It Starts With A Mountain – Chapter 33

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Chapter 33: Far Reaching Infamy

It was right past noon. It was still very hot, and the sun burned as it shined down.

The overgrown mountain path only had a single narrow path open through it. The air as humid and hot, making walking on this kind of road a kind of torture. Sweat spilled out like someone’s wringing out a towel.

Yet, two individuals were traveling down this kind of path. Both were dressed as scholars, wearing white robes and their hair up in a bun. The one in the front had sharp, handsome features and stood tall. His robes were wrapped around him, his hair stuck to his face, and his skin was tanned from the sun.

“Big brother, wait for me. Don’t walk so fast.” The person behind however was dressed much more lightly, giving off an impression like a kid wearing clothes that didn’t belong to them, “We were fine just staying in You Provincial City, but you just had to come out here. And you’re eve making me taking all this torment along with you.”

“How can you know the world without first walking a thousand kilometers. If we just stayed in You Provincial City, then there’s no way we could have seen such natural scenery.” The elder brother turned his head and showed a pure and beautiful smile.

“What’s so great about these desolate wilds. I heard that there are bandits around here. Don’t go calling bandits down on us.” The little brother jogged forward while grumbling.

“What’s so scary about bandits? If they dared come, then I shall cut a path through them with my sword on my own.” The elder brother patted the sword on his waist, making it clang.

“Hey!” Cheng Dalei leaped out of the woods with a roar as he loudly yelled, “It’s a robbery, a robber. Men stand on the left, women to the right. You… As for you, stand in the middle.”

The little brother’s face reddened and hurriedly moved behind the elder brother. The elder brother gave Cheng Dalei a glance before drawing his sword with a clang.

“There’s no need to fear with me here.”

As he stood tall and handsome, he glanced at the axe in Cheng Dalei’s hand before looking at his own sword. Then he suddenly raised his hand in a gesture of surrender.

“We surrender!”



Both Cheng Dalei and the little brother simultaneously widened their eyes. The elder brother suddenly pulled off his little brother’s cap and said, “This is my little sister, a true beauty. If there’s no other way, then you can keep her. Just let me go…”

Her long hair fell in a curtain, revealing a fair and pretty face. The cross-dressing had the effect of giving her a special allure at that.

“Brother!” The little sister show her unhappiness and gave him a kick, “How could you sell me out like that.”

“Sister, I still have a long road ahead of me. Please sacrifice yourself for me. I’ll remember you.”

“Who want’s to be remembered by you. You piece of shit.”


Cheng Dalei stopped the siblings right there, “What are your names?”

“I’m Li Waner. He’s Li Xingya.” This time, it’s the sister who’s selling out her brother.

“What do you guys do?” Cheng Dalei asked.

“I’m a poet!” Li Xingya raised his head proudly.

“Poet?” Cheng Dalei asked in surprise.

“Indeed. My dream is to travel across all of Shenjou and to write a poem that will be famous across the centuries.” Li Xingya spoke seriously. (T/N: Shenjou is an archaic way of referring to China way back in ancient times)

“Then you must have been to a lot of places then?” Cheng Dalei thought about it a bit before speaking, “Very good then. Congratulations. You’ve been kidnapped.”

The two of them were taken up the mountain by Cheng Dalei. During that, Li Waner quietly asked, “Big brother, are we really going to follow him up the mountain?”

“Move! What are you yammering about?” Cheng Dalei hurried them.

In the end, Cheng Dalei dragged the two of them to the Toad Camp. After they passed through the assembly yard and saw the great flag of the Toad Bandits, Li Waner was stunned for a moment.

“This. Is this the legendary Toad Camp then?”

“Oh? Where did this legendary bit come from?” Cheng Dalei was quite confused.

Li Xingya stared at Cheng Dalei, “Could you really be that Great Toad King who, with just five individuals, managed to go against a thousand elite soldiers and utterly crush them?”

“Oh? Am I really that famous now?” Cheng Dalei scratched his head.

“The legends have it that you even need to eat human flesh and drink human blood with every meal… It can’t be that you’re kidnapping us in order to eat us?” Li Waner spoke in fear.

“Do I really look like I’m the kind of person who eats people?” Cheng Dalei spoke in a resigned tone.

“Yes.” Li Waner furiously nodded.

Cheng Dalei was crushed.

“Alright, I’ll tell you the rules her at the Toad Camp.” Cheng Dalei cleaned up his hurt expression as he spoke, “You guys are staying here. I won’t beat or imprison you, and you can leave whenever you feel like it. That said, this entire area for about 50 kilometers are full of bandits all around, so if you’re confident in your ability to safely leave the Blackbull Mountains, then be my guest.”

“Then why are you keeping us here for? Or could you really want to…” Li Waner hugged herself as she spoke.

“Cough.” Cheng Dalei let out a soft cough as he regretfully withdrew his gaze toward Li Waner’s chest. He then turned to Li Xingya and said, “Aren’t you a poet? Write down everything you’ve seen and heard. I’ll have someone escort you safely out the Blackbull mountains whenever you’re done.”

“Strategist Xu!” Cheng Dalei yelled out, “Prep some quills and ink for them, and also set them up with a room.”

Li Xingya and Li Waner were both escorted to a house, and when it was just the two of them left inside, Li Waner spoke in an upset tone, “Brother, why did you purposefully stay here? Even teacher had praised your swordsmanship…”

“Ha.” Li Xingya lied down on the bed. He adapted quite well to the ugly environment here, “Don’t you think that this camp is quite interesting?”

“What’s so interesting about it? Why didn’t I notice anything?”

“This is the first time I’ve actually seen a real live bandit you know. Plus, I feel like this camp has something special to it.” Li Xingya spread out the paper before him, “Come on, help me grind up the ink. Since I’m supposed to be a poet, let me first create a poem.”

Name: Cheng Dalei (Slightly famed normal bandit)

Age: 18

Skill: Triple Axe

Hidden Setting: A good person

Cheng Dalei started checking his own status the moment the Li siblings left. Having been busy will all sort of stuff during all this time, it’s been quite a while since he last checked his personal information. That said, his fame had leveled up without him even realizing it. This should be fame that came after his successful defense against Blackstone City and news of it slowly spread out.

Before, it was just starting out. Now it’s slightly famed. It’s unknown if more functions might come up as his fame continues to rise, but from the current look of things, it’s completely useless.

“Boss.” Huang Sanyuan greeted Cheng Dalei when they saw each other.

Cheng Dalei remembered something and asked, “How’s the response when you took the chili to Fallenleaf City?”

“I handed the chili over to miss Su. As for the response, we’ll probably have to wait a while before we can know.” Huang Sanyuan said.

“Then, what do you think about the food we made recently using the chili?”

“At first, I couldn’t quite like it, but now that I haven’t had it in a few days, I kind of want some now.” Huang Sanyuan said.

When he saw Huang Sanyuan’s expression, Cheng Dalei gained some confidence. It looks like he really does need to keep properly raising the chili. In the future, the camp may well depend on it.

“What are the other bandit groups busy with?” Cheng Dalei asked as he headed out toward the fields, “Are they all busy preparing to rob that birthday gift caravan?”

“Right now, the whole of the Blackbull Mountains is focused on that. The moment that caravan passes through the Blackbull Mountains, someone is sure to make a move.” Huang Sanyuan then asked, “Boss, are we really not going to make a move of our own?”

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