It Starts With A Mountain – Chapter 41

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Chapter 41: The Killer Always Kills

“It’s Robbery!”

These two words were not light, they spread with the wind and reached the ears of everyone on the hillside. Gao Feihu’s heart skipped a beat, wondering if he had misheard.

“Hey, robbery, robbery! Men stand on the left, women stand on the right, and those who are neither stand in the middle!” Cheng Dalei rode on a horse and shouted a made-up mountain song.

Gao Feihu was startled. He finally understood that Cheng Dalei had closed the gate and refused to come out not because he was childish and angry, but because he was planning to rob them!

But why?!

Gao Feihu couldn’t figure out this question.

Didn’t he see the Zhu family’s blood flowing like a river, more than thirty people dying tragically like pigs and dogs?

Didn’t he see Lu Heng’s hundred elite soldiers strutting by, picking heads with their spears?

Didn’t he see the leaders of the small and large mountain camps in Black Bull Mountains bowing their heads and attaching themselves to the buttocks of others’ horses?

He did see it all, but he still rode out on a skinny horse, facing the elite soldiers, and said two words.

It’s Robbery.

Lu Heng narrowed his eyes slightly, then lifted the corners of his mouth and raised his palm.

“Come kneel under my horse within five counts, and I can choose to forgive you for what you just said.”

Cheng Dalei got off his horse and put down his axe, rolling up the hem of his shirt and tying it around his waist.

Gao Feihu saw this scene and nodded slightly: It didn’t matter to act crazy for a moment. Although it was humiliating to kneel and beg Lu Heng for forgiveness, it was worth it to survive. What was the point of this humiliation?

At that moment, Huang Sanyuan and Xu Shenji pushed a heavy crossbow to the gate and then quickly moved away.

Cheng Dalei came to the crossbow, turned the winch, pulled the bowstring, and placed a specially made arrow on the bow. It was more suitable to call it a spear than an arrow, as it was a yard long and as thick as a wrist, with a black iron spearhead that glittered in the sunlight.

Gao Feihu widened his eyes, suddenly realizing that he was wrong. This was not about kneeling and begging for forgiveness; he was planning to attack!

Was this a mistake? He was going to lead the charge against hundreds of enemies. Gao Feihu felt like his worldview was being overturned.

Lu Heng had just counted to three and raised three fingers awkwardly in the air, unable to count any further.

Cheng Dalei raised his axe with both hands and looked down the mountain. He seemed to be dissatisfied with Lu Heng who had not dismounted.

“I said we’re robbing you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the axe struck the trigger hard, the spring was knocked open, and the winch spun rapidly, pushing the heavy arrow towards the caravan.

This kind of heavy crossbow, or more appropriately, bed crossbow, was a large-scale weapon of mass destruction. The heavy crossbow Cheng Dalei was using had a range of eight hundred steps and a killing range of five hundred steps.

The distance from the gate of the toad camp to the foot of the hill was four hundred steps.

A cavalryman was thrown off, and the heavy arrow pierced through the carriage.

“Cavalry, disperse! Infantry, use the carriages as defense!”

Lu Heng immediately gave orders. He knew that this heavy crossbow had great power but was not precise enough.

Therefore, Lu Heng did not dodge; as long as he was not too unlucky, he would not be hit by this heavy arrow. He unloaded his iron bow and shot towards Cheng Dalei on the hillside, with his bow open like a full moon.

Cheng Dalei did not dodge either, repeating the same action as before: turning the winch, setting the arrow, smashing the trigger with an axe hammer, and triggering the heavy arrow to shoot down the mountain.

A man on horseback with a long spear walked out of the Toad Village and flicked his spear to open the arrow shot by Lu Heng.

There were also cavalry shooting up from the foot of the mountain. Firstly, the distance was too far, beyond the attack range. Secondly, shooting up from the slope, even if it reached Cheng Dalei’s side, it had little killing power.

With the protection of Qin Man, Cheng Dalei repeated the same action: opening the crossbow, setting the arrow, and knocking the trigger. Although his movements were clumsy, they were firm. He treated the arrows shot from below as nothing and just kept repeating the same action, cleanly killing the army below.

Screams rang out, bodies fell to the ground, horses ran out of control, and dust rose.

After the system reward of ten heavy arrows was shot, Cheng Dalei stood up and dusted himself off.

The anger in Lu Heng’s eyes was visible to the naked eye. He clenched the iron rod in his hand and shouted a word.


With this command, the cavalry led the way, followed by the infantry, swarming up the mountain.

“Where is Qin Man?” Cheng Dalei shouted.

“Here!” Qin Man held his spear.

Cheng Dalei raised his arm and pointed at Lu Heng charging ahead, “I want his head.”

“I will get it for the boss!”

Qin Man pulled the reins and controlled his horse with one hand and his spear with the other. The feathers that were shot at him were no match for him. Qin Man’s only target was Lu Heng on horseback, or more precisely, his head.

Those who kill will always be killed.

If Lu Heng could behead others, he should have thought that one day he would be beheaded.

Cheng Dalei flipped onto his horse and watched the army charging up from below.

The army that attacked up the hill encountered problems as soon as they entered the mountain slope. The cavalry fell down, and the traps were triggered.

After the Toad Village was rebuilt, Li Hangzai saw the living facilities in the village and exclaimed, but he did not know that the reconstruction of the village and those living facilities were just by-products. Cheng Dalei’s focus was on the defense of the village.

Qin Man was originally an excellent hunter and is now a top-notch bandit. How many traps are buried on the flat mountain slope? Perhaps only a few people in the Toad Village know.

Therefore, there was only one safe road from the top of the mountain to the bottom, the one that Qin Man took. Besides this road, all other roads were full of traps.

For these soldiers, the 400-step distance became the longest road they had ever walked in their lives.

Cheng Dalei flipped onto his horse but did not launch an attack. He just calmly watched the army below.

There were three skilled fighters in the Toad Village, with Qin Man being the top-tier, Lin Shaoyu being excellent, and Cheng Dalei being only average, making him the weakest of the three. However, he could still rely on his heavy axe to cause damage over a large area, swinging it wildly.

Lin Shaoyu urged his horse out of the mountain stronghold and stood behind Cheng Dalei.

Even the farthest distance could be covered in a moment, and after paying a heavy price, the attacking enemies were finally approaching Cheng Dalei. Everyone’s eyes were filled with hatred, and they would have no doubt devoured Cheng Dalei alive if they could get closer.

The sound of a drum began to echo, and Xu Ling’er pounded the drum on the wall with all her might. It was a system reward, a war drum with the accompanying ability to inspire.

The sound of the drum reverberated like a beating heart, and the distance between the enemy and Cheng Dalei was getting shorter and shorter.

Cheng Dalei and Lin Shaoyu almost simultaneously covered their faces with a thin veil. Cheng Dalei shouted, “Don’t panic, I have divine magic, I can summon Heavenly Thunder!”

The fact that Cheng Dalei knew the Five Thunders technique had spread far and wide, and while some believed him, others did not. However, today, in front of everyone, he acted like he really did possess the Five Thunders technique.

Cheng Dalei raised his head high and stretched out his arms, seeming to be invoking some kind of divine magic.

“It’s coming again, it’s coming again!” Gao Feihu shouted, “Look at the Heavenly Thunder!”

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