It Starts With A Mountain – Chapter 39

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Chapter 39: Robbery

This day is likely the most humiliating day in the history of the Blackbull Mountains.

After this day, the bandits of the Blackbull Mountains will likely remember the terror and shame of being subjugated by Lu Heng for the rest of their days.

The carriage continued forward. The people following behind increased more and more, all of them being the bosses of the various bandit camps. This includes Gao Feihu and Gao Feibao of the Flying Tiger Bandits, Bear One and Bear Two of Bald Slope… Afterwards, no one wants to remember the humiliation that they were faced with this day.

After they reached the foot of Apricot Flower Peak, Little White Wolf stood there among the apricot trees with a group of her female bandits.

Lu Heng brought his horse to a stop and spoke, “Raise your head.”

Little White Wolf slowly raised her head. Her pale white face was quite attention grabbing. On this blazing hot day, just looking at her face made everyone feel a cool sensation.

“So you’re Little White Wolf!” Lu Heng reminisced. “You really are a beauty worthy of your fame!”

“General Lu, please pass through!”

Lu Heng held his iron staff and swept it slowly across the hair spilling down Little White Wolf’s forehead. Then, it slowly descended and, in the end, landed upon Little White Wolf’s chest.

Little White Wolf clenched her teeth, suddenly raised her head, and met Lu Heng’s eyes with a glare. Yet Lu Heng simply looked at her without hiding his gaze, just waiting for her to get angry and explode so that he may strike this beauty dead with his staff.

All the woman behind Little White Wolf were also enraged. Since they’ve turned to banditry, they of course won’t keep the same strict standards of purity that normal women do. Even so, they do still have the most basic dignity as women. Lu Heng’s actions was truly slapping Little White Wolf’s dignity in the face and throwing it in the mud.

Lu Heng grinned. He lightly stabbed at Little White Wolf’s chest with his staff before laughing loudly.

Little White Wolf lowered her head again, “General Lu, please pass through!”

Lu Heng raised his head and loudly laughed with utter lack of restraint. However, he was the only one who acted so fearlessly within the entire procession. Even the soldiers behind him all continued t stay silent.

They’re what truly elite soldiers look like. Their gaze do not waver. Their minds not distracted.

Lu Heng’s actions did not just enrage the Apricot Flower Peak, but all the various other bandits of the Blackbull Mountains. Even so, everyone understood full well that the various bandits were merely an unruly mob compared to the soldiers that Lu Heng was leading.

Take the Flying Tiger Bandits for example. They’re one of the biggest groups on the Blackbull Mountains, with membership numbering several hundreds, which is really good as far as number go. However, their group has both men and women, old and young. Of them, the ones who can acutaly fight is merely a hundred and ten or so.

They might be able to swarm forth and simply throw their lives against Lu Heng, but what really terrifies them is the Blackstone City behind Lu Heng.

As for the idea of all the bandit groups allying up to resist their enemies as one, that doesn’t even bear thinking about. Hearts and minds… Is not something that can be brought together so easilyi.

Therefore, the only option left is to simply accept and bear with the humiliation. Everyone was thinking the same thing: They just need to get past this day. Then they can just wipe their facees and pretend nothing had happened.

“Mere bandits.” Lu Heng contemptuously spat out those two words before speaking out loudly, “Raise spears!”

The two squads of cavalry suddenly tightened their hold on their spears, hung something on the tip, and then raised them high into the air.

Some were able to clearly see what exactly were hung on the spears and ended up letting out gasps of shock. What hung on the spears were human heads.

Heads were raised up high into the air, swinging in the air as they were raised up. They are the heads of the 30-some members of the Zhu Clan Bandits. Among them were white haired elderly, women with long black locks, and even babes whose hair hasn’t even fully grown out…

When the Zhu Clan Bandits were utterly annihilated in a single night, their heads were all severed and missing. Everyone had wondered just what happened to the heads, but now they have reappeared on this day, raised high into the air.

There are no lack of bandits with courage and guts. There’s no lack of those whose hands were covered in blood. However, in the face of the scene shown to them on this day, some among the bandits have already started dry heaving.

How humiliating!

Bandit lives are worth less than that of dogs. This truly is not a false saying. Huang Sanyuan had once said that the people of the Empire can be divided into four castes: The first is the imperial family, the second being nobility, the third being commoners, and the fourth being slaves. As for bandits… They don’t even count as people.

To those high and mighty, bandits are not considered human at all. They’re the same as wild beasts out in the mountains or stray animals wandering the streets. When it comes to those who aren’t even considered people, it doesn’t matter if they’re killed at all. There’s even an undercurrent of satisfaction from such a thing, like cleaning up trash. Even those poor commoners are stuck in a life of hardship plowing the land, all they feel toward bandits is fear, without the slightest hint of respect.

The people do not consider bandits to be the same as them.

The procession continued forward until they reached the foot of Toad Peak. The location of Toad Peak is basically considered the entrance to the Blackbull Mountains. This is the first stop on the route from Fallenleaf City to Blackstone City, and from Blackstone to Fallenleaf, this is the last stop.

Toad Camp’s situation is also different from the other camps. The gates of the camp were tightly shut, and the area before the gate is an empty slope. Down the slope, there wasn’t a single soul there.

The procession stopped here. Lu Heng raised his head and frowned slightly.

“So this is Toad Camp? Why is there no one out here?”

Practically everyone raised their heads and looked at the tightly closed gate. An aura of killing intent suddenly rose from the procession of a hundred.

Gao Feihu’s heart skipped a beat. The thing he didn’t want to see had finally happened. Cheng Dalei likely didn’t see Lu Heng’s actions on this day. Otherwise, there’s no way that he would have taken such actions.

Yes, you’re angry. Everyone’s angry. Yes, it’s shameful, but everyone’s shamed. Who here isn’t bearing with the anger and shame while lowering their head to Lu Heng? Everyone else could lower their heads, so why can’t you?

Tightly shutting your gates and not coming out is your way of expressing your anger, but what point is there to that.

Lu Heng pointed his horse in the direction of Toad Camp and raised his hand while extending out five fingers.

“If the gate isn’t opened after a count of five, then I shall shatter those gates, destroy the camp, and kill everyone within!”

Following Lu Heng’s words, every eye shifted to follow his hand. Sabers left their sheaths. Grips tightened on their spears. With but a single order from Lu Heng, the hundred plus men will instantly turn into evil, man killing beasts.

Gao Feihu’s heart thumped in his chest before he exchanged a glance with Yu Qiu. Will they really be seeing blood spilled on this day.

Creak, creak…

Following the sound of wood rubbing against wood, the heavy gates slowly opened. Following the opening of the gates, a man and a horse appeared before everyone’s sight.

He rode upon a skinny horse, with a giant axe over his shoulder. He looked like he was lacking in sleep, and he didn’t look like he was in the best of health either.

Gao Feihu let out the breath he was holding. In the end, Cheng Dalei still did decide to submit. That’s better. Don’t let things get to the point where it can’t be taken back now. Just let Lu Heng pass through here and then just pretend today never happened.

Lu Heng’s raise hand fell. He nodded as if showing satisfaction at Cheng Dalei’s action.

“I don’t want to see you armed.” Lu Heng spoke.

This is the first time that Cheng Dalei has seen Lu Heng. He isn’t particularly old, still in the prime of his life. His skin is tanned. He isn’t particularly tall, but he’s still quite a large man. This isn’t an age where people found beauty in and chased after muscles, so Lu Heng’s figure simply represented strength and might.

Name: Lu Heng (Slightly famed skilled general)

Age: 29

Skill: Triple Staff Arts

Hidden Status: None

Cheng Dalei seriously gave Lu Heng a once over. Then, he sneezed. He still hasn’t completely gotten over his cold, which is why he didn’t look that well. Then, he spat out four words in not all that loud a voice.

“This is a robbery.”

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