Level Reset Gomi Skill da to Kanchigaishita Keredo Jitsuha Tondemonai Cheat Sukiru datta – Chapter 25

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“Hey, did you hear? l heard they’re finally coming for Jorgen.”

“I heard. The military and guilds are working together to stop the invasion of Capital here.”

Part of the Jorgen Guild.

Two burly men are having a conversation over an urgent quest posted on a bulletin board.

[Emergency Quest]
Stopping the invasion of Fourlock Arekright.
We pay reasonable rewards to the ones who do well.

Its quest briefly described.

The client was not listed, but there was no doubt that it was the king’s direct order.

I was looking at it and wondering what to do with it too.

If Scarlett hadn’t said something like that to me a few days ago, I would have decided to ignore it.

“You must go to the Whishside. And help Nina.”


I couldn’t believe my ears.

No, no, no. You saw the exchange between me and Nina earlier, right?

“I know what you’re going to say, but if you don’t go and help Nina, it will be the end, okay?”

A word with a stronger ending comes flying from Scarlett.

“It will be the end…. What do you mean?”

“It’s exactly what it says. What you must do now will determine the fate of this world. Her presence is essential to that.”

“Is that what I’m supposed to do?”

I was getting more and more confused.

What is it that I’m supposed to do? What’s the end of the world in my hands?

It is possible that this young vampire is able to see the future with the power of the evil eye, but the story is too rough to say the least.

“Can’t you be a little more specific for me?”

“That’s not possible.”

“Because it’s not interesting?”

“No, no.”

I thought it was all about personal feelings, but apparently not.

“Then why?”

“The future is going to change.”

Cutting me off mid-sentence, she said crisply.

Instantly, the air froze. As if the exchange up until now had been a picnic, the aura that Scarlett wore changed.

“It would be easy for me to tell you everything, but sometimes it is better not to know the truth. At least that’s what I saw in you, that’s why, I didn’t tell you it all.”

Scarlett stood up and walked over to me.

When she gets close, its pinched, cold aura becomes so strong that I can’t help but back away.

“One word from me can change the future in a thousand ways. Don’t think anything. Don’t ask any more questions. And you must save Nina alive. It’s the best thing you can do.”

“Then why did you let Nina go?”

I ask Scarlett the perfectly natural question.

If Nina dies and the world will be over because of her, then she shouldn’t have let her go in the first place.

“Oh, dear. You’ve always been biting and asking why and why. Why don’t you think for yourself a little? I’ve given you at least some clue for thought. Or is it that your brain is rotten and you want answers right away?”

Scarlett tells me in a slightly annoyed voice.

I was a little pissed off too, but more importantly, if you let me think about it like you said, there is only one answer to arrive at.

“Because I need to go to Wishside?”

I asked, and with a satisfied look on her face, Scarlett nodded broadly.

The only thing I can figure out is whether it was necessary for me to save Nina by going to Wishside, or whether it would have been better if Nina and I had gone to Wishside together to get rid of Fourlock.

Either way, the current situation leans towards the former, so there’s probably no point in even thinking about this.

“I got the gist of it. But…..”

I force myself to swallow it. Really, though, I’m forcing myself. I don’t really believe much even now when she says she sees the future.

However, there is still one thing that remains to be checked.

“What if I still don’t want to help?”

It’s how Scarlett operates when she doesn’t get her way.

In short, if I did what Scarlett said, I would have done the right thing. Otherwise, if I didn’t, then I would have done the wrong thing.

To be honest, depending on the response, I may not listen to what she says. Unlike Nina, Scarlet doesn’t have the right to enforce me.

She then replied with a lonely smile on her face.

“I have no more use for this world.”

At that moment, the aura of cold air fizzled out from her.

The look in Scarlett’s eyes at that moment wasn’t like she was lying.

I have no more use for this world. What this means is that she will try to destroy this world with her own power?

Is that how important Nina’s existence is to her, that the life of one exiled princess is so important?

“The world will be end?”

I can’t forgive the world, God for forcing me to this fate.

So, it might be a good idea to do nothing at all and leave it to Scarlett to watch this world ends.

But that doesn’t clear up all my pent-up feelings.

I can’t die until I see their faces contorted in regret and despair as they scorned me, abused me, beat me, and gave up on me.

That’s why it’s not good for me if the world ends up like this.

Not until my purpose is served, I promise.

“To be honest, I don’t like it, but I’m going to help Nina, like Scarlett said. ……, but the important thing is, where did she go?

In the end, as soon as Scarlett told me that, I chased after Nina with my [Peerless], but I couldn’t find her.

It’s been a few days since I arrived in Jorgen, thinking she might have overtaken me,, but I haven’t seen her yet.

You’re always supposed to go through Jorgen to get to Wishside, so where the hell are you?

The fact that there is no information that Fourlock has withdrawn from Wishside may not mean that at least two of them have been in contact, though..

“Go to Wishside.”

Perhaps I can successfully catch her as I arrive at Wishside.

In her case, I’m sure she went rush to go there without a plan, so she’s going to cause some trouble and get noticed.

“Now it has been decided.”

I turned my back to the board where the quest was posted and left the guild.

I’ve accumulated some gold over the past few days from taking on the appropriate quests. Let’s start by replenishing my equipment.

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