sat on one of them and looked at us with astonishment.

“Hey. Looks like you’re still alive.”

“You really …… came.”
(She was telling the truth.)

Nina’s eyes were a little moist as she said that.

Who is she referring to by ‘she’?

“Really? You’re the one who sent this fucking boar to me.”

I grab the fucking boar by the neck and place it on the table with a pop.

“It is true, but how do you know that?”
(How did he know?)

“I heard from this fucking boar.”

“You hear it? Did Uri-chan tell you? How did he do it?”
(Uri-chan, are you able to have a talk?)

“Oh, yeah. That’s right.”

I explain to Nina about my quiet listening skills.

Nina was listening to my story with a curious look on her face.

“That’s why.”

“It’s a great skill, it’s just a shame it’ll be gone in a day.”
(Which means you know what I’m thinking.)

“Well, yeah. But as for me, I’d appreciate a skill more suited to combat.”

After all, the level returns to 1 every day.

Also, I’d turn off the skill because the voice in your mind is depressing.

What makes this skill so easy to use is that you can switch it on and off.

It’s unlikely that Nina would lie to me in this situation, and there would be no need to activate it.

“I think you’re good enough for combat when you can read your opponent’s mind. ……”

“More than that. How did you know I was coming here?”

“What is it you want to know? It’s…”

“It’s me.”

I look in the direction of the voice.

There was Nina, looking at me with dull eyes.

It sounded like it was coming from behind her.

“I’m the one who told her.”

“That voice is…”

I looked at Nina with a frown.

Then the black ribbon that tied her golden hair in a single knot began to move. It started to move and turned into a bat.

“I thought you were wearing an unfamiliar ribbon. So it’s you, Scarlett Bradley.”

“It took me a while to get here. Well, it’s tolerable.”

Bat says with an amused laugh.

“I was skeptical, but I didn’t think he’d actually come.”

“So I told you, didn’t I? Ragnus will come to his beloved one, my dear. ”

“Hey, wait a minute.”

I put a stop to the bat who spoke unheard of words.

“Who is loving who?”

“That’s exactly what you heard. Well, it’s a trivial matter.”

“Trivial matter, you say….”

I look at Nina.

She blushed a little and averted her gaze from me.

Hey, don’t get me wrong. No, it’s not what you’re thinking!

“Tsk. So everything went according to your plan, huh?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

I sigh as the loli vampire continues to play dumb.

That’s enough. Even if I pursue it any further, I’m sure she’ll just keep evading.

“So what are you doing here? I thought you were on a suicide mission against the enemy?”

“‘I’m ……, it’s ……. I was going to do that at first, but then I remembered what Scarlett said about ……”

“Scarlett said?”

“Don’t be hasty, be calm. If you do that, people and results will follow. That’s why I tried to cool down and think about it. But ……”

After saying that much, Nina smiled sadly.

“I couldn’t think of any other way but to sacrifice myself.”

……. Well, it could be.

The enemy is a captain of the Seven Stars of rotten Lisbet. Naturally there’s not much Nina can do on her own.

“I regret that I broke up with Ragnus. If it had been the two of us, there might have been something we could have done. If it had been Ragnus, he might have analyzed the situation calmly and resolved it in the best way possible.”

“That’s why I warned you. I’m glad you almost didn’t.”

Scarlet flies through the air, flapping her wings and calling out to Nina a little sternly.

Nina’s shoulders slumped with a shrug upon hearing that.

“Ragnus. It was the right decision to keep monitoring on you. It will give Nina a better idea of when you will arrive at Wishside.”


“Yes. We vampires can control up to one bat remotely like this.”

Scarlett said and flapped her wings and flew freely.

I wonder if I was chased by her after she had turned into a bat.

“Hmmm? Wait, wait. That’s not right. You’ve mainly come to inform Nina of the situation. Then how can you keep monitoring on me?”

Scarlett can only control one bat remotely.

So how the hell was I being monitored?

Is that also the power of the evil eye?

“Oh. I asked my collaborator for that?”


“Look, look back.”

I turned around as Scarlett had told me to.

Then a bat flew by as if to say hello with a flap of its wings.

“I see. This guy told you about my movements and you told Nina about it. This is the reason why the fucking boar appears at the right time. Still, it looks like he was waiting for a while.”

“I just told Uri-chan the approximate time and place. I’m just glad he wasn’t late.”

Nina patted the fucking boar as she said this.

The fucking boar is beeping and squealing like it feels good.

“Scarlett. Who is this guy, by the way? If he’s a collaborator, he’s not our enemy, is he? Let me at least say hello.”

I point with my thumb to the bat flapping behind me.

“Hmm. I can’t tell you about that right now.”

However, Scarlett did not even show any signs of being troubled at all and assured that.


“Whatever. Let’s just say it’s someone I know well.”

“Someone you know well?”

Who’s that? There are only a few people that Nina and I know in common.

But none of them are far from being vampires, they are supposed to be normal people.

“Okay. This is not the time to be worrying about that. Have you guys forgotten what’s situation out there?”

The situation outside ……?

Perhaps Scarlet is referring to the clash between the troops led by Fourlock Arekright and the allied forces of the Asualev Kingdom and Guild.

The reason I was forced to come here, I guess there’s no doubt in my mind that I’m supposed to break this situation up.

If I let the princess go, she’ll probably be so desperate that she’ll only do a suicide mission.

“All right, all right. For now, I’ll tell Nina what I’ve seen and heard. Then we’ll figure out what to do.”

I told her and sat down in the chair across the table from her, facing Nina.

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