Level Reset Gomi Skill da to Kanchigaishita Keredo Jitsuha Tondemonai Cheat Sukiru datta – Chapter 16

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“I don’t know what I’m going to name it.”

Earlv, whose magic has returned a little and who can now walk, walks down the road to the village, humming to herself.

On top of her head, the boar is also happily humming along to the tune of “Piggy Piggy Piggy”.

“Alright, how about Uri? Hey, Rox.”

Is its name Uri because it is a wild boar?

(ウリ坊= Uribo means boar)

“It’s fine.”

Short sighted.

“Alright. Starting today, you’re Uri.”

Uri responded with a joyful squeal of piggishness.

“‘I think Uri likes it. Hey, Rox.”


I know you’re in a good mood because you got a cute pet, but don’t ask on me every time.

I’m not sure if the attitude I took with that thought was conveyed to Earlv, but her expression gradually changed to one that seemed less than amused.

“Rox, are you jealous of Uri?”

“What makes you think that?”

I couldn’t help but poke my head in. I wondered where and how she could come up with such an idea.

“You’ve been looking bored for a while now.”

If I were to say, “That’s just your attitude being troublesome,” her mood would probably plummet.

“Sorry, sorry. I was just thinking.”

So I smile and say so back. I’m not lying. I’ve been thinking a lot about why the monster fond to her, so yeah. It’s not like I’m acting like this because I’m upset.

“Seeing you smile it looks suspicious.”

Oh, God, you’re such a pain in the ass.

“Alright. Rox should also get along with Uri. Then it will surely be a fun party.”

“What? Why do I with that monster have to…”

Instantly, a weak electricity flowed through my body.

I look at Earlv with a furtive glance, but she doesn’t say anything with a smile on her face. She really is thick-faced.

“Fine, fine. I understand.”

I’m not able to get anywhere, so I reluctantly accepted it, and extended my hand as if shaking hands with the boar, which was offered in both of Earlv’s hands.

“Please take care of Uri…”



Uri kicked both of her hands and hit me in the face as hard as it could, just as my hands were about to touch its.

“What the fuck are you doing, you fucking boar?”

When I protest to the guy who landed on the ground while holding my face, he is also complaining about something to me with Piggy Piggy!!. Come on, you wanna fight?

“No, Uri!”

Then Earlv takes the anger fucking boar in both hands and strokes it good.

“Rox doesn’t really want to be friends with Uri either, so it hates you.”

“I’ve lost that feeling even more now!”

Tsk, I glare at the fucking boar.

It purred in Earlv’s arms and then turned away.

I’m going to make you into a braised pork one day.

“Thank you for hard work.”

When we got back to the village, we were greeted by the village chief and went straight into the feast.

Since my item box would be depleted as the day turned, I gave the big boar I killed later to the villagers as a parting gift, and some of it was served at the banquet.

By the way, I’ve had the fucking boar go inside Earlv’s item box, which has increased in capacity due to leveling up, because the villagers might get scared if it’s with them.

Just when I thought the tension from the big boar fight had been lifted and I could finally relax.

“So, brother, what’s your relationship with that girl?”

“No, it’s not what you’re thinking….”

“It’s hot. It’s hot.”

I was annoyed by the entanglement of the drunken old men and aunts, so I said I was too tired and went to the chief’s house early to go bed. The fact that Earlv had made it look like a simple tattoo on my neck, so that it would not be easily recognisable as a slave’s crest, may have been to my detriment here.

I go back to my room and check the status.

Ragnus Zweig.
Lv: 105
Strength: DDDD+
Strength: DDD+
Intelligence: C+
Magic: C+
Speed: DD+
SP: 16
Skills: [Level Reset] [Peerless].
[Magic Boost]

Leaving aside the level that went up again because I killed the big boar, there is still one skill that stands out.

“Magic Boost.”

A rare skill shared by two people, like an old acquaintance, who I don’t know how they are now and don’t want to know, a partner, or slave-master relationship, just like I and Earlv, with whom I fight now.

This one thing was enough to overturn my reputation up until now, but my feelings about it were mixed.

Even though it’s true that I was able to defeat the second big boar thanks to this, it doesn’t mean that the trauma that tormented me will disappear any time soon.

“Huh, why this skill of all things?”

I can’t stop talking to myself

Huh, I sighed and was thinking about what to do with this skill and that damn boar when Earlv came back. I looked at my watch and saw that the day had just changed.

“I’m back. The people in the village seemed very happy to see me.”

The smiling Earlv also speaks happily.

I’m glad to hear you’re happy too.

“What’s the matter? Your expression is gloomy.

“Nothing. …… No, I’ll talk to Earlv about it.”

I was going to fool around with it, but I might as well tell you about my newly acquired skills.

I told her that she had since fainted and that my newly acquired skill with the skill crystal was Magic Boost.

Then she quickly checks my status. Then she laughed, “Ahahaha.”

Why are you laughing?

“Rox, if you’re going to try to surprise me with a joke, you should do better than that. Because I can see Rox’s status.”

Are you kidding? What are you talking about?

“No, I’m not trying to make a joke.”

Heh?, said Earlv, tilting her head at my words.

“Cause your skills haven’t changed since I last saw you.


No, really, what is this girl talking about?

I hurriedly checked my status again.

Ragnus Zweig.
Lv: 1
Muscle strength: G
Physical strength: G
Intelligence: GG
Magic power: G
Speed: GG
Luck: GG
SP: 17
Skills: [Level Reset] [Peerless].

I rubbed my eyes again to check, but sure enough, my skills only had two written on them.

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