Level Reset Gomi Skill da to Kanchigaishita Keredo Jitsuha Tondemonai Cheat Sukiru datta – Chapter 13

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  1. “Get ready, Earlv!”

I issued a notice to Earlv, who stood there dumbfounded.

When she came to her senses, she drew the slender sword at her waist and readied it.

There’s still a distance between me and that guy. I checked my status in the meantime.

Ragnus Zweig.
Lv: 88
Muscle strength: DD
Physical strength: EEEEE+.
Intelligence: E+.
Magic: E+
Speed: EEEEE+
Luck: EEE+.
SP: 99
Skills: [Level Reset] [Peerless].

Although the level is higher than expected, the debuff effect of [Peerless] is still severe. I didn’t expect to be dragged down by this debuff effect in such a place.

“‘Rox. Can’t we just run out?”

Earlv says this as she looks at me, dripping with cold sweat.

“They killed my husband. Do you think it’ll let you go?”


The fierce roar now tells us that it is determined not to let that happen.

Earlv turned to the big boar again, as if she understood that the idea was pointless.

“I will do it.”

Then Earlv said with a motivated look on her face.

“Do you have a plan?”

“I’ll use my skills.

Earlv’s skills? I don’t think I’ve know that before.

I haven’t know her specific age, but she’s probably around the same age as me. If that’s the case, she’s probably already gone through what Lisbet calls a skill development ceremony. Even if Yuresh didn’t have such a ceremony, it wouldn’t be surprising if she possessed the skills, since she was wearing something around her neck to do so.

“So I need you to buy me some time until I can complete the chant.”

I guess chanting means activating magic of at least intermediate level. So I guess that means Earlv’s skills are magic related.

“How long will it take?”

“You have about 25 seconds.”

So that’s confirmed advanced. Intermediate should be about half that.

Lower level magic such as Earthbind can be activated without chanting, but intermediate and higher level magic is a different story.

By chanting, you can stabilize your mind, control your magical power, and prevent outbursts. Even I, who is not good at magic, can understand that it is an act close to suicide, such as activating intermediate and advanced level without chanting.

“Is there a chance to win?”

“It’s the greatest magic I can use.”

On the other hand, if this doesn’t work, it means the end for us.

“Come on!”

“I got it!”

Starting with that shouting match, I charged at the large boar that was closing in on me.

At the same time, the Earlv behind me starts chanting.

“I command you, flame incarnate…”

I catch the boar’s body with the belly of the self-defense sword I had in my hand.


I can’t catch it!

The bones in my arms creak, and my self-defense sword easily snaps in two.

“The soul of the fire that sleeps in the depths of the earth…”

I was hit by the big boar and was launched high into the sky.

My whole body is in pain. Maybe the big boar from earlier was feeling like this too.

“To reveal your robe of burning heat, your wings of burning wind,…”

Watching me fall, the big boar seems to have decided that the next target is Earlv and starts to rush towards her.

I won’t let you!


I activate my magic in the air and twist the ivy around the hind legs of the big boar.

The big boar, just like the guy from earlier, plunged nose first into the ground with his momentum.

You see, I can at least use lower level magic.

“Your fists of burning fire, your sword of burning light,…”

However, the big boar easily tore off the ivy and started to rush at Earlv again.

Not yet! She’s not done chanting!


I try to tease the big boar’s legs again, but it seems the same move won’t work twice. The big boar dexterously avoids the earthbound ivy.

Damn, that’s why you’re a weird, smart monster.

“And your body of burning sun. The name of which is–”

The great boar is already looming in front of Earlv’s eyes.

I took out a spare sword from my item box. Then I pointed the tip of the sword at the big boar and used the speed of the fall to stab it in the back.


With a loud roar, the large boar stopped in its tracks.

“Roxx! Please move aside!”

When I look, I see a large mass of magic power gathering in Earlv’s hand. It’s a signal that the chanting is complete.

I used the last of my strength and kicked the big boar in the back to break away.

Earlv confirms this and directs a mass of magic power towards the large boar.

“Skill activation, ‘magic boost.”

The moment she uttered those words, the mass of magic power swelled explosively.

“Magic Boost……?”

“Volcanic Inferno.”

A moment later, a mass of magic power was absorbed into the ground beneath the big boar.

And the ground rose up and cracked, and magma spouted from within and shot up like a pillar of fire.

Volcanic Inferno, an advanced fire-based magic. I’ve heard rumors, but I didn’t realize it was this powerful.

No, perhaps this is partly due to the additional effects caused by the ‘magic boost’.


That’s all Earlv said and fell to the ground.

I’m sure she poured all her magical energy into this and ran out of magic. You’re being so reckless.

I woke up… The pain gone, and run over to Earlv. It’s okay, she’s just unconscious, she seems to be alive.

The pillar of fire continued to brightly illuminate the night sky, but as soon as Earlv fainted, it rapidly converged its momentum.

And then I see what’s left afterwards, and I let out another dry laugh.

“Ha-ha-ha. You’re kidding. There’s no way it’s just a C-ranked quest…..” (Ragnus)

There, a big boar, charred in places and smelling fragrant, but with light still in its eyes, stood in a leisurely fashion.

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