Level Reset Gomi Skill da to Kanchigaishita Keredo Jitsuha Tondemonai Cheat Sukiru datta – Chapter 26

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Wishside, the terminal town of the Asualev Kingdom.

In a room in the mansion of the former mayor of the town,  Fourlock Arekright grew impatient with the reports from his men.

“The Kingdom of Asualev has responded. They claim to have no knowledge of the whereabouts of Nina Yuresh.”

“That’s ridiculous. ……”

Still not believing the answer from King Asualev for the umpteenth time, Fourlock held his head in his hands.

Nina Yuresh disappeared in the Ecute forest, not far from here in Wishside.

According to the information from his men, a gust of wind blew and suddenly Nina Yuresh’s steps disappeared.

It is unthinkable for a single person to disappear in a moment, unless he or she is hidden by the gods.

So the answer that Fourlock came up with was that she must have had the backing of King Asualev.

Nina Yuresh is lurking in the Ecute forest. This was communicated to the people at the customs house by Lisbet’s soldiers in order to obtain permission to enter Asualev’s territory.

She is also a princess of a country, albeit an exiled one. She is also well worth using as the King of Asualev.

For this reason, Fourlock had planned to drop Wishside and get her in exchange for the town …….

“Are you suggesting that even one town is out of proportion to her? No, really, I can’t understand….. Who the hell is she really?”

The young captain, clad in silver and white armor, scratched his red hair, which was peculiar to the Lisbet royal family.

If they fail to catch her, this operation will end in failure. Only that should be avoided.

Captain Julius gave him the chance to be the second youngest captain of the Seven Star Squadron. This is despite the fact that he is shunned by the other captains.

If he misses this opportunity, he will not only cause the death of his benefactor, but also take another step away from what he is aiming for.

Failure is not an option..

“Attention all personnel! The invasion of Jorgen is about to begin.”

Fourlock stood up and told the soldier in the place.

Hearing this, the soldier replies with a short “yes” and leaves the place quickly.

This is not a threat as it has been. Left alone, Fourlock sat in his chair and closed his eyes.

“Arnetzak, God of Victory. Please give my army victory.”

The only thing that came to mind was his late mother, and his sister, who was still a girl in his mind.

Wishside, the terminal town of the Asualev Kingdom.

One man was watching the town from a short distance away.

“I’d heard it had fallen, but there’s less damage to the building than I thought.”

The town that he can see is much too clean for it to have fallen.

It was as if the fall had been a lie, or as if they had offered up a whole town.

“But it seems certain that Lisbet’s soldiers are occupying the town.”

At the entrance to the town, two men wearing armor with a color scheme similar to Lisbeth’s knightly armor were chatting there.

“Our captain. He has already issued orders to immediately launch an invasion of Jorgen.” (Aa, I’m so sick of work.)

“Is he out of his mind? We’re dealing with the Asualev Kingdom. Lisbet may be a great power, but do you really think that one platoon of soldiers can stand up to one country?”

“Right? Well, I’m thinking of betray him if I can’t keep up with him any longer. If I cut that captain, I’m sure another one will pick up the slack.”

“Oh, come on. You can’t involve me with that!” (This guy, seriously)

“It’s fine. He’s a sweetheart who hates to kill. Even if he launches an order, it’s just a bluff.”

“Indeed. In fact, when we dropped this town, the order was never to let anyone die.”

“Thanks to him, though, it took several times longer than it should have to fall.”

“Hey, it’s time for your shift, what were you talking about ……?” (Oh, it my partner Joshua, this guy is so serious it’s not even funny.)

“It’s nothing. Let’s eat, let’s eat. Working in a place like this. I’ve got nothing to look forward to but food.” (Ah, I wanna hug a woman.)

“What’s wrong with him?” (I’m sure he’s thinking of something stupid anyway)

“You can ask him later. I’m at work.” (No, don’t think about it, just believe the captain and follow him.”

“Okay, okay. Joshua, you’re always so serious.” (He’s too serious. Jeez!)


Apparently, it turns out that this squad is not monolithic either.

But then again, the captain doesn’t have any allies except for Joshua and the others, right?

Maybe if I leave it alone, the Asualev Kingdom will take care of it.

I was thankful for a random skill I got called ‘quiet listening’.

Quiet Listening

Listening to every possible voice of the visible objects.


But then, where the hell did that girl go?

At any rate, the fact that they are planning to invade Jorgen means that Nina is not captured in a small way.

If she’s not in Jorgen, and she’s not in Wishside, then where is she really going ……?


As I’m thinking about this, I hear a hateful squeal from behind me.

I turned around, and just as I thought. There was a fucking boar staring down at me with a snort.


(At last, you’re here, slowpoke! Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for you?)

Oh, I can hear this skill fucking boar too?

I mean, this guy’s got a bad mouth. It’s just like I thought it would be.

Piggy, piggy.

(Master wants me to bring you when I find you. So follow me!)

With that, the fucking boar turns his back on me and starts walking away.

If you want me to bring me to her, it seems to me that Nina is somewhere else.

First of all, I was relieved to see that she was alive, and I followed the fucking boar as it trotted away.

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